March 22, 2020 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Getting the Most Out of Virtual Connections

With so many of us isolating and social distancing right now, getting our connection needs met is more challenging than ever!

Many of us are trying to meet our connection needs virtually... Which is great for flattening the curve of the Coronavirus... AND...

How do you get the most nutrition out of your virtual connections?

In this session (video below) wedo some tapping and processing of the feelings around isolation and fears people are experiencing, and we'll share tips and insights on how to make your virtual connections juicier and more nutritious.

Getting the Most Out of Virtual Connections 1

They say, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." We want to help you squeeze the lemon so you get the most out of every drop. 

Watch the session now:

Donations are accepted, deeply appreciated, and not required. The donations will enable Rick and I to put more calls like this together.

We care and hope you find connection and ease.

Cathy and Rick

Getting the Most Out of Virtual Connections 2

P.S. We had a previous call on Dealing with the Fear of the Unpredictable that is available here. Feel free to listen and share with anyone who might be emotionally supported by either of these sessions!

P.P.S We welcome your replies/comments with questions, requests, feedback, and any bad puns you like!

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  • Maureen Cram says:

    Thank you so much for making these available. We are in total lockdown here in South Africa – we just did ten laps around our garden for some physical exercise :).

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