The Question: Special Training on Sunday!

The Question for 2015

Wow! I had tears in my eyes seeing your generosity. A bunch of you already signed up for our special training call on Sunday… It’s going to ROCK!! And so many of you donated an extra dollar, or two, or ten, or 25 or more. One person just donated $50. Rick and I both added […]

Are You Delaying, Avoiding, or Putting Off What You WANT To Be Doing?


Rick here… and ever since Carol Look told me she was working on a program to Eliminate Procrastination using EFT Tapping, I’ve been taking a deeper look at how I work… and what is going on inside me when I am *not* doing what I truly WANT to be doing. What are your dreams and […]

Can you transform your 2015 and help other people…

The Question for 2015

Can you transform your 2015 and help other people achieve their dreams at the same time? Would you like to take 2015 to a new level? We hope your 2014 was full of wonder and joy. And Rick and I have been talking about how fast the year passed. We have clients all the time […]

Is it really better to give than to receive?


Do you think it’s better to give than to receive? I share an insight about that, and some tapping in just a minute… First- I wanted to remind you that our Tell Your Story…Find Your Voice program closes tomorrow. If you want to join us on this journey, you need to get your “ticket” before […]

NO ONE Wants to Hear MY Story… Do They?


Do you ever feel like no one wants to hear your story?  Isn’t it weird that some people find it more comfortable to get naked with one another than to explore what lies deeper… in the stories that molded us, in the experiences that have broken us open, and in the questions we’re asking that keep us […]