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Pain Relief – What Does Your Pain Want To Say? – Day 5

You made it!  DAY 5 of the Tapping for Pain Relief Mini-Course!

Today we’ll be focusing on listening to your body in ways people with resilient health and vitality do… especially when they feel pain.

If you missed any of the previous days… Here are Day 1Day 2Day 3, and Day 4.

Day 5: What Does Your Pain Want To Say?

We’re focusing on pain, but this technique can be used for anything.  It can be used for your little red splotches on your skin, excess weight around your belly, a queasy stomach – anything that your body could use to signal you.

It is easiest to start by focusing on a small pain or discomfort.  If you have been struggling with back pain at an 8, 9, or 10 for two decades, that is not the best place to start.

  • Find a safe, quiet place.
  • Focus on a place in your body that is uncomfortable… where there is a strain or tension.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take a slow deep breath.
  • Let your awareness go from the outside world to within your own body.
  • Go within. Follow your breath into your body.
  • Take another deep breath.

If you can touch the location of the discomfort easily, place your fingertips or the flat of your hand (whatever feels right to you) on that spot.  If you can’t reach the spot, just focus your attention on it.

Now, as if you’re asking a friend, ask that part of your body: “What do you want to tell me?”

Be quiet for a moment and let any emotions or thoughts just flow.  Your body may whisper at first if it’s not used to being heard.

Your body may respond in different ways. You might feel some resistance.

You may also hear the inner critic at first.  The inner critic will sometimes come in hard and fast (and not sound very supportive).

Acknowledge that, and go deeper within. Allow yourself to listen for a more supportive voice.

If you had a voice there, who cared about you and wanted to give you some information, what might it say?

You can also imagine that you’re listening to a scared child tell you what frightened them. Try not to be demanding or impatient… just be soft and compassionate:

“What would you like to tell me?” 

This part of you may also give you a picture or give you a feeling that reminds you of something. Some people are more visual and may see rather than hear.

Even if you just got silence, it’s a good start! You’re learning to listen… to bring your attention to the peaceful place beyond the noise and self-criticism… and to tune into your deeper intelligence.

Whether you get an answer now or not, ask that part of your body: “What do you need?” See if you get an answer.

See if it tells you: “I’d like some rest,” or, “I need some love.”  It might ask for something strange. You never know. Each time you get answer, wonderful!

Thank your body for communicating with you. 

If you can, give your body what it asks for or do some tapping on the emotions around whatever is coming up. If you didn’t get clarity, try to be gentle with yourself. Your body may be in shock that you’re actually listening to it!

The good news is that, with a bit of practice, this skill will develop. You might also be having some resistance about tuning in, especially if you’re afraid about what your body might say or want.

This technique can take a little time to learn, but it is well worth the time and focus.

  • Your own personal inner guidance is the absolute best way for you to know what is best FOR YOU… what YOUR body needs NOW (even at 3am in the morning).

You’re also changing the relationship between You and Your Body. When we’re in pain, we can feel like the body is working against us (perhaps is even our enemy). By treating the body like it is a friend-in-need, the whole energy dynamic changes from conflict to partnership, from discord to healing.

Let’s do some tapping to help us clear the blocks to learning this new approach.

Side of Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I’m really resistant to listening to my body, and I’m not really sure I want to hear what it has to say, I am still a good person and maybe this is worth trying.

Even though I’m not getting this right away, I didn’t hear a thing, and that really frustrates me (or I heard it, and I didn’t believe it, or I heard it, and it’s confusing – feel free to change the words to whatever fits for you), I am still a good person, and I’m learning to love and accept and listen to my body.

Even though I’m really resistant to hearing what it has to say, I’m open to establishing a better relationship with my body.

Top of the Head: I’m not sure I want to do this!
Eyebrow: What if my body says what I don’t want to hear?
Side of the Eye: What if it says something I can’t do?
Under the Eye: I’m scared.
Under the Nose: I guess I could just listen a little bit.
Chin: It can’t be any worse than what is going on right now.
Collarbone: I haven’t been listening to my body for a while.
Under the Arm: I can always stop listening…

Top of the Head: And I don’t have to do what my body says.
Eyebrow: It might be nice to know what would bring relief.
Side of the Eye: I can’t be any more lost than I am right now.
Under the Eye: Maybe it will ask me for something nice.
Under the Nose: Maybe it will give me good insight.
Chin: What if my relationship with my body improves?
Collarbone: I’d like to feel better.
Under the Arm: I’m open to giving it another try.

Take a deep breath and notice how you feel. Does your body feel more alert? More open? More curious?

This inner guidance can be used for much more than pain relief. And learning it can open many doorways.

If you find yourself struggling with the process of learning to listen to your body, it is ok to ask for help! Feel free to reply to this message or email us at support@thrivingnow.com and let us know what is coming up for you.

The full Pain Relief with EFT program has an hour audio on listening to your body… and it includes tapping on some of the most common resistances. You can learn more about it here.

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WHAT’S NEXT? We’d like to hear your questions. Comment below and ask!

We’ll be in touch…

Warm smiles, and we’re holding a Good Thought for you!
Rick & Cathy

P.S. Rick goes into Being WITH and IN your body using tapping in more detail in his video course, Relief Now. You can sign up here...

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