​​​​Relief NOW – 3 Simple Keys

When PAIN is in the way... It's time for Relief NOW! 

When we need Relief... we need it NOW! It doesn't matter whether it's emotional distress, physical pain, fear, anxiety, worry, past trauma, active disease, stress, overwhelm... or a painful combination! If that's what you need right now, watch the quick video and then click Get Started

Our Approach to Relief NOW...

When we need Relief... we need it NOW.

Relief from pain and suffering.
Relief from anxiety and fear.
Relief from worry... and worse. 

Is Relief what you are needing right NOW?

I'm Rick from Thriving Now, and growing up, I hated my body when it felt so much pain! Physically, it was hard.

And then there was my inner critic... a mean bully who never let up... never let me feel peaceful and safe and good enough. I worried about everything. Emotionally, it was hard (although I tried even harder not to show it).

As you can imagine (and maybe have experienced yourself), this all lead to a lot of suffering. For me, it was chronic inescapable headaches, digestive ulcers eating away at my health, back and knee pains, and more. 

I needed Relief... so badly. I needed it NOW... I couldn't wait. 

And I needed it to be at my fingertips. Relying on the usual pain pills and quick fixes had failed me. 

Oh! And I needed it to be pretty darn simple. I didn't have time or energy for something complex. My systems were already maxed out. 

Does this feel familiar?

If so, you're in good company!

Every human life I've touched shares a core need -- a need for relief from suffering when fear, anxiety, pain, and distress hit. And they do hit!

We all crave Relief. Every cell in our body, every system, every neuron in our brain... they all want health-giving, restorative relief.

So, too, do our friends, family, and everyone we connect with! When we feel relief, they are positively affected, too. (Sensitive people in particular benefit the most when people around them are finding relief and greater ease.)

THANK YOU for being someone open enough to explore. What you're doing right now matters. It takes courage -- even if it is courage sourced from desperation.

So let's explore Together... the course is Free (Donations appreciated but not required)

3 Simple Keys for Relief NOW - Overview


It's at Our Fingertips...

We have the power to change the trend from increasing pain and distress to less... to provide relief from our suffering. But to do this we need to know where to pay attention and how to tap into the body's natural comfort points. It's not hard, but it is rarely taught until someone really needs it. Even then these skills are still not widely known and practiced. 

Relief NOW – 3 Simple Keys 1


Be WITH+IN Our Body... It's a "Love Relationship"

Pain and trauma can take us out of our body, disconnecting us from our natural capacity to comfort and heal. Too often we treat our body-mind with hate and disgust... yet our heart still keeps beating and our nervous system keeps trying its best to help us survive. That's devotion.

There's love there, even if not reflected (yet!) in our attitude towards the parts of us that seem to be inflicting distress on us and "ruining our life." When we treat the parts of us that need relief with respect... and even a bit of curiosity and care... we ease the inner conflict that otherwise causes loud and painful suffering. 

Relief NOW – 3 Simple Keys 2


Together is Better...

Going it alone sucks... it is sooo much harder. Yet, how many of us were told to "suck it up" and "be strong" and "never show any weakness"? Also, past neglect and abuse can inflict a painful belief that "no one cares anyway, so I have to do it alone."

But the truth is, we are not designed to heal alone! Certain healing pathways only open when we feel connected. When we feel safe, supported, and understood, it takes our healing relief to another level.

And let's face another hard truth: So much of physical and emotional pain can be traced to what humans do to one another (or neglect to do). This can make it really hard to be vulnerable. And often the family members, partners, and friends we have may not be equipped to help. They may even be making things worse.

With this in mind, our approach is to build up your connection with yourself while also tuning into supportive energies you may feel in nature, with furry friends, with safe people you can imagine connecting to, professional relationships, supportive circles, and with spiritual relationships if those are in your worldview. Relief is easier through healthy connection.

Relief NOW – 3 Simple Keys 3

Essentially: (1) You have the power (even if you've not tapped into it yet), (2) Being WITH and Being IN your body is where we tap into our personal power to heal, and (3) You don't have to go it alone (and that's not optimal anyway!).

We've personally guided thousands of people from diverse backgrounds and 79 countries in ways that support a thriving life, and we've seen so much pain relieved and healing powers restored. It would be an honor to engage together with you.

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