June 15, 2023 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

What Are Your Excuses?

What Are Your Excuses? 1What are your excuses?

– I’m too busy.
– There isn’t enough time.
– It’s too hard.
– I’m not good at these kinds of things.

Most of us have dreams. Things we want to create. And for most of us, those dreams will remain just that… dreams.

The fears, blocks, and procrastination will eat up the moments, hours, and days of your life. In the end, you may have a pile of dusty hopes, “might have been’s”, and “wish I had’s”. I don’t want my life to end up that way. I don’t want your life to end up that way, either.

We constantly stop ourselves from creating what we really care about. And that’s so sad. Because the world needs us to create beauty, love, new possibilities, and wonder.

Some of you are nodding, “yes”.

And many of us will be pulled back into the soup of normal everyday. I can even feel old comfort zones pulling at me while I write this. All the fears come up:

– “they won’t like this”,
– “this is different than I normally write”,
– “who am I to speak about this?”

There isn’t anything wrong. It’s just my primitive brain trying to keep me safe. It’s worried about saber tooth tiger infestations and being trampled by mammoths. But I haven’t seen a saber tooth tiger or a mammoth in months!

Have you? 😉

If you’re pretty confident that your primitive brain is well intentioned.. and a bit overzealous… let’s retrain it so you can move forward with ease and confidence!

Please understand, new things are sometimes scary. Tapping doesn’t make you immune from feeling scared. Tapping just takes away the old, outdated information, so you can deal with the small present day fear instead of the piles of fears from the last decades.

If you’re on-board, pick something you want to create today.

Don’t choose something so big you can’t get started — that’s a classic procrastination game.

We want to teach your primitive brain that it’s safe to move forward. Give it a baby step. If you were teaching a 5 year old to read, you’d give her Good Night Moon, not War and Peace!

– If you’re shy, a baby step might be smiling at 3 new people today.
– If you want to clean up your finances, a baby step could be gathering your bank statements and checkbooks in one place..
– Looking for romance? Decide what on-line site you want to use and get your account. (One of my favorite programs we offer is Creating Connection, which can guide you and give you the confidence to take this step.)
– Want to get more fit? Walk for 10 minutes at work with a friend… or ask your body what would be a Yummy YES for it!

Just get started!

Each day we take a step makes a difference. And those baby steps add up.

If you signed up for Okcupid.com today, and filled in your name tomorrow, and wrote a little bit about yourself the next day, and uploaded your picture the next, you might surprise yourself and have a date next weekend.

I don’t want to look back and see a pile of what might have been. I want to see connections, love, experiences, and adventures. I want to see friends who laughed with me at the mistakes and who helped me clean up the goof-ups. And loved ones who celebrated with me on the wins.

Want more of that in your life? Rick and I invite you to join our awesome group coaching program if you want to connect with amazing people, celebrate and grow with us, and create your dreams.


Let’s do some tapping to get started! (There’s a free EFT Tapping Manual if you need it!)

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve been getting in my own way, and living my dreams seems scary, I’m ready to start living MY life now, and taking that first baby step.

Even though I’ve been letting my primitive brain run the show, I’m ready to show it a new way of being, and help it realize mammoth stampedes are a thing of the past.

Even though it never felt safe to create before… not my REAL dreams… it’s time to start. I want my life to be littered with love, connection, and curiosity, rather than empty stale dreams.

Top of the Head: This is a bit frightening…
Eyebrow: And kind of exciting.
Side of the Eye: I’m ready to take steps today.
Under the Eye: Each baby step adds up.
Under the Nose: And who knows what I’ll end up creating?
Chin: I can get support.
Collarbone: I can tap.
Under the Arm: And I get to start living my life now.

Top of the Head: I’m tired of waiting.
Eyebrow: I don’t have to do it all at once.
Side of the Eye: In fact, rushing can get in the way.
Under the Eye: I’m taking steps…
Under the Nose: And building my muscles…
Chin: So I can have the life I want.
Collarbone: I can train my primitive brain…
Under the Arm: And have it help me.

Top of the Head: I do get scared.
Eyebrow: And that’s ok.
Side of the Eye: I can still take a small step forward.
Under the Eye: Each time I do…
Under the Nose: I get stronger.
Chin: I learn that it isn’t so bad.
Collarbone: I get to celebrate.
Under the Arm: And learn.
Top of the Head: And create again tomorrow!

Take a deep breath.

We hope you’ll join us in creating today. What do you want to look back on?! Share on our Thriving Now Facebook page, or post comments at the bottom of this article on Thrivingnow.com.

  • Danielle/team member says:

    It’s amazing. I think I do take a lot of baby steps…. But change course just before a big step presents itself. Kind of like busy work. Hmmmmm..
    Also, I like to wait for everything to be perfectly in place and aligned before taking a risk. This was NOT the case in my 20’s and thirties… Hmmmmm…
    This provoked about of thought. Will be tapping on this later..
    And BTW, do you believe online dating works? I guess we could vibrate people for us through any vehicle .. Hmmm

    • It’s common for people to pull away just before the payoff- you might check to see what fears are hidden there!

      Online dating has worked great for me- it’s a wonderful way to shine your light in a bright way and attract people. Why not make it easy for the Universe to send you what you want?! 😉


  • My babystep for today — Finally sort out that packed kitchen drawer that bugs me everytime I open it (and that’s many times a day).  I’ve been procrastinating on it all month.  Thanks for the tapping script!

      • Thanks for the encouragement!  Turns out it wasn’t such a babystep — took a lot longer than I thought, but it’s done!  I found myself stuck a few times, and finally was able to get rid of a lot of it that we weren’t using.

        • Yeah!! How does it feel to be done? Can you celebrate and help your system know it’s wonderful to make steps like this? Nice job!


          • It feels great to be done.  When you said to help my system know it’s wonderful to make steps like this, were you talking in an eft way, or just celebrate in general? 

            • I like to celebrate with tapping and in general. Life is short- Celebrate! 🙂


  • Danielle/team member says:

    How do you know if your pulling away before the big pay off? I think I do this…Or have done it anyway. How do you know if it’s time to move on, or your pulling out before the big payoff?

    • It is hard to tell sometimes- you might ask a trusted friend or family member if they see you pulling back at the last minute. You might also look at your history and see if you see a pattern like that. Some people sabotage themselves by doing most of the work and getting distracted “at the last minute” and letting things fall apart. Does that seem like something you do?


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