July 3, 2011 by Cathy Vartuli

Transforming Exercise from Impossible to Fun!

Hate ExerciseExercise is something many of us think of as something we have to do but would rather not, sort of like visiting the dentist.

What if moving and being active could be fun? What if it could be a part of your life that you look forward to rather than avoid like the plague? (Even if you already exercise, it can be fun to make it even more enjoyable and engaging.)

Yes, we know it sounds impossible. But with Tapping and some insights, we often make the impossible… surprisingly easy!

One of the blocks to exercise is the big smelly SHOULD that gets in the way.

How many of you enjoyed gym class? We HAD to go to PE. We should have been able to climb the ropes but perhaps couldn’t… with that teacher yelling at us to “put some effort in it,” the other kids laughing… it wasn’t a good beginning!

And then as we grew up, society told us we should jog, we should be aerobically fit, we should push through the pain.

Just thinking about that – how does your body feel? Eager to get moving… or stressed and tight and wanting to hide?

As soon as we HAVE TO do something, when we are not given a choice, most anything stops being fun.

Let’s take something most of us like doing. Eating!

Imagine you’re digging into your favorite food. No consequences, no guilt… just enjoying the food. Do your muscles feel relaxed? Do you feel warm and tuned in?

Now imagine that you are told you HAVE TO eat the same food… or else! Suck it up and FORCE yourself. How yummy is it now?

We can strip away the SHOULD’s and tune into the joy of moving our bodies. We may need to take some baby steps and practice having fun, but our bodies are designed to move. Once we get past the blocks, movement of all kinds can be a delightful way to connect to your body and enhance your health and well-being.

Let’s do some tapping to open up some possibilities and move towards a better relationship with your body.

Karate Chop: Even though I REALLY hate exercise, I’m open to finding a new way.

Even though I HATE exercise, and it makes me feel terrible… maybe it’s all the SHOULD’s that make me feel bad… and not the movement.

Even though I’ve always hated exercise, it might be fun to learn to play and move my body.

Top of the Head: I HATE exercise.
Eyebrow: I have to force myself to do it.
Side of the Eye: My muscles get tight.
Under the Eye: I feel resistance though my whole body.
Under the Nose: My mind is trying to drive my body.
Chin: And the conflict is really painful.
Collarbone: No wonder I avoid exercise.
Under the Arm: No wonder it isn’t fun!

Top of the Head: What if I could listen to my body?
Eyebrow: What if I could allow it to move in ways it wants?
Side of the Eye: If I kept the SHOULD’s out of this…
Under the Eye: It might be a lot easier!
Under the Nose: It might even feel good.
Chin: What if I took a baby step…
Collarbone: And moved for 2 minutes?
Under the Arm: I don’t even need to call it exercise!

Top of the Head: What if I let my body guide me?
Eyebrow: What if I let it be fun?
Side of the Eye: Movement can help in lots of ways.
Under the Eye: What if I can relax and enjoy it?
Under the Nose: How would that feel?
Chin: I’m ready to release these SHOULD’s…
Collarbone: And connect more deeply with my body.
Under the Arm: I ask the Universe to help this be fun,
Top of the Head: and even surprisingly easy!

Take a deep breath.

If you think about allowing some movement, how do you feel? What comes up?

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  • Love the post and tap-along.

    My challenge is actually getting ON to the exercise bicycle, or just driving to the gym. Once I’m there I love the exercise. I find so many reasons not to start. When I’ve made the start, I love being there.

    • So what you’d want to do is stop and notice where the feelings of resistance are in your body as you consider getting ON the bicycle, or getting in the car to drive to the gym. That physio-emotional resistance is what you want to tap on…

      Do you feel like you HAVE to or SHOULD exercise? Is that part of it? If so, I’d be curious about how you feel after tapping with this:

      NO! You Can’t Make Me!



  • i love that you send us some free stuff, this tapping on exercise is great ! merci !! have a great week and be well , Louise

  • Thank you,this is generous of you; posting those rounds of tapping for free

    • You’re welcome! We LOVE free… indeed, most of the coaches and books and products we’ve been happiest paying allowed us to sample their work (and energy) with an abundance of free material. We’re grateful the internet makes it possible to do that today. Thanks for stopping by. -Rick & Cathy

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