May 29, 2023 by Thriving Now Support

Carol Look – EFT & Attracting Abundance

Carol Look - EFT & Attracting Abundance 1

Gary Craig taught me how to master EFT. Carol Look showed me how to make it sing with positive energy and empowering choices. She is a wonderful mentor and a dear friend. Each of these products I have purchased for myself and/or my clients.

Carol and I co-developed a comprehensive coaching program for Pain Relief with EFT. She was also my co-host for TapTalkRadio (our podcast on EFT and the Law of Attraction).

Attracting Abundance with EFT — E-Book with tap-along audios
There simply is no better resource for anyone struggling with success and abundance issues. Use it on your own to effectively address the limiting beliefs and blocks you have to attracting abundance, leaving individual coaching sessions and team calls for specific events and issues that require more in-depth energy detective work.  Although also available as a paperback, I strongly recommend the e-book edition which includes Tap-Along Audios you can download to your computer or MP3 player! You can read my review of Attracting Abundance with EFT, look at the table of contents or go ahead and order Attracting Abundance with EFT E-Book and Tap-Along Audios right now!  ($39.95).


  • Videos are easier, faster, and work with my schedule…I sometimes read when riding during transportation and even then I might just listen to a frequency meditation. 

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