March 20, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

The smallest act of courage…

What’s the smallest act of courage you can imagine taking right now?

Does it seem too small to matter?

Does it feel like it wouldn’t be big enough to make a difference?

What if that simple, small act, was the beginning of a beautiful new life?

My smallest act of courage was realizing no one was going to rescue me… but me. My fairy godmother wasn’t going to appear with a magic wand and make my life all better. The love of my life wasn’t going to parachute through my living room ceiling and “discover” me and make my life perfect.

I realized I had to do something to make my life different. I was the one responsible for how my life unfolded.

(That didn’t mean other people hadn’t had effects, sometimes profound, on my life. It just means I got to choose what I did from here).

Then I took another tiny act of courage, and I reached out for help. And then another act of courage, when I showed up for it.

Those tiny acts of courage added up. Each time they seemed like they were too small to be significant. Too meager to make a difference. Yet each one built on the one before. Each one taught me I was capable of doing something different.

There are certainly times I’m still scared. And times I feel overwhelmed. Yet I wouldn’t trade my life now for what I had back then for millions of dollars. Literally.

I was existing then. Alternating between desperately bored and utterly terrified.

The joy and quiet peace I feel more and more of the time, the deep warm connections that make life feel so sweet, the feeling of being valuable and happy… I didn’t dream I was taking steps toward this.

I don’t think I would have believed I could have this.

im-bravePlease, whatever small act of courage you can take to making a difference in your life… Take a step. As frightening as it can seem, it can bring you to a place you couldn’t even dream of now.

(One act of courage, if it resonates with you, is to step out of reaction and fear. We’d love to invite you to join us in Reprogram Your Primitive Brain. The skills we teach and the patterns we’ll help you change will make those acts of courage easier and lots smoother.)

Let’s tap!

Karate Chop: Even though it seems like those small acts of courage aren’t worth the effort… What if it’s just too small to make a difference?

Even though I’m scared it won’t be enough, what I’ve been doing hasn’t gotten me where I want to go.

Even though I’m afraid I won’t be able to break free, I can do this. I can build the muscles of courage with small steps and create something wonderful.

Top of the Head: I want to be courageous.
Eyebrow: I just worry it won’t be enough…
Side of the Eye: What if that’s my primitive brain trying to keep me stuck?
Under the Eye: Because it thinks it will be safer?
Under the Nose: What if those tiny acts of courage are good enough!?
Chin: What if I can do this!
Collarbone: I like being courageous.
Under the Arm: I can thank my primitive brain for caring,

Top of the Head: And do what feels right to me.
Eyebrow: I can take these small steps.
Side of the Eye: I can make a difference.
Under the Eye: I am making a difference right now.
Under the Nose: I’m tapping and looking at my fears.
Chin: This is an act of courage.
Collarbone: I could have run away.
Under the Arm: Instead I stayed to look and get clarity.

Top of the Head: Maybe I have more courage than I thought.
Eyebrow: Maybe I don’t give myself enough credit.
Side of the Eye: I choose to move forward.
Under the Eye: Tapping on this is surprisingly easy.
Under the Nose: It actually felt good.
Chin: What if other steps could be this easy?
Collarbone: And could add up to a life…
Under the Arm: That I really love?!
Top of the Head: One step at a time.

Take a deep breath.

We wish you many small acts of courage and lots of steps forward. We don’t always realize how big a difference these acts can make at the time. But looking back, we want you to feel delight and pride that you took them, and touched your life and the lives of those around you with your courage.

If Reprogram Your Primitive Brain feels like the right step for you, please join us before we close the program at midnight. We want to focus with the people who are taking these particular steps as acts of courage become easier and much more fun.

We appreciate your attention and courage as we’ve shared, and offered this program. We’ll send a quick reminder tonight before we close the doors, and be complete.

Warm wishes,
Cathy and Rick

P.S. We never want anyone to join something that’s not right for them, so we try to be inviting and gentle with our programs. Sometimes deadlines (like tonight at midnight for Reprogram Your Primitive Brain) can give you clarity. If you’d regret not being part of this, please click the link below and be part of this with us.

P.P.S. Here’s what Sue said about the course:

Spring brought me a reminder of the tremendous work I did with Rick and Cathy last year. Trust me, you want to buy this course. I trebled my income, found an insanely successful niche in a young and growing company, where I went from sweeping the ground floor to creating training programs for newbies and being the everyday voice of the business in 10 months; I’m now salaried, with the boss concerned about whether I have enough free time! Given my startling growth, you’d figure that Rick and Cathy are pretty aggressive, but is exactly the opposite that has been my greatest encouiragement. Quiet, simple, powerful allowing. Accepting infinitesimally small steps and celebrating them. Acknowledging how difficult ANY expansion can be, and cheering one on. Wow. I am completely ready to do this course over again–it’s the perfect time, I’m hitting some obstacles, need some guidance, some support not available anywhere else. I think I’m almost ready to work on the entrepeneurial aspects of my life, having unexpectedly covered the solid employment base. (whoot!!) ~Sue

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