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Craving Sugar and Sweets

I have these intense cravings for sugar and sweets, and I want to eat healthier foods. How can I change my behavior? -Linda

First, if you want to reduce your sugar cravings to help with weight loss, remember that a lot of weight issues are related to safety. Cravings won’t shift unless you feel safe shifting them. So… If you imagine yourself even a few pounds lighter, does your body feel relaxed and open or tight and resistant? If it feels resistant, can you ask it why? What is it afraid of? Tapping to release those fears and limiting beliefs can allow you to naturally crave healthier foods.

Next, if you’re craving a lot of sugar, what is the emotional experience you’re reaching for? Does eating sugar make you feel special? Indulged? Does it give you relief?

We learn to associate certain foods with comfort from a young age. How did your family treat sweets? What rules and memories do you have around them?

Craving Sugar and Sweets 1Sometimes we crave sweets when we feel like life isn’t sweet. Are you allowing yourself to feel loved and appreciated? Do you take time to enjoy life? If it doesn’t feel safe to allow good feelings like that, why? You can tap and release those blocks and allow life to be much sweeter!

And craving candy or other junk food may come from a sense of rebelliousness. Did someone punish you by not giving you candy? Where you not allowed to enjoy it when you were little? You could be making up for it now, over and over again. What if you allowed yourself to REALLY enjoy eating one piece of chocolate? If you were mindful and present, one piece might be enough. How would that feel?

You might try tapping with this script… and just see what comes up.

Karate Chop: Even though I crave sweets, and I do enjoy the taste of sugar, I’m open to allowing sweetness in my life… in lots of different ways.

Even though I’m eating more sweets than I want, some part of me is craving them. I’m open to clarity so we can tap on any blocks… and enjoy a balanced and fun relationship with food.

Even though the sweets remind me of good times and feeling special, I’m open to allowing those feelings all the time… not just when I eat sugar.

Top of the Head: I crave sugar.
Eyebrow: Part of me is looking for good feelings.
Side of the Eye: I want life to feel sweet!
Under the Eye: I want to feel special!
Under the Nose: What if I could feel that way…
Chin: Whether I ate sugar or not?
Collarbone: I want freedom from this compulsion.
Under the Arm: I want to enjoy life like I enjoy candy.

Top of the Head: What stops me from relaxing…
Eyebrow: And letting love in?
Side of the Eye: What does eating sugar give me?
Under the Eye: What does it remind me of?
Under the Nose: I invite those good feelings.
Chin: I thought I had to have sugar to enjoy them.
Collarbone: Maybe I don’t.
Under the Arm: I’m open to finding new ways to feel good.

Top of the Head: I thought I had to eat a lot to feel special.
Eyebrow: But there are lots of ways to feel loved.
Side of the Eye: I might eat one delicious piece.
Under the Eye: And really enjoy it!
Under the Nose: Or I might ask a friend for a hug.
Chin: I could let the sunshine warm me…
Collarbone: And know I am loved.
Under the Arm: I invite the Universe to bring me clarity…
Top of the Head: And lots of sweetness, every day.

Take a deep breath.

Craving Sugar and Sweets 2How does that feel? What came up around that? There are several possible reasons you could crave sugar (or anything else for that matter). Which of them resonate with you?

If you want help working through those issues, our group coaching program is a great way to get support and to connect with others who want freedom and a delicious life. We have many calls each month where it is perfect for you to get help clearing patterns like sugar cravings using EFT with us. You can find out more here:


We hope this helps!

  • Thank you for having this on available on your website! This has helped me tremendously! I have been eating sweets all my life but for the past year I’ve been eating sweets like crazy. I wasn’t necessarily enjoying them but just craved them and didn’t know what to do about it. I tried eating healthy many times but if I didn’t have that sugar I felt like something was missing.
    My dad and I used to have all sorts of sweets together whether it was making malt shakes or going bike riding to get ice cream or sitting down together dipping Oreos in our milk, I felt special. He died when I was 12 so I think I was always trying to get that feeling back when eating sweets, that feeling of being special. And I couldn’t put my finger on it until today by reading this article and doing tapping and then more tapping…and I will probably do even more tapping 🙂 But truly thank you for the article, it has really helped me heal 🙂

    • So glad it has helped you, Shanna. If there is anything else we can do to help, please let us know!

      -Rick & Cathy

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