Clean up your relationships and create new intimacy

Clean It Up Together

Have you ever wondered why some relationships get stale over time? Or resentments build instead of intimacy deepening? Longing for deep, honest, vulnerable connection is normal… especially when we have the confidence that we can show up as ourselves (which takes self-confidence… and we’ll be talking a lot more on that in the next couple weeks). […]

Dealing With Change… Special Calls!

A businesswoman getting bad news on the phone.

Change can shake the roots of your world… or it just may unsettle you and knock you off your game. Learning ways to deal with change… and move through the pain and uncertainty into curiosity and confidence… can make a profound difference for you and your loved ones. Even much-anticipated change can bring up grief, uncertainty, […]

Just For A Moment…

Happy Young Lady

Just for a moment… could you let yourself Be? People are focused on Doing. And with all the pressure to do the right thing, feel the right thing, think the right thing… it’s easy to lose ourselves. People become “shoulds” and “musts,” trying to meet the unvoiced expectations of those around them. We become actors […]

How Do I Know What To Invest My Time And Money In?

Elegant businesswoman screaming and holding her head

You can use this for anything you need to make a decision on… First, see if you can get to a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted (If you can’t… don’t worry, this will still help you tune in). Take a slow deep breath. See if you can let the air reach the bottom […]

Not Enough Time… Really A Symptom!


It seems like there is always too much to do. It feels like you need to catch up before you can start something new. And there just isn’t focus to get things done! That scattered lack of focus that we associate with Too Much To Do, is often a symptom of our primitive brain being […]

Why Is Now The Perfect Time To Make A Change?


First, we’d like to invite you to join us, at no cost, for Money And The Primitive Brain, tonight! We’ll be discussing and tapping on the top 3 ways the primitive brain can sabotage your efforts to have a better relationships with money and abundance, and how you can transform that relationship to have it HELP […]

Stuck? What If Healing Means I Lose Myself?

Stuck  What If Healing Means I Lose Myself    Thriving Now

It doesn’t matter where you are in your healing. Suddenly you can find yourself stuck. You’ve been moving along, making progress or maybe you’re just getting started, but something makes it hard to move forward. There’s some aspect that you just can’t get to…