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Attracting Abundance with EFT – Review of Carol Look’s Book

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Also available as a paperback although I highly recommend the e-book version with the tap-along audios. Table of Contents is listed below.

Attracting Abundance with EFT - Review of Carol Look's Book 1

As an emotional freedom coach, I find that many clients have anxiety and worry about money and success. Inside, they know they have not reached their potential for financial abundance.

They have resistance, fears, guilt, past failures, inner conflicts, and limiting beliefs about money that block their ability to allow well-being to flow into their lives.

I recommend this book to my clients, and we often tap together using EFT on the specific memories Carol’s abundance tapping exercises and games bring up.

This book is outstanding, and as you can see from the table of contents below, Carol covers a broad range of issues providing the EFT setup phrase, a standard tapping round, and an empowering positive round in a way that leaves you feeling energized. The second edition includes ten new abundance tapping sequences and new chapters covering Specific Events, Tell the Story, Finding Your EFT Target, and The Intensity Rating.

Client Stories

Let me share with you a few specific client stories. One client is a new mother, her second child. She and her husband really needed money. Their car was broken down. They were tense and worried. I had her do just one of the games, the Cash Comfort game where she held a $100 bill in her hand, noticed the feelings it brought up, and tapped on the sequence of points while staring at the bill and holding it.

There is more to the game, but the key point for this client is that after the game, she felt calm and hopeful. She did their taxes, which she had dreaded. And it turned out they were owed $1500 in a tax refund.

Naturally, they would have eventually done their taxes and received the refund. Those of us who work with Carol’s Attracting Abundance with EFT materials, though, see this kind of “surprise” happen for MANY people when they let go of even SOME of their fear and worry.

Another client was obsessing about his financial situation… and some would say with good reason. It was keeping him from sleeping and his negative, hopeless thoughts were leaving him with no energy to take proactive action.

He tapped through the entire book and the exercises. And he continued to tap for 20 minutes every day using the book as his guide. His energy improved and his faith started to return. At the end of 30 days, his mental clarity and positive action towards improving his financial situation dramatically improved. No miracle fortune arrived, but he also did NOT lose the house and the car!

We know that first we must shift our vibration into one that attracts and allows the flow of abundance. This client’s persistent action not only has helped him engage in a new business venture, it also has restored much of his hope and confidence (and when he needs a boost, he has a tool he can use for emotional self-care).

I’ve found that when we are surrounded by negative circumstances, daily tapping with EFT using a series of well-crafted steps like these in Attracting Abundance with EFT is like taking a “shower” to wash off the “dirt.” It feels so much better when we’re done!

My last story observes the effect of this book on someone who was already successful. This client has a growing practice in the health arena. People who know him consider him positive, upbeat, and confident. All true!

Yet, his business had hit a ceiling, and he knew his own limiting beliefs were keeping him from breaking through to a new level. We used EFT to tap on specific issues, and I sold him a copy of the book. After going through it once, he continued to tap on an exercise or two EVERY DAY. The results he credits to the book and EFT include:

  • Changing his confidence level with other professionals; he’s networking far more and building collaborative and profitable partnerships.
  • He signed a buyout agreement with his risk-adverse partner so he can take risks (and benefit from the upside) while providing the security the partner demanded; he stepped up as the leader rather than staying within his previous Comfort Zones.
  • His vibration changed around his location, and a new location opened up that has meant FAR more visibility and walk-in clients… and he’s no longer in the same mall with a liquor store and tattoo parlor….
  • His business is generating more cash than at any previous time in its long history; his employees will be getting a nice bonus.

For me what this book does is help activate ALL that I already know about business. Clearing the blocks to success & abundance, increasing prosperity consciousness, activating an attractive vibration, and claiming abundance now… these are the four simple steps covered in this book. Carol makes it fun. This book makes it easy.

Table of Contents — Attracting Abundance with EFT — Second Edition

Welcome! 1
How Best To Use This Book 3
What Is Abundance Anyway? 5
The 4 Steps To Increase Abundance 8 Everything Is About Vibration 10
Focus, Choice & Law Of Attraction 13
Beliefs & Expectations 16
Disclaimer 19

EFT Tapping 21
How You Will Use EFT To Attract Abundance 21
EFT Directions 22
EFT Tapping Points 25
The 0-10 Point Intensity Scale 26
Specific Events 29
How To Find Your EFT Target 32
Tell The Story 34
Sample EFT Exercise 35

Step #1 Clear Blocks To Success & Abundance 39
Issue: Procrastination Blocks My Abundance 41
Issue: Fear Of Success 45
Issue: Sabotage 47
Issue: I’d Rather Feel Safe Than Successful 49
Issue: Blocking Success 52
Issue: If I Get What I Want, I Could Lose It 54
Issue: I Make Myself Fail 57
Step #1 (Continued) 59
Issue: Guilt About Having More 61
Issue: Guilt About Wanting More 63
Issue: Guilt About Advantages 65
Issue: Fear Of Rejection 67
Issue: Rejecting Others 69
Issue: I’m Afraid To “Rock The Boat” 71
Issue: I Don’t Know Whom To Trust 74
Issue: Fear Of Envy 77
Issue: Standing Out 79
Issue: Humiliation 82
Issue: Fitting In 85
Issue: What If They Think I’m Greedy? 87
Issue: Jealousy 89
Issue: Inadequacy 91
Comfort Zones 94
Issue: Negative Beliefs 96
Issue: Fear Of Earning More 98
Issue: Comfort Zone Around Salary 100
Abundance Games – The Guess What Letter 102
Abundance Games – Daily Gratitude Journal 104

Step #2 Increase Your Prosperity Consciousness 107
Issue: I’m Convinced Money/Wealth Is “Bad” 110
Issue: It’s Not Safe To Relax About Money 113
Issue: Deserving Abundance 116
Issue: Not Enough/ Shortages 118
Issue: Money Worries 120
Issue: Supply/ Running Out 122
Issue: There Will Never Be Enough 125
Issue: I Don’t Believe In Prosperity 127
Issue: Belief In Scarcity 129
Issue: Blocks To Receiving 131
Issue: Conflict About Receiving 133
Issue: Who Will I Be If I Get What I Want? 135
Abundance Games – Cash Comfort 138
Abundance Games – Gratitude Walk 139

Step #3 Activate The Law Of Attraction 141
Issue: Money Anxiety 143
Issue: Scarcity Of Money 145
Issue: Money Doesn’t Come Easily 147
Step #3 Questions (Continued)
Issue: Can’t Be Happy Until… 151
Issue: Can’t Feel Good Until… 153
Issue: Can’t Be Happy If I’m Poor 155
Issue: Belief In Poverty 157
Issue: I Come From A Family Of Failures 159
Issue: Yes, But… 162
Keep Tapping… It Works 164
Issue: It’s Normal To Complain And Suffer 166
Issue: Attracting Romantic Partner 168
Issue: Fear Of Rejection 170
Issue: Focus On Aging 172
Issue: Feeling Fat 174
Abundance Games – End Result Imagery 176
Abundance Games – Take Five 177

Step #4 Claim Abundance Now 181
Issue: Self-Worth 183
Issue: I’m Not Worthy 185
Issue: Success Is Not For Me 187
Issue: I Don’t Deserve Abundance 189
Issue: I Shouldn’t Claim Success 191
Issue: Success Isn’t “Spiritual” 193
Issue: Feeling Lack 195
Issue: Life Has To Be A Struggle 197
Issue: I’m Afraid Of My Power 199
Positive Affirmations 203
Abundance Games – The Yes Game 205
Abundance Games – The Thank You Game 206

What Next? What Next? What Next? 208
Troubleshooting Plan 210
Additional EFT Training 213
Essential Web Sites 215
Recommended Reading 216
About The Author 218

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