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Pain Relief – Three Subconscious Beliefs That Could Be Hurting Your Life – Day 3

Are you ready to start with Day 3 of the Tapping for Pain Relief Mini-Course?

If you missed previous days… Here are Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 3: Three Subconscious Beliefs That Could Be Hurting Your Life

Do your beliefs affect how your body feels? Yes!

Experts say that as much as 50 to 85% of our pain is caused by emotional distress. And our beliefs have a BIG impact on the negative emotions we chronically feel.

Our bodies naturally want to be healthy, but painful emotions and beliefs intensify our stress levels, flood our body with the chemicals of fight-flight, and send disharmonious vibrations to every cell.

Let’s test this. For just a minute, remember a time that you felt guilty… Maybe you made a big mistake or hurt someone’s feelings.

Notice how your body feels. Is it tense? Heavy? Are you suddenly noticing EVERY ache and pain???

Could you POSSIBLY feel good when focused on guilt? NO WAY!

When distressing emotions and limiting beliefs crop up, they tune us to The Suffering Channel. Nothing we really want to see or hear is on The Suffering Channel…. So let’s acknowledge what we’re feeling (so we’re not SUPPRESSING how we feel) and then actively change channels!

Take a deep breath. Shake your hands out. Feel your feet on the floor.

Now, remember a time that you felt peaceful and happy… a time when life just flowed, and you did something you are really proud of. How does your body feel now? Lighter? Happier? Does it have a bit more of a healthy glow?

Do you think it would be easier for your body to heal when it feels happy or when it is weighed down with pessimistic thoughts? Obviously, we all would choose to feel happy if we could. But there’s something “weird” going on. And it doesn’t make sense… UNTIL you understand how and why the subconscious holds onto these negative energies.

Many of our beliefs are subconscious. We learned them when we were young and never questioned them. Our subconscious holds onto these beliefs until we look at them consciously and shift them. But our subconscious can literally BLIND us to those beliefs if it feels we need them to: keep us SAFE… or that it’s just the way it is.

Let’s look at three common subconscious beliefs people hold about pain and illness.

1) I Don’t Expect To Get Well

This may seem ridiculous to you. “Well, of course I expect to get well! Why else would I be reading this?!?”

But if part of you has learned this belief, it may be hindering your progress. Try saying it out loud and see if there is any feeling of truth to it… anywhere in your body.

If it seems true at any level, ask yourself where you learned this. Did you see someone fail to get well when you were young? Do you feel like you aren’t strong enough? Are you “too old” to heal? By doing some tapping on this limiting belief, you clear the way to allow more relief.

Here’s an audio with tapping for this belief: I Don’t Deserve to Get Well (MP3)

2) I Deserve To Be Punished

If a part of you feels like you’ve done something terrible, you may believe that you need to be punished. How better to punish someone than with pain?

Pain prevents you from doing the things you love, or connecting to the ones you care about.

Try saying aloud, “I deserve to be punished” and see if it feels true in your body.

Do any thoughts or memories come up? Why do you deserve to be punished? If your best friend did the same thing, in the same circumstances, would you hold her accountable to the same degree?

By tapping on the reasons you “deserve” punishment, you will get clarity and understanding (and even a dose of self-forgiveness).

Here’s another audio tapping to help you when any part of you feels believes… I Deserve to be Punished (MP3)

3) It’s Not Fair!

If part of you is very angry and frustrated that you are suffering and are unable to do what you want, you have too much energy tied up in destructive emotions. Constantly fighting the feeling of unfairness stresses the body and makes it harder to heal.

You might say, “Of course I’m angry! It isn’t fair!”

We’re certainly not here to tell you that you deserve the pain! But tapping on the anger and unfairness of the situation can soften the feelings and reduce the stress on your body and mind. When you’re not fighting the feelings, you can often find new ways of looking at the issues, and you may find relief is closer than you thought.

At the very least, relaxing can help your body feel calmer and use its energy for getting better rather than resisting the experience.

Here’s one more tapping audio you can use when a part of you is yelling… It’s Not Fair! (MP3)

These are just three common limiting beliefs. Humans are capable of any number of them. One of the big problems with subconscious beliefs is that we may not even know they’re there! That’s when a coach, a tapping buddy, or listening to recordings on the topic can help. By tapping and releasing your limiting beliefs, you open the door for your body to clear out the aches and pains, and move toward a healthier, happier you.

Next, we’ll HELP YOU FEEL BETTER by breaking the vicious cycle of anxiety and suffering.

Warm smiles,
Rick & Cathy

P.S. If you liked those 3 tapping audios, you are going to LOVE having the full set that’s included with our program Pain Relief with EFT. It covers a broad range of these issues with tapping scripts. Rick Wilkes and EFT Master Carol Look guide you through the process and help you create a better relationship with your body as you release the emotional, mental, and energetic causes of pain.

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