May 9, 2023 by Cathy Vartuli

Little Things to Help You Feel Loved

Ever notice how changing small things can feel like a bother? Too much work for the reward?

Silly example... Whenever I zoom, I put on a bit of makeup. I think the definition makes understanding emotions on video easier.

For years I've had a scratchy brush to put on blush. Every time I notice the brush is scratchy and a bit annoying, and since I only use the brush 5 minutes or so a week, I never bothered to change it out.

I went away for a weekend, and took my makeup with me. When I got home, I couldn't find that scratchy blush brush. (Side note: I'm sitting here laughing at myself because an article about makeup is the last thing I could imagine myself writing! :))

I dug through my catchall drawer in the bathroom and found a different one. One I've had the entire time.

This one is fluffy and soft and every time I use this brush, I feel love and cared about. My mood boosts and I notice myself smiling and enjoying that moment.

When I used the scratchy brush, I thought it wasn't worth the $5 for a new one, or the 5 minutes I would have needed to hunt through the catchall drawer to see if I had a different one. After all, it was just a moment in my life.

Now, noticing how lovely I feel, I wish I had given myself those moments of joy. A minute seems so transitory and fleeting? Why bother?

Yet over the 3 or so years I've used this brush, I've roughly had (3 years x 52 weeks x 5 minutes) =  780 minutes of using that scratchy brush that left me feeling uncared for and irritated. That's 13 hours! Feel free to check my math because that seems like a very long time!

What are things you don't change because they are too fleeting? Too small?

Even if you use then 5 minutes a week, that's 4.3 hours a year. 

Where can you make small changes to help yourself feel loved?

Here is some tapping to help you shift blocks and step into small changes!

Side of the Hand: Even though this seems trivial and unimportant, what if I could give myself some care and pleasure?

Even though I feel silly worrying about this, shouldn't I toughen up? What if I could explore being kind and gentle with myself on the small things?

Even though I think I don't have time to do this, and it only matters for a short bit of time, what if I could do this for my future self and all those times I need a boost?

Top of the Head: This is too trivial to worry about!
Eyebrow: I don't want to bother!
Side of the Eye: I'm way too busy!
Under the Eye: This doesn't matter!
Under the Nose: I only use this for a few minutes...
Chin: And there are people with much more difficult and important issues.
Collarbone: Why should I worry about this?
Under the Arm: I'll just make it through as things are.

Top of the Head: Hmmm, I do know that these moments count. 
Eyebrow: They add up to hours and weeks.
Side of the Eye: I do want more kindness in my life.
Under the Eye: I do know that sometimes that lets me spread kindness out.
Under the Nose: Ripples in the Universe!
Chin: I would like to feel more loved. 
Collarbone: What if this might be worth trying?
Under the Arm: What if I could experiment with this small change?

Top of the Head: I don't want to just tolerate my life!
Eyebrow: I do want more joy!
Side of the Eye: What if this isn't insignificant?
Under the Eye: What if this is a baby step to more joy and fulfillment?
Under the Nose: The little things do matter!
Chin: My feelings might matter too!
Collarbone: Maybe I'll try making a small change,
Under the Arm: And notice how that feels.
Top of the Head: A small experiment in self-care and love!

Take a deep breath.

Notice how you feel.

What is one thing you can change that would be a great experiment in baby steps? 

Feel free to hit reply to let us know where you're feeling inspired to make small changes. Is it your morning mug? The pillowcase on your bed? A makeup brush? 

If you feel silly or indulgent, remember that when each of us feels cared for and loved, we have more to share, more ripples to out into the world!

We can't wait to see what you create!

Warm wishes and happy baby steps,


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  • I have nice brushes now too. Huge difference!

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