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Pain Relief – Help Your Body Feel Better By Shifting Your Emotional State – Day 4

Day 4 of this Tapping for Pain Relief Mini-Course is all about helping your body feel better physically by shifting your emotions.

If you missed previous days… Here are Day 1Day 2, and Day 3.

Day 4: Help Your Body Feel Better By Shifting Your Emotional State

Anxiety increases sensitivity to pain. It’s also true for most of us that as we feel more pain, we get more anxious. As we get more anxious, we worry and feel less hopeful about our future.

Our thoughts become tuned to The Suffering Channel.

Unfortunately, research shows those anxious, depressing thoughts make our pain worse.

Now THAT is the definition of a vicious cycle!

Tapping (EFT) can break the cycle, calm the distressing emotions surrounding the pain, and actually reduce our sensitivity.

Each time we tap when we’re in a negative emotional state and bring ourselves some relief, we become more resilient. Negative emotions become easier to shift the more we practice.

Regular tapping helps to keep us from becoming stuck in a “bad place.”

Let’s look at three common emotional states that often come up when we are suffering.

1) I’m Taking Too Long to Heal

Ignoring this feeling of impatience won’t make it go away. Resisting it just saps your energy.

But tapping on this emotional state can ease the intensity. Start out where you are… with whatever you’re honestly feeling. Accept yourself where you are. As you release this state, you might be pleasantly surprised to notice that you are more aware of the ways you are changing and how frequently you do in fact feel better.

Tap along with this audio: I’m Taking Too Long To Heal (MP3)


2) I’m Ashamed of Myself

Let’s face it, our society encourages us to “tough it out” and muscle through pain and illness. When we hurt, there is often a secret shame — a thought that we should be braver, stronger, and have more willpower. 

But that very willpower may have driven us out of balance and into the painful place we are right now!

What if what your body really needs is support? What if it hurts because it’s injured and stressed and needs care? What if you have nothing to be ashamed of?

This tapping audio is designed to soften and shift the shame: I’m Ashamed of Myself (MP3)

3) I’m Very Lonely

Being in pain can isolate you. When you hurt, you have less energy and enthusiasm for social events, less time and focus for making new friends and deepening the ones you have.

Isolation is stressful to the body and the mind. We are social animals and while each of us may want more or less interaction, heart connection is healthy.

By acknowledging the loneliness and tapping on the feelings, you can ease the tension around it. You can shift the loneliness from a hidden shame to a clear asking for more support. Being around people is also less stressful when you are in a calm, confident place. Let’s do some tapping:

Side of Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I am very lonely… I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though all this pain has isolated me, and I am very lonely… I am open to changing this, and I do accept myself and all I feel.

Even though I am so very lonely, and that hurts, too… I am learning to release old beliefs and traumas and that leaves more room for people in my life.

Eyebrow: I am very lonely.
Side of Eye: The loneliness hurts my heart.
Under Eye: I think I am ready to release it.
Under Nose: I was stuck.
Chin: But now I have new support.
Collarbone: And I am healing my emotions…
Under Arm: …and my beliefs.
Top of Head: Releasing old traumas.

Eyebrow: I have been very lonely.
Side of Eye: I haven’t had the energy to connect.
Under Eye: But that is changing.
Under Nose: And I ask the universe to help me notice new friends…
Chin: …and re-connect with old ones.
Collarbone: I am taking care of myself at a new level.
Under Arm: I am open to a new circle of support,
Top of Head: As I help my body feel safe and loved.

Take a deep breath. Notice how your body feels. Jot down any thoughts or memories that might be coming up so you can tap on them when it feels right.

And here’s ANOTHER bonus tapping audio for this feeling, our heart-gift to you to help ease the loneliness: I’m Very Lonely (MP3)

By changing your emotional state, you can change how sensitive you are to pain, and the amount of distress your body feels. When you are in pain, it is often harder to focus and know where to start. Having a list of tappable issues, or a coach to turn to can really help.

Our program Pain Relief with EFT has an extensive section on Emotional States with tapping for each state. You can order it here.

Next, we’ll show you where to find SUPPORTIVE GUIDANCE even in the middle of the night.

Warm smiles,
Rick & Cathy

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