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Stress Relief on Tap

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About this course

Put Calm Confidence at Your Fingertips ~ 
Want to build resiliency in your life when you face intense stress…? We invite you to our program where you’ll discover how to release stress and allow your body and mind to relax and renew faster and more powerfully than ever. 

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Course Structure

Getting Started 5 Lessons

The Crucial Importance of Stress Relief

What impact does stress have on us? How much energy is freed up when we have a successful way of bringing ourselves RELIEF? Especially if you can make a difference in your stress level in a few minutes....?

Skills We Use

We use the skills of grounding, breathing, and EFT Tapping in this course. Learn more about them in this lesson.

I’m So Stressed! How Do I Release This and Feel Better?

Here's a simple 5-Step Process of releasing stress and feeling surprisingly better!

A Guided Meditation to Release Stress

This eight-and-a-half minute guided meditation takes you to a place of clearing resistance and Allowing stress to release.

We Are Here to Support You!

You can reach us anytime at or by leaving a question or comment on any of the course pages. Circle Members can bring stress relief issues to any open circle call. 

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2 Chapters

Inner Stresses

Clarity, Inner Critic, Resistance, and Feelings 4 Lessons

What Do You Do When You’re So Stressed You Can’t Think Clearly?

When there's a lot of stress and it is hard to think, what do you do? Grounding can truly help!

Messages You Tell Yourself

Our self-talk impacts our stress level. Our body hears the messages we're repeating in our heads and responds -- often flooding us with an extra dose of stress impulses... just what we do NOT need. Tapping can help shift these messages.

Resistance to Have-to’s and Should’s

What happens if someone tells you you SHOULD do something? Or that you HAVE-TO? (What if you are the one that tells yourself this?) We've found that have-to's and should's give many people a TRAPPED feeling. Let's shift that together.

How Can Being WITH Your Feelings Help?

Sometimes our feelings are really intense and it feels like they're never going to end... What can we do?

Disappointment & Doubts 2 Lessons

How do you deal with the stress of disappointment? Or do you deal with it all?

Being able to handle disappointment is KEY to having confidence. It’s the difference between participating with social confidence and courage... or living as the shy wallflower who never speaks up. If you’re ready to change distress into ease, there are some key steps you need to take that can quickly and powerfully change the way you deal with disappointment and with distress.

Am I Doing It Right?

As you do EFT Tapping for stresses, the question might arise in you, "Am I doing this right?" It's important to realize that tapping -- like exercises of all kinds -- helps condition us to be significantly stronger and more resilient.

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It’s Life… and We Must Process It 2 Lessons

Taming The Stresses that Will Be A Part of Life

Life absolutely has its stresses, and many are unavoidable. Taming the stresses using tapping helps us build resiliency and a sense of deeper presence and confidence even as we're responding to these situations.

Tapping On The Stress of Long Lines!

Whether it is a long line (moving more slowly than other lines, of course...) or traffic or delays at the airport, we're not "in control" of the flow of our lives in many situations. How can we stay cool and comfortable, no matter what?

Productivity Stress 2 Lessons

There’s Not Enough Time! What Do I Do?

That feeling of urgency can drive us, but it is hard on us long term. How can we take the "urgency" out and still accomplish what we want to without so much stress?

What Do You Do When People Are Constantly Pulling At You And You’re Not Getting Enough Done?

How do you handle all the demands when you don't have time for yourself?

Relationship Stress 4 Lessons

Do You Feel Guilty When You Say No To People?

How can you learn how to feel less stress when you say NO to people?

Tapping for Stress Due To Isolation And Loneliness

Do you ever feel stressed because you're alone? Feel like you're not worthy or unlovable because someone isn't there with you giving you attention? Tap and find peace and new insights.

Stressed Out Wondering If The Relationship Is Going To End?

Tapping can release the worry and stress of wondering if a relationship is going to end... or if it has hit a point where there's a lot of uncertainty swirling around in everyone's emotions.

How Do You Deal With The Stress of Ulterior Motives?

Struggling with people's agendas is stressful! What do you do?

Home & Parenting Stress 3 Lessons

How Do You Deal With Clutter When It Is Constantly Stressing You Out?

When it is other people's clutter, what do you do?! 

How Do You Deal With Stress Around Children?

If you're constantly having to remind your kids to do things they need to every day, it's stressful! What do you do?

The Lights In The Bedroom Are Still Not Fixed… It’s So Stressful!

Small chores still not done, a year after you started asking? How can you reduce the stress and move forward?

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What's Next?

What’s Next? Calm Confidence. Here's How...

What's next after this course? How can you use this to become more calm and confident no matter what happens in your life?

Resources for Stress Relief

Additional resources and ideas for Stress Relief