July 5, 2011 by Cathy Vartuli

Tuning Into Your Inner Courage and Strength

I’ve spent a lot of my life running and doing 3 things at once. It helped distract me from all my emotions. Since I’ve started tapping, I’ve been able to slow down and enjoy life more.

The problem is, if I get too quiet, this strong fear shows up. I’ve been working through that, and I like that I remember to tap on that fear, but sometimes the emotions are intense… and I get so tired of trying so hard and still feeling afraid. — Ana

Tuning Into Your Inner Courage and Strength 1It’s wonderful that you can slow down some and listen at least part of the time. Your primitive brain must have gotten some of the messages you’ve been sending it. It’s learning that you are safe and capable most of the time. Excellent!

Once we start realizing we have power to take care of ourselves, some of the terror and panic leaves our body, and we have more room and energy to focus and heal.

Each time you tap on your fear, you build up that “muscle” of self care, and you teach your body how to release old negative energies.

We do wish there were a faster and easier way to do this. Tapping (for us) is a 100x improvement over the therapies and approaches we knew about 10 or more years ago. But it still can be painful and frightening to face these feelings and issues. We often find that doing Inner Tapping can help soften some of the emotions and give you a more objective perspective.

Can you acknowledge the courage and strong desire for healing that you possess? It’s heart warming and inspiring to hear how you’ve changed your life, even if you’re not all the way there…

How would it feel to tap on that?

Karate Chop: Even though I don’t feel very grounded, and I still hurt sometimes, I appreciate my courage and my strength.

Even though I’m still struggling with some deep emotions, and they make me feel twisted in knots sometimes, I appreciate that I keep reaching for healing.

Even though I don’t know what to do with these emotions, and I didn’t back then either, I honor my courage and determination and ask the Universe to guide me and help me feel loved and safe.

Top of the Head: I am afraid sometimes.
Eyebrow: But I’m trying anyway!
Side of the Eye: I think that’s the definition of courage.
Under the Eye: I hurt…
Under the Nose: And I continue reaching for something better.
Chin: I like that I have that in me.
Collarbone: A part of me is still afraid…
Under the Arm: But I’m making progress.

Top of the Head: I never used to be quiet inside… or out.
Eyebrow: It wasn’t ever safe!
Side of the Eye: But I can be quiet a little now.
Under the Eye: I’m helping myself heal.
Under the Nose: I haven’t given up.
Chin: Even when I’m exhausted.
Collarbone: Can I appreciate that about myself?
Under the Arm: I’m open to feeling surprisingly safe letting that in.

Top of the Head: This has been hard.
Eyebrow: It’s taken all I had.
Side of the Eye: Sometimes more…
Under the Eye: But I kept going.
Under the Nose: I have an inner strength.
Chin: I have a quiet courage.
Collarbone: I like that about me.
Under the Arm: I honor that.
Top of the Head: And ask the Universe to help me reach my heart’s desires.

Take a deep breath.

Tuning Into Your Inner Courage and Strength 2What comes up for you? Does that help part of you relax, just a bit?

You don’t have to do this alone. Having support and encouragement — and people to help you remember to appreciate your courage and strength — can make all the difference. Our Group Coaching Program is a great way to connect with other people on this journey and find encouragement and new insights. We invite you to join today!

Sending warm wishes and appreciation for your courage.

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