February 18, 2023 by Cathy Vartuli

Reclaiming Your Joy!

We are all capable of joy. That open-hearted, carefree laughter, that easy playful curiosity…

And it’s hard to be joyful when the primitive brain is fearful and afraid.

We’ve talked about how the primitive brain has first dibs on all resources, so it can help you survive. The primitive brain, when it’s scared that something is possibly life-threatening, is not going to allow your resources to play or laugh. Most people’s primitive brains are very reactive — seeing danger all around… when really there is lots of safety and room for joy. It just doesn’t seem like it.

When you soothe the primitive brain, give it mental exercises like we do in Reprogram Your Primitive Brain, and strengthen its understanding, there is lots more room for joy.

In fact, the natural vitality and joy that is already there inside you can bubble out when more of your energy isn’t being sucked up and stuffed down because of fear.

How would your life be better if you could reclaim that joy? What if the heaviness and worry were even a bit less… wouldn’t it be easier to laugh and connect with loved ones? Wouldn’t the heaviness of the to-do’s of everyday life be lifted?

First… take a deep breath and be with your body and your feelings for a moment. Does it feel safe to let that heaviness and worry lift? Does it feel safe to let some of it lift?

Many people have a habit of worrying and focusing on difficulties. For others, it makes them feel “safe” in some way. Maybe they learned that if they were serious, they got in less trouble from an overtired parent… or their teachers gave them the benefit of the doubt.

There is nothing wrong with being serious or focused. They are important abilities. But… when people use negative thoughts and seriousness as a way of feeling “grounded” or safe, it’s a sign that the primitive brain is stuck.

All emotions and energies are useful (even if some of them hurt sometimes). They are part of life. It’s when people HAVE to use them or use them at times they aren’t needed that the emotions cause a problem… by acting as a parking brake set against joy.

Releasing worry and letting calm focus come through is a powerful way to boost your vitality and productivity. Releasing negative beliefs and allowing playfulness and fun to come through can help you enjoy life more and allow others to do the same. People LOVE hanging out with someone who helps them discover the fun in life again. People need you!

Let’s do some tapping on this:

Side of Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I often feel worried and heavy, I invite my primitive brain to take a deep breath… and realize that we are actually pretty safe.

Even though I have a habit of focusing on the negative… most people do! I’m open to releasing this and letting my joy bubble out.

Even though I sometimes substitute heavy feelings for being really grounded… I’d rather allow my natural focus to come through as I calm my primitive brain.

Top of the Head: I don’t feel as much joy as I’d like.
Eyebrow: I’ve let myself get pretty serious and heavy.
Side of the Eye: I worry and stress…
Under the Eye: And my primitive brain can get stuck in that cycle.
Under the Nose: I can miss the things that are going RIGHT in my life.
Chin: I can miss opportunities for joy and play.
Collarbone: I invite my primitive brain to find a new balance.
Under the Arm: I’m curious about being more playful.

Top of the Head: It has worked to be serious and concerned.
Eyebrow: It helped my parents know I was paying attention.
Side of the Eye: It let my teachers know I was a “good student”.
Under the Eye: It helped my bosses feel they could trust me.
Under the Nose: Serious and concerned has a purpose.
Chin: And so do play and laughter.
Collarbone: I let my primitive brain know it can do a good job…
Under the Arm: Even if I play sometimes.

Top of the Head: How can I allow that joy inside me?
Eyebrow: Sometimes I can’t even find it!
Side of the Eye: I’ve pushed it down for so long…
Under the Eye: And now I welcome it back.
Under the Nose: I remind my primitive brain that it’s safe to play…
Chin: And I call out to joy and laughter.
Collarbone: Please come back and help me connect to life.
Under the Arm: Please help me help others to play, too.
Top of the Head: I’m ready to reclaim more of my joy… more each day!

Take a deep breath.

Notice what you’re feeling. Are there objections to allowing joy? Write those down and tap on them later, or join us in Reprogram Your Primitive Brain where we’ll help you release old programming and beliefs.

If you’re feeling some warmth and curiosity, appreciate that and allow it several times a day. That joyful energy can still be grounded and productive… you can play and create wonderful things that benefit others. You deserve it and so does the world!

Warm wishes
Cathy & Rick

  • This a good reminder that using self-put-downs is a clue that the primitive brain is driving us towards being “safe” even at the cost of our own joy!

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