Breaking Out of Your Shell

Transform Shy and Socially Awkward into Authentic Connection

You know you WANT connection, love, warmth, and laughter… But you’re not quite sure how to create it.

Embracing life and your loved ones is one of our basic needs. Most of us think we know how… yet we don’t have the fulfilled, loved feeling we want. We feel empty and anxious beneath the surface.

Most of us learned to hide inside a shell. It protected us when we were little. It saved us from judgment and shame and rejection. It was the best we knew how to do as children. But it’s not the best we can do NOW! That shell isolates us from connection now. It blocks our authentic being from shining through and attracting the very people we want to share our love with.

Breaking Out Of Your Shell 1

We can educate ourselves and take our connection and love to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you want to connect with friends, romantic partners, family, or find someone new… breaking out of your shell can bring a new level of vitality and deep warmth to your life.

Do you want another year to pass you by without the love
and quiet connection you’ve been longing for?

Join us for 3 core coaching and tapping sessions (with additional bonuses) on Breaking Out of Your Shell... where we address strategies, tools, and new perspectives to let you break out and start a new way of engaging with people you love in a safe, empowered way. You can allow affection. You can feel safe, and you can start doing that now!

Core Coaching and Tapping Sessions:

Why Would Anyone Want Me? Feeling undesirable blocks connection. We’ll teach you a quick and powerful change in perspective that can turn this on its head…

Having A Powerful No. No matter what you were taught, you CAN open up and STILL have boundaries. And surprisingly, this can help you get and give affection in delightful ways.

Handling Rejection. Addressing this fear and learning how to hear “No” in a new way can make it easier to reach out. Changing this aspect can increase your circle of love in radical ways.

Bonus Sessions:

Practical Steps and Exercises. This bonus audio will show you how to use these concepts in your life so you can begin making the changes you’ve been longing for… for too long! Small changes to your belief system and energy can your whole approach.

Fear of Intimacy. What stops you from allowing a SAFE person to get a bit closer to you, to know more about who you are and what’s going on inside you? Is it fear of judgement? Of being seen? Are you afraid they might use what they learn against you? Clear those blocks and let yourself feel the warmth and connection of true intimacy!

Awkward is Okay! So many of us believe that if we’re awkward, it’s Not Good. Yet, awkward is where we all start when we’re learning a new skill. And awkward is something even the experts feel at times! Here is how you can embrace the awkward...

If you’re ready to create new connections and deepen the ones you have...

...listen and tap along with these powerful sessions. 

Cathy Vartuli, Reid Mihalko, and Rick Wilkes guide you towards the love and warmth you want for your life.

Breaking Out Of Your Shell 2

All of our programs have a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t delighted and encouraged by your progress and insights, just let us know within 60 days of purchase, and we’ll gladly refund every penny of your purchase.

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People Are Talking About…
Breaking Out Of Your Shell

Wow ………….. I FINALLY got around to listening to session #1 of Breaking out of your shell. Thank you!!! I think I should listen more than once, and I can’t wait for the other calls, as well. The kicker is … I have been a personal growth junkie for 23 years!! and I still really needed this.
As I reemerge and am finally ready to shed my patterns of isolation and people rejecting me, this teleconference is exactly what I need. Thank you. –Laura

I just took part in the “Breaking Out of Your Shell’ series and things are changing pretty fast! I feel so relaxed and peaceful when I’m around other people, a feeling I never had before! Everyone I meet looks sooo nice. I now attract people who are kind and loving. It still feels strange, but hey, I’m happy.
I feel love and appreciation for everyone I meet, even for the people I had conflicts with. Why bother if they don’t like me. I like myself, well that’s the most important thing.
I now have something they can never take away from me. My own truth, I’m worthy and valuable just like anyone else. I’m a light, I’m love, I’m good. Thank you! I feel so blessed!
My life is changing now. Negativity just leaves. And yes, new conflicts are coming up, now that I know how to stand up for myself, but I’m proud of myself and of my achievements. Life is getting better more and more every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re doing incredible work!! Many blessings, Tania, Belgium

Wow this session hit on so many topics for me. I’m feeling peaceful now that I tapped a bunch and had some tea, but during i was so uncomfortable that I noticed I was hugging my knees to my chest with my hands clenched tight. Tap, tap, tap. My boyfriend teases me and calls it my egg position, so it’s kinda funny when Reid makes analogies about breaking out of your shell. It really is true!
I’m also a little overwhelmed but this is a good overwhelm (never thought I’d say that) because rejection WAS such a heavy, black, frozen topic for me. I can feel it melting and i can see a little light too. I’m still processing all the info but I wanted to say thank you so much for providing these calls. They mean a lot to me and this one especially answered so many of my questions and transformed a lot of walls into doors. Thanks so much, Gina

I used to feel terrible, ashamed and guilty about everything I was feeling. I felt I was making everything up. Now I know that all my feelings DO exist, that there are reasons for them and that I have the right to feel them and honor them. That gives me a sense of peace with myself.
My life is changing so much and much more rapidly that I ever thought possible. –Dayan

Breaking out of my shell seemed intriguing, but the title of the three recordings made me hesitate – they each triggered some anxiety in me. It turned out I had no reason to worry: I felt safe in the hands of Rick and Cathy and enjoyed the dynamic of Reid. I learned a lot on how to operationalize the different concepts, released some issues with the tapping and am still using the tools to break further out of my shell – enjoying the process at the same time! –Simone, Sweden

Please know we're here to support you as you go on this journey of breaking out of your shell... if that's your YES! We hope you'll join us.

Breaking Out Of Your Shell 3

Warm Wishes,
Rick & Cathy

P.S. If you’re nervous and even scared about taking this step… You’re probably the person who needs this the most! And we're excited for what this can bring to your life. We invite you to give yourself this gift! Get Breaking Out of Your Shell Here

  • Hello, what are the dates/times of these calls? And will the teleclasses be recorded if I can’t make it? 
    Thanks for your time, Katie

  • Okay…sorry, just found the info I asked about! Thanks, Katie

  • Hi, sorry but I can’t find the dates/times anywhere. Can someone tell me? And will the classes be recorded?
    Thanks! Mariek

    • Sorry, found it too! Just above the red add to cart button!

  • Calls are recorded in case you can’t make it, and the dates and times are Oct 25, Nov 1, and Nov 8 at 8:30pm EDT. Hope you can make it!

  • Will we be able to download the calls or just listen to them?

  • The recordings will be availible for download for people participating in the series.

  • Devayaari says:

    How long is each teleclass?

  • Each Teleclass is an hour long. Hope to see you there!

  • I’m on the west coast so the teleclasses are at 5:30. I have a class I cannot miss every Tuesday. I see that they are recorded, but it does not say when they are available to listen to. Will they be available anytime or specific times? I have an incredibly busy schedule so I just want to make sure before I make the purchase. Thank you! :o) 

    • The calls will be posted by Friday morning following each call. Hope to see you there!

  • I’d love to attend, but being a disabled veteran, funds are really tight.  But, I still forge ahead.

    Thank you for what you are doing.  We need it.

    Ron Cole

  • Tatjana Dobnikar says:

    I can not join today’s teleclass, how can I get it then later?

    • The call recording will be posted by Friday morning.

      Just come back to this page and you will be able to download the call.
      Feel free to post a question if you have it, here. We’ll do our best to get to it.

      Warm wishes


  • wishing you the least bit of rejection and just the right healthy amount… your taps r always excellent…. low money but moreso low on energy but I do your taps and even have some issues down to a ONE!!!! all the best to you both and other EFTers!!!

  • thanks for all u r sending i live in israel cant follow the teleclass because it shard for me  whith the language translating simultaneuse .
    even though thanks very much for the e.f.t. u send which is easier in reading and practicing.
    thanks again

  • This series has already begun…is there a way to hear the first tuesday session after the fact?

    • There sure is! The recordings are availible now. Hope you’ll join us!



  • Just purchased this 3 call class but am not
    clear on how to access the first recording that
    took place Oct 25. Are there instructions available?

    • Congratulations! We’re delighted to have you with us. You should have received an EMAIL with the link to the download page and call schedule. Could you check spam and see if it is there, and unspam if it is? If you did not receive it, email us at and we’ll resend it.

  • Is it possible to purchase just one of the calls? Only one of them seems to fit me.

    • We’re not currently offering that as an option… mainly because the way we’ve presented each of the calls, they interact and interweave with one another. Which call in particular felt like a match to you, and what made the others seem like “not so much” ?

      • I am interested in Fear of Intimacy,  I know that is one of my issues. I don’t feel I have a problem with saying no.

        • Perhaps then private sessions with a professional coach would be best for you, so you can delve deeply into the precise issues of safety, expectations, beliefs, rules, and past trauma that contribute to your fear. Do you have a sense of what those are?

          In this call series, it isn’t just about saying NO and hearing NO. It is about also knowing your YES, so you can and do say YES in a way that feels safe and empowering. People who feel safe and confident saying NO also demonstrate saying YES and enjoying the kind of dynamic, delicious co-creation that is deeply intimate.

  • I thought that the first call was really very good. What has spoiled the experience for me is the closer look at Reids personal webpage. Im not against Sex at all but part of what is presented on the webpage has made me sad…sex sells once again. 

    • Reid is a professional (and highly regarded) sex educator. He teaches workshops around the country for people to learn to feel comfortable in their body, and to enjoy their sexuality in a way that has integrity and pleasure… within the relationship model of their choice. 

      And sure, sex sells. And gasoline sells. And beer sells. And cars sell. And big screen TVs sell. And cupcakes sell, don’t they? 

      Sex is an integral part of the human condition. And it’s also an area where there is tremendous suffering, inflicted shame, confusion, abuse, and pain. Knowing Reid as I do now, I see how he joins Cathy and I in helping people re-connect with their sexuality in a healthy and balanced way. 

      While his clients cut across the sexual spectrum (gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, etc.), I deeply appreciate how honorable and humble and playfully Reid approaches what are for many excruciatingly uncomfortable subjects.

      In this call series, we’re focused on basic issues: feeling worthy, having a safe and powerful NO, and making rejection work FOR you rather than against you. So our conversation is PG-13 so to speak in this series. 

      I know that not everyone is our cup o’ tea, though. It’s why we offer the 30-day money back guarantee. [smile]

      Does this help?


  • “Wow! I have listened to most of the call. And it is totally awesome! I am so happy that I invested in myself with this series. My budget has been very tight, I am working on it, it wasn’t an easy decision but I feel so internally happy that my “inner guidance” was trustworthy. Thank you Rick and Cathy (and Reid) this has already been something truly wonderful!!!” -Terri

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