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Transforming Your Energy 2013, Part 3

In part 3 of this series, we’ll take something you are doing that isn’t Who You Want To Be… and transform that energy into congruent action. (If you missed part 1 and part 2, you can find them on 

Transforming Into More of Who You Want to BE

by Rick Wilkes

bigstock-Young-girl-excited-that-she-ha-18059309Consider for a moment who you want to BE. Not what you want to HAVE. Or what you want to DO. Focus on the “being” part of your time here as a human BEING.

And I’d like you to ignore for a moment states of being like wealthy (which describes what you have), or successful or athletic (which describes what you do). Also ignore descriptive words like thinner or sexier… which describe how you might like to be physically.

I’d like you to tune to an inner experience of being… that you want more of in your life.

And if you came up with “happy” or “peaceful” that’s great… and I’m going to ask you to explore for another state of being that feels more juicy and alive for you. Happy and Peaceful have become generic, umbrella terms. How about… eager, engaged, focused, mindful, tender, expressive, serene, playful, curious, delighted, grateful, affectionate, accepting, flowing…

I want to feel more _____________ in my body and mind.

Great! For me right now, I want to feel more eager. I even put a card with “Eager” up on my wall above my desk.

Identifying Blocks

But you know, reminders are not always enough. Sometimes, we have a block… a belief or a relationship that constrains even our INNER experience of BEING. (I can be eager without it necessarily making it look like I am chomping at the bit and can’t sit still.) So…

I can’t be more ________ because:

a) __________________________ (belief you have)

b) ______ (person) wouldn’t like it or feel comfortable with it.

It is highly likely that if you WANT to be more ____ and are not, you have a block. Why do I assume that? Personal and professional experience. I love being curious… and I don’t feel the need to be MORE curious… I’m pretty much curious as a daily experience.

To be eager, though, means “I’ll be too much or make mistakes.” And I’d complete part (b) as “MOST PEOPLE won’t feel comfortable with my eagerness.”

It feels silly to write these. Logically, I know them to be false. And yeah, I do have some specific people from my past who frowned on too much eagerness. (I’ve done inner tapping around those specific events.) But silly or absolutely true, blocking energy puts a CAP on our emotional expression. Tapping can help loosen the cap… and then remove it completely so you feel FREE TO BE who you want to BE.


Let’s do some tapping! (Learn about EFT Tapping here:

Karate chop: Even though I have this belief that I can’t be more of what I want, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I am convinced people won’t be happy or comfortable if I am more of who I want to BE… I choose to BE that… anyway.

Even though it hasn’t been natural for me to BE this way, I am open to finding it surprisingly EASY to feel more of this in my body and mind.

Top of the Head: I want to BE more!
Eyebrow: I want this experience.
Side of the Eye: I deserve this experience.
Under the Eye: No I don’t.
Under the Nose: Oh YES… I do.
Chin: I want to feel more ____.
Collarbone: I give myself permission to feel _____.
Under the Arm: It would be good for me.

Top of the Head: It would energize my life.
Eyebrow: It would bring good juice to my body.
Side of the Eye: It would empower me in new ways.
Under the Eye: I am choosing to feel more ____ NOW.
Under the Nose: And tomorrow.
Chin: For this year.
Collarbone: Always and all ways.
Under the Arm: I’ve decided to nourish myself with more ____.

Top of the Head: I don’t always feel ____.
Eyebrow: That’s okay.
Side of the Eye: I’m learning to accept myself…
Under the Eye: And all my feelings.
Under the Nose: That feels right.
Chin: I ask my mind to explore ways to feel more ____.
Collarbone: Easily.
Under the Arm: Right here.
Top of the Head: Right NOW.

Take a deep breath.

Tapping can bring up feelings… both the ones we are seeking more of, and those that block us (and don’t feel so great). Honoring the blocks and our reasons for keeping a cap on our emotions is a part of reclaiming our freedom.

Know that you are not alone in this. You join all of us who are actively seeking to BE inside that which is nourishing to our heart and pleasurable to our body-mind. Cathy and I thank you for being part of our tribe of like-minded people. If there is anything we can do to help and support you, please let us know. We can be reached at

Warm smiles,

Rick & Cathy

P.S. If you would delight in some personal attention, we are available for private sessions and we also have an awesome group that right now has room for YOU to join us.



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