January 7, 2016 by Cathy Vartuli

What Would Make This Moment Better?

Do you ever wonder if the holidays will leave you flat and disappointed, feeling like you missed out… or alive and full of wonder?

I’ll give you some ways you can add in the Wonder – and some tapping to clear blocks to feeling amazing in a minute.

First, I wanted to let you know that someone pretty magical in her own right — Arielle Ford — has a new book that can add some beautiful insights and deep connection to your life.

She’s doing something really fun! A virtual book tour. You can get free chapters to her book and a fun evening with Arielle.

I invite you to check it out and sign up if it calls to you: http://ArielleFord.com/passion

It’s so easy to be carried along with the crush of events, tasks, and interactions this time of year. And it’s so easy to feel like other people and things control how good we feel.

We forget that while a lot of things aren’t under our control, there are a surprising number of things that are!

So take one event (a party, a dinner, gift wrapping, or checking your email right now…) and tune into it.

Just like we normally look at issues… How much fun and fulfillment are you having right now? From 0 – none, to 10 – ALL the fun! ______

Now take a deep breath and feel your feet on the floor. (Go ahead, I’ll wait! 🙂 )

If you were going to raise your number 2 points, what would have to happen… something that you control?

For example, me winning a million dollars in the lottery right now would certainly raise my number… as would chocolate truffles failing from the sky, or Rick showing up to give me a hug… But I can’t make any of those things happen.

What I can control…
– I could decide to buy a lottery ticket if that would help me enjoy something,
– I could put on some great music,
– I could shift my position in my chair,
– I could put on a great dress and do my hair for dinner tonight,
– I could be present with myself and all my actions,
– I could tune into gratitude for having a computer, a dinner, delicious food, good friends, etc.

There are a lot of little things we can control. What can you do to increase your number 2 points? _________________________________________

Now ask yourself… Will I do this? (Yes/No/Maybe) ___________

If you’re a yes, you rock! Go do it! Then repeat the process and fine tune until your glowing with fun and fulfillment. You’ll be delighted and delightful!

If you’re a no or a maybe, ask yourself why you won’t do something to raise your number and have more fun and fulfillment? _________________________________________

How strong does your block feel (0-10)? _________

Where do you feel this block in your body? _____________

Let’s do some tapping on this!

Karate Chop: Even though I’d really love to make this a “2 points better” time, I feel this block in my _____, and I’m curious what would happen if I released that block.

Socks ~~Even though it feels like something bad would happen if I let that block go… It’s only stuck and stagnant energy from when I was a child. It was smart back then, but uncomfortable now… (Like wearing my socks from when I was 5!), and it’s ok to let this go.

Even though a part of me is scared to release this block, maybe I can handle this now and no one will judge me or put me down… and maybe I can handle it if they do say something silly!

Top of the Head: I’d really like to enjoy this more.
Eyebrow: It’s only 2 points…
Side of the Eye: But part of me feels blocked.
Under the Eye: So I have trouble doing little things to make this better.
Under the Nose: And it’s outdated and tiresome…
 And I’m ready to release it!
Collarbone: I don’t need to wear a 5 year old’s socks…
Under the Arm: And I don’t need to keep her blocks!

Top of the Head: Those blocks were smart as hell back then!
Eyebrow:  She did great!
Side of the Eye: She rocked!!
Under the Eye:
 And it’s ok to update these beliefs.
Under the Nose: I’m allowed to have a good time!
 I don’t need to protect anyone from my good feelings,
Collarbone: (And if they say I do, they need to do some work on themselves!)
Under the Arm: And I won’t lose control, either.

Top of the Head: I do better work when I have fun.
Eyebrow: And I’m a happier person.
Side of the Eye: I invite this block to release.
Under the Eye:
 I’m ready for a 2 point improvement in my life!
Under the Nose: At least for this one event!
 And I’m curious how it feels to allow that good feeling.
Collarbone: Whatever I do,
Under the Arm: I invite my whole being to rejoice,
Top of the Head: And renew with this fun energy!

Take a deep breath.

Notice what you feel. There’s no bad answer. All of it’s good information!

If you’re ready to go 2 points up, celebrate and rock it out!

If not, write down the insights that come up and spend 10 minutes a couple times a day to release what holds you back. Because you deserve a life full of rich, delightful experiences!!

May your New Year be as amazing!! We’re so delighted to have you as part of our community. <3

Cathy and Rick

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