February 28, 2011 by Thriving Now

Allowing Love

People ask all the time, how can I tap on attracting more love? Love is so important to a beautiful life, yet for many of us it feels elusive and hard to find.

It’s very easy to decide that if we don’t feel loved, we’re not lovable or acceptable. That sense of failure and hopelessness can dishearten us and diminish how much we engage with life.

Love comes in many forms, and while many of us are yearning for a deep, intimate, romantic love most of all… noticing the acceptance and care all around us can tune us to a higher vibration that attracts what we’re looking for on every level.

This may sound counter-intuitive. After all, this is February. We are bombarded with Valentine’s messages. Advertisers urge us to buy the right toothpaste, shampoo, and deodorant so we can attract a mate (or make the one we have want us more)… so we can be fulfilled and happy.

They imply that if we don’t have the love of our lives (with accompanying romantic music, firelight, and expensive champagne) that we just don’t cut it. We are lacking somehow.

The truth is, people who feel loved and accepted have a very attractive glow around them. They radiate contentment and inner alignment that draws people to them. And we can learn to feel that way, even if we aren’t yet in the romantic relationship of our dreams, and even if we feel that our current relationship is lacking in some key way.

Where do you notice love and warmth in your life?

We can get tuned into looking for the “big prize” and miss all the quiet moments that can help us appreciate and enjoy connection. If a friend sends us flowers, buys us a Valentine’s dinner, or does a favor on any random day, it’s easy to think “that’s nice and all, but I really wanted My Lover to do that for me.”

We get tuned into the lack… and we miss the abundance right under our nose. If your cat cuddles with you, do you allow that warmth in? Or do you use it as an excuse to remind yourself that you don’t have a partner to cuddle with right now? If your dog greets you at the door, tail wagging madly, can you feel the joy… or do you focus on the fact you don’t have a partner there to give you a kiss?

If you have been tuned to lack, blaming yourself won’t help. Gently changing your focus and tapping can make a world of difference. And when you’re tuned into love all around you, you send a lovely beacon out to the world, inviting more and richer connection, every day.

Let’s do some tapping together.

Karate Chop: Even though I really want more love, and I feel deprived and depleted, I ask my body and mind to notice all the ways I’m loved right now.

Even though I do want a deep romantic relationship, full of intimacy and connection, I’m ready to feel the love all around me, no matter how it arrives.

Even though I thought I had to have a romantic partner to feel okay, I allow love in all forms right now, and I invite the Universe to send more.

Top of the Head: I do want love.
Eyebrow: It feels so good.
Side of the Eye: I thought I needed my Prince/Princess Charming to feel loved… and lovable.
Under the Eye: I still want that.
Under the Nose: But I’m open to feeling loved right now, just as I am.
Chin: I’m loving myself.
Collarbone: I’m tapping as we speak.
Under the Arm: That’s loving and nurturing.

Top of the Head: I allow that in.
Eyebrow: And I’m using these words someone sent me with caring intentions.
Side of the Eye: Can I allow that warmth in?
Under the Eye: It feels good to know someone cares.
Under the Nose: What if I can allow myself to feel…
Chin: That I’m surrounded by love energy all of the time?
Collarbone: I do feel the lack of love sometimes…
Under the Arm: But I’m open to allowing love… ANYWAY.

Top of the Head: I do want more love.
Eyebrow: I ask the Universe to send it.
Side of the Eye: And I invite myself to allow it in.
Under the Eye: Love can come in many forms.
Under the Nose: I quiet the noise so I can notice the love all around me.
Chin: From friends, family, pets, earth, Source, Sun, Creator… and myself.
Collarbone: I allow my heart to warm and open.
Under the Arm: In this moment, I feel loved.
Top of the Head: And I radiate that love to myself and all those dear to me.

Take a deep breath.

How did that feel? Does it feel safe to allow that love? If not, you may have decided long ago that its not safe to open up to love. When did you learn that “lesson”? Tapping on those beliefs can help you open up to love of all kinds, and it makes it a lot easier to notice opportunities for love.

Having support for this kind of work can make a big difference. Its a LOT easier to work on allowing connection when you aren’t alone and confused. Having caring and intuitive coaching can help you transform your beliefs and your life much more rapidly and thoroughly. Our Group Coaching Program may be a perfect fit for you. We’d welcome you!


  • wonderful concepts – well put together!

  • İt very powerfull, helpfull to feel loved energy around me thanks guys sharing it with us! Best regards

  • İt very powerfull, helpfull to feel loved energy around me thanks guys sharing it with us! Best regards

  • Ana nazareno says:

    thanks a lot!,  really helps…

  • Thank you for sharing this.  I feel loved. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much, these are soothing words that needed to be heard and stated.

  • Ami Angel says:

    please make all of the tapping scripts that you send via email, into audios that one can tap to. THANKS IN ADVANCE ~A

    • Thanks for asking Ami! We do have many audios here on the site for people to tap along with. Is there a particular area where you want tapping to support you most?

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