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Pain Relief – Trauma and Pain – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Tapping for Pain Relief Mini-Course

Missed day 1? You can find it here.

Day 2: Trauma and Pain

Are past traumas causing the painful suffering you feel today?
Sure, it makes sense to everyone that past traumas contribute to pain we experience now… IF the past trauma caused PHYSICAL injury that has yet to heal.
But what about emotional trauma when we were a child? And what about life experiences that have left us feeling scared and suffering even decades later… long after the injury “should” have healed?
We now know from decades of research that trauma relief is a key to pain relief. They are intertwined, even though most people are not aware of the connection.

The Subconscious Stress Connection

Leading-edge researchers in the field of trauma and neurology have found that our bodies become “preconditioned” by early traumas. Even small upsets that are not addressed can make the body more susceptible to future illness, addiction, and pain.

These unresolved traumas trigger the body into a perpetual stress response that affects every part of us… from the chemical mix in our bloodstream to how our brain responds to every stimulus.
If during childhood a person was exposed to four or more negative, traumatic experiences, they’re twice as likely to be obese, twice as likely to have a heart attack, four times as likely to have emphysema, four times as likely to be depressed, and ten times as likely to have turned to addictive drugs like heroin. 

That kind of evidence leads us to ask questions:

  • What is trauma demanding of our body and energy systems on a moment-by-moment basis?
  • What kind of underlying subconscious stress is always present in the body when someone has had unresolved trauma?

Experts in this field have noticed that trauma by its nature is a shock to our system, and part of us “freezes” in that state. Trauma makes us feel helpless and out of control. It floods our body with certain powerful chemicals. And if we haven’t released the trauma, every time we’re reminded of it, our body gets a dose of those same feelings and stress chemicals.
Some of us, unfortunately, had childhoods with trauma after trauma after trauma. But it really only takes one unresolved trauma for us to experience long-term:

  • Patterns of emotional imbalance
  • Physical holding patterns leading to chronic pain and dis-ease
  • Disconnection and disassociation from the body

You may not even feel yourself anymore…

Big T’s and Little t’s

Trauma isn’t just car accidents and war. To a small child losing her mother in the grocery store may be traumatic. So can being teased by a teacher.

Whether a negative experience has a big impact or a small one depends on many, many factors that are outside of our control (…at least until we empower ourselves with an effective trauma relief technique).
So if you are looking for pain relief, it’s important that you look at the traumas in your life that caused fear and suffering THEN so you can bring relief to yourself NOW.
How can you tell that an old trauma still impacts you? When you focus your attention on the experience, your body responds with either intensity (anxiety, fear, nausea, increased pain, rigidity, anger, desire to run, etc.) or… you feel yourself disconnect from your body, like you’re not there anymore, or don’t want to be.
How do old traumas feel once they have been resolved? Like turning on an old movie that you really didn’t like the first time but you know you can just flip the channel. Or hearing an old song that might make you say “Ick” but doesn’t cause grief, guilt, shame, or suffering anymore.
Resolved traumas are like remembering the smell or taste of something that once made you get sick, without you feeling sick to your stomach NOW.
Meaning, you don’t “forget” …you just are not affected painfully by them anymore. You’d describe the feeling as more “neutral” than “upsetting” anymore.
Wouldn’t that be nice!!
The really great news is that EFT Tapping is a powerful and effective way to release old traumas and to help our body release chronic stresses. Tapping helps us to establish new, healthy energy patterns. And it’s been used by thousands and thousands of people to bring deep, permanent resolution to “old” traumas (including ones from this morning!)

If you are new to tapping, there is a free tapping guide available here.  

Tapping for Trauma Energy in the Body

Let’s do some tapping on trauma in the body. (Please note that this can often bring up strong emotions, so if you feel in your gut you need support for the process, we encourage you to get it before continuing. Email us at support@thrivingnow.com if you want suggestions.)

Where are you feeling pain right now? Place your hand softly on that area, and close your eyes, take a breath, and just “feel into” (gently probe) the area.

What does it feel like? Does it feel cold? Does it feel angry? Does it feel hurt or sad? Just make your best guess on what the emotion might be, and let’s do some tapping.

Side of Hand (Karate Chop): Even though this part of my body hurts, and there may be some old trauma stored right here… I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and this part of me.

Even though I’m not sure what the trauma is… I am open to clarity and understanding. I do want to feel better.

Even though there may be trauma in my body, and that makes me feel scared… I send love and comfort to this part of my body, and ask it to help me release these old feelings so I can feel better.

Eyebrow: This pain in my body.
Side of Eye: This trauma in my body.
Under Eye: I am ready to release it.
Under Nose: My body has been holding it all this time.
Chin: Waiting for me to notice.
Collarbone: Thank you body!
Under Arm: I send you comfort and love.
Top of Head: You have been strong for me.

Eyebrow: I’m sorry you hurt.
Side of Eye: Please give me clarity on what you need.
Under Eye: It is ok to let go of the past.
Under Nose: It is ok to feel better.
Chin: This trauma has been frozen for a long time.
Collarbone: But I am safe now.
Under Arm: I thank my body for all it has done for me.
Top of Head: And I invite it to help me release this trauma now.

Take a deep breath. Notice how your body feels, and any thoughts or memories that might be coming up. It might be good to jot them down so you can tap on them when it feels right.

By paying attention to your body and sending it comfort, you can begin to release old traumas and pain.

Next, we’ll EXPOSE three subconscious beliefs that could be hurting you and stopping you from healing.

Warm smiles,
Rick & Cathy
Emotional Freedom Coaches

P.S. Because many traumas resulted when we felt alone and unsupported, having the help of a strong, caring coach or tapping buddy can make the process much quicker and easier. Our Emotional Freedom Circle at Thriving Now is a great option for this.

We also have a comprehensive self-paced coaching program called Reprogram Your Primitive Brain which is potently helpful for this kind of deep pain relief.

  • msellington says:

    This is an awesome script, Kudos! Not only is it brilliant but it WORKS!

    • So glad to hear from you… thanks for the feedback and glad it is helping so much! -Rick

  • Lourdes M says:

    Day 2 ! Too many traumatic memories came up . But I’m ok , I’m use to the movie by now . I’m safe !

  • HI, Rick, I intend to join the group in a couple of days, I feel I am getting benefits all ready.

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