July 2, 2014 by Cathy Vartuli

Just For A Moment…

Just for a moment… could you let yourself Be?

People are focused on Doing. And with all the pressure to do the right thing, feel the right thing, think the right thing… it’s easy to lose ourselves. People become “shoulds” and “musts,” trying to meet the unvoiced expectations of those around them.

We become actors in a play that no one is actually directing. All fearing the rules and requirements of the mindless mob… when in actuality, what most people crave is for people to be real with them. To be present in this moment, with the person, not the rules.

For just a minute, could you let yourself release all the rules and expectations? Could you be here with me?

Happy Young LadyI want to see you as you are. You are lovable. You are enough. You are an amazing miracle. A unique creation of all the experiences, choices, love, pain, joy and sorrow you’re felt and grown from.

Could you be here with me, knowing that I have no expectations but for mutual kindness and respect? How would your heart feel if you could let all those “shoulds” flutter away in the breeze, and the “musts” melt away in the sun?

Would you take a deep, slow breath with me, and let yourself feel your toes?

Would you let whatever emotion you’re feeling come to the surface? And let tears flow or a smile grow? Whatever is real for you is welcome.

When you are present, even for a moment, you renew your soul. You find your ground. You let your inner compass recalibrate.

When you are present with another human being, when you let yourself be seen and let yourself see what is real, you are both nurtured at a deep, heart-centered level.

It can be hard to let the curtains drop, to let your true self out… Most of us has so much practice hiding and pretending. Let’s tap on being real…

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve been taught to hide and pretend, I find it tiring and I want to be real… to be me, just for this moment.

Even though I keep my walls up, part of me longs to connect… I choose to connect to me, to this moment in time.

Even though I’m nervous about being here with me, I want to feel an authentic moment! Not another plastic one. I choose to love and accept myself, right here and right now, just as I am.

Top of the Head: I’m not even sure what to feel.
Eyebrow: I keep trying to decide with my head.
Side of the Eye: I forget to listen to my heart.
Under the Eye: I forget to let my body speak.
Under the Nose: I choose to take a slow deep breath.
Chin: I allow myself to feel my toes.
Collarbone: I let them wiggle and feel just what they feel right now.
Under the Arm: I let myself come back to now.

Top of the Head: My brain wants to be busy in the future.
Eyebrow: Or fussing with the past.
Side of the Eye: But I choose to notice the temperature of the room on my face and hands.
Under the Eye: I choose to notice how the air feels filling my lungs.
Under the Nose: I choose to notice the colors of the room as the reach my eyes.
Chin: And the texture of my shirt as it caresses my skin.
Collarbone: I let the smells of the room reach my nose.
Under the Arm: And I welcome the feeling of this chair supporting my body.

Top of the Head: I let myself feel what is.
Eyebrow: I let my heart have the emotions it will.
Side of the Eye: I release the need to decide if it’s ok.
Under the Eye: What I feel is real.
Under the Nose: And tears and laughter are welcome here.
Chin: I welcome my experience, whatever it is.
Collarbone: I invite my heart to share with me.
Under the Arm: And in this moment I choose to be real,
Top of the Head: And let my soul renew.

Take a deep breath.

Being present with yourself can change your life. Rick and I focus on releasing old traumas and reprogramming the primitive brain so much because we know how much that blocks being present and real.

If this is something you’d like to be better at, and you like how you feel when you tap on this, (Even if emotions come up), I encourage you to tap through this once or twice a day. Let yourself build your muscles of presence! It gets easier the more you do this.

Rick and I are helping people with Week 2 of Reprogram Your Primitive Brain now, and are loving seeing people’s growth and inspiration. Whether you’re part of that or not, we’re delighted you choose to take the time to read this and incorporate it into your life. You deserve to have presence, authentic joy, and a renewed soul!

Please let us know if this resonated for you! If you got this in an email, just hit reply and share what you liked. If this is in a post, please leave a comment for us. We care, and want to send you the best information at the right time for you!

Warm wishes,

  • I found this very helpful, and had many physiological release responses to it (i.e. yawning). I will be trying it again soon to see what further rounds will reveal. Thank you for sharing this!

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