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Pain Relief – Let’s Use Tapping for Pain Relief NOW – Day 1

Hi! Rick and Cathy here. We’re your emotional freedom coaches for this 5-Day Mini-Course.

We know from personal experience how pain in the body can lead to an overwhelming sense of suffering, disorientation, and shut-down.

Pain sucks. And we want to help you find relief.

But we’re not the types to overhype a “fix” or “miracle cure” just to get people to TRY something that could really benefit them.

We see EFT Tapping as a tool… an established (30+ year history), not-yet-widely-known, science-grounded technology to help people feel physically and emotionally better and better.

So we want to be clear that what we’re inviting you to explore here in this Tapping for Pain Relief Mini-Course isn’t always going to bring you ALL the relief you crave.

Are you okay with that?

There will be times when just a few minutes of tapping will reduce the pain intensity from a “Screaming 9” to a “Tolerable 4” (on a 0-10 point scale where 10 is “worst pain ever”).

Living life feels POSSIBLE at a “Tolerable 4″… where a “Screaming 9” just makes a person want to moan, cry, and hide.

Been there? We certainly have. And it’s why we feel that while tapping isn’t 100% perfect all the time (what is?), and won’t always bring total relief, it will at key moments put Really Helpful Pain RELIEF… Right At Your Fingertips. And it’s used this way by countless thousands of people around the world now.

We are going to cover key topics to help you get relief from your pain and suffering over the next five days. We’re going to get you started with some tapping that may bring relief right away, but first we want to give you…

A Brief Overview of the Tapping for Pain Relief Mini-Course

You can, of course, skip around or go through it quickly. In our experience, doing one step a day gives time for integration and processing. And... freedom! You do what is a YES for you!

Day 1: Let’s Use Tapping for Pain Relief NOW — That’s today!

Day 2: Trauma and Pain — How old traumas (big and small) can contribute to your pain today… and what you can do to free yourself.

Day 3: Three Subconscious Beliefs That Could Be Hurting Your Life — We’ll explore ways to identify destructive beliefs and show you how tapping can clear them so you feel better.

Day 4: Help Your Body Feel Better By Shifting Your Emotional State — When you’re in stuck in overwhelm, suffering, or despair… your body becomes depleted. By tapping to reduce the intensity of the emotions, you shift your body into a state of self-healing.

Day 5: What Does Your Pain Have to Say? — We’ll show you how to tune into your body and get the best and most accurate guidance available… that which flows from your own inner truth… your own Inner Healer.

Let's get started together!

Day 1: Let’s Use Tapping for Pain Relief NOW

When you’re in pain, you have less patience and focus. Your enthusiasm for life is diminished. You DO NOT feel good.

While you have very good reason to feel how you do, these stressful emotions cause tension that makes the pain worse.

You were probably taught (like we were) to tough the pain out, force your way through it, or mask it with meds. Didn’t work for us! How’s it working for you?

WHAT IF… you were honest with yourself about what you were… feeling emotionally… your negative self-talk… the horrible things that happened to you in the past?

WHAT IF… you could release the negative energy… with just your fingertips… and some honest self-expression?

We do this with EFT Tapping.

We’ll explore more about how emotions, beliefs, and traumas intensify pain and suffering in the upcoming days. But if you are suffering, you want relief… and you want it NOW! So let’s get tapping.

If you are new to tapping or need a reminder where the points are located, get our free Quick Start Guide to Tapping.

What Can You Do to Find Relief?

Try this tapping and see how you feel. Go to a quiet place where you can be alone for a few minutes.

Focus on the pain in one part of your body: low back, left wrist, right knee…

Notice how intense the pain feels and give it a number from 0-10 (where 10 is excruciating). Then take a comfortably deep breath in. Let it out.

Tap continuously on the Side of Hand (Karate Chop) point while you say the following three statements aloud:

Even though I hurt right HERE, and I HATE that I hurt… I am still a good person, and I am open to relief.

Even though I am MAD that I am in pain… I accept my anger and all of my emotions, and I ask for clarity.

Even though I resent this pain, and I want it to go away… it is here right now, and maybe it has something to tell me.

Top of the Head: This really hurts!
Eyebrow: I HATE this!
Side of the Eye: It makes me mad.
Under the Eye: I am so frustrated.
Under the Nose: Why me?!
Chin: I want this pain to go away!
Collarbone: I’m tired of hurting.
Under the Arm: What if I could accept myself just a little?

Top of the Head: This remaining hurt.
Eyebrow: What if I am ok, even though I hurt?
Side of the Eye: I am SO open to relief!
Under the Eye: Letting go of a bit of this anger does feel good.
Under the Nose: Can I be calm and confident, even when I’m in pain?
Chin: Maybe I can let go of just a bit of this frustration.
Collarbone: And care about myself no matter how I feel.
Under the Arm: Maybe my body and I can get through this… together.

Take a deep breath. Do you notice any change in the painful area? How intense does it feel now on the 0-10 scale?

Do you feel a little bit better? ANY change, no matter how slight, is an encouraging sign that your energy system is responding to the tapping.

Would you like to try another exercise? Tap along with our very popular Anxiety Constricted Breathing audio!

Tapping on the different thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that create and intensify pain can give you a sense of empowerment. Tapping regularly also improves your resilience and your health.

But when you are in pain, it is hard to do this alone. Clarity is the first to go when pain rears its noisy head. It is so helpful to have someone else “do the talking” and lead the tapping rounds. So we’re glad you’re with us… and we invite you to comment below and just let us know what’s alive for you right now, and how you’d like Tapping to help you be more Thriving.

Next, we’ll explore how old traumas (big and small) can contribute to your pain today, and what you can do to permanently free yourself.

Warm smiles,
Rick Wilkes & Cathy Vartuli
Emotional Freedom Coaches

Pain Relief – Let’s Use Tapping for Pain Relief NOW – Day 1 1
  • Chrissietheroux says:

    I do not understand Why the tapping does not occur on the part of the body with the pain issue. . .Seems to me that the meridians of the body are the perfect place to get to the Root of the issue. . .

    • The meridians are interconnected. Even in Chinese medicine, they don’t necessarily apply needles at the point of injury. Of course, if you feel drawn to touch, rub, or tap at the point that hurts, I’d listen and follow your body’s guidance! -Rick

    • Hi Chris, The meridians run through the body. When we tap using the EFT points, we’re tapping on some of the main meridians. And unblocking energy in our bodies. You are welcome to tap where ever you feel drawn to- we’ve found that the stuck energy isn’t always blocked in the area that we feel pain. The beliefs can be stored elsewhere. Hope this helps!


  • Have you used EFT with fibromyalgia patients? My husband was diagnosed 6 yrs ago and it has been a heartbreaking journey to find relief. He has pain every day..sometimes level 2 lasting hours, sometimes 10+ lasting days.We have seen MD, Chiropractor, Accupuncture, Yoga, Body work, tried different meds. Some help temporarly but not lasting…to say nothing of the depression and complete dispair that goes with it. He is only 56 and no longer to do his job as a University Professor. I am a medical provider (PA) with traditional western training, but have always embraced alternative and complimentary methods. I don’t feel I am the best coach for him. Do you know of anyone in the area of Santa Fe, NM who we could see. Thank you.

    • Hi Jacque,

      I don’t know anyone personally in the Sante Fe area. All my clients I see by Skype and phone

      Does your husband sense that trauma may have played a role in the onset of his fibromyalgia?


  • Patticake says:

    Because I have taken 600mg of IBuprofen, the pain is not there right now. It will come back however, if I don’t take another one later today. Since the pain level is “0” now, will this process work? What do you suggest?

    • I’d suggest tapping on the emotions you feel about the pain “coming back” or having it in the first place. Tap for the EMOTIONAL suffering, and then see how the pain flows and goes. Does that make sense?

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