It won’t work for me.


Have you ever longed for what other people have… heard how they did it… and thought “It won’t work for me?” That painful longing can be so painful. So disheartening! Once our brain decides we can’t get there, we feel like a little kid looking through the window into a wonderland we can never visit. […]

How much does your brain get in your way?

Thinking Brain

What do you think your limiting beliefs and fears take away from your life? I was surprised to be reminded how big an impact they can have, in a not very fun way, last week… I’ve cleared away a lot, and have gotten used to feeling pretty resilient through most things. (That doesn’t mean I […]

Can you love yourself younger?


Have you noticed how “age” focused our society is? It seems like there are rules and predictions for how people should age, will age, and how they should behave at certain ages where ever you turn. I know how much that can effect you! I got sucked into those beliefs. In my late 30’s I […]

Having Our Own Experiences


Have you ever had your experience colored by someone else? Your Mom, your best friend, your boss… They have strong opinions or reactions to something… and you somehow absorb them? It can be a place, a food, a person. In a sense, when that happens, something precious and beautiful can be lost… Your unique experience. […]

From Conflict to Purpose Around Money

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent a lot of time arguing with myself about money… Where it should go, how much to spend? It can be hard to decide with only one person… In a relationship, the conflicts around money can be stressful and painful. They can make people feel unloved, unappreciated, and unsafe. […]

Setting Your Money Intentions and Clearing Blocks to Money — Webinars

I have an invitation for you! The responses to the Money and Relationship Intensive were wonderful. We’re still smiling from all the enthusiasm and breakthroughs people shared! (You can still listen for free until tonight at midnight, link at the bottom). And we want to help you implement and clear your blocks so you can […]