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The Energy for Optimal Health – Radio Interview

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Dr. Carol Look interviewed emotional freedom coach Rick Wilkes of Thriving Now on VoiceAmerica Radio on October 17, 2005. The subject was The Energy for Optimal Health. Listen to the show using the audio controls above, or click the MP3 link to download the recording to listen on your portable MP3 player.

Key points from the interview:

Starting at 00:00

  • Thoughts create palpable disruptions in the body
  • Trauma and stress are stored in the body, too
  • Physioemotional pain
  • The thoughts that change pain into suffering
  • Can we use the energy of pain to help transform our health?
  • Remembering means to re-create it in our body, in the emotions, biochemistry, hormones, and nervous system
  • We can use either an emotion or a physical sensation as a doorway into the energy system
  • Combining EFT with massage makes the process easier for both the client and the practitioners
  • The proof of EFT for me was using it for myself and feeling the self-soothing… and having it last

Starting at 11:45

  • Physical resistance: How resistance shows up when we go to a healthcare practitioners, and until that resistance is released, deep healing seldom occurs and interventions that could otherwise be helpful can have a painful effect
  • Western science sometimes rules out all the “known causes” while the person still feels pain. That is the time to ask, “Is there an emotion there?”
  • Emotional components of the pain can stick around causing physical distress to “remind us” until we heal at the core level
  • When we try to aggressively treat symptoms without addressing the resistant core energies, there can be a painful rebound effect
  • EFT can be nicely combined with other approaches including western medicine, naturopathy, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, meditation, prayer… you name it… to bring deeper relief.
  • There is no real separation between physical and emotional pain
  • The journey to financial abundance goes through all the issues of health and wellness, too
  • Youth has a vibration… even at 70+!
  • Features of Thriving Now include a wealth of articles and audios so people can get a sense of whether EFT is right for them personally and whether Rick is the right emotional freedom coach, along with a cost effect EFT Coaching program call the Thriving Now Team.
  • EFT is honest

Starting at 23:20

  • Pain thresholds: how loudly does your body need to scream at you before you will listen?
  • EFT can help us gain permission
  • Ignoring the pain signals from our body has significant repercussions
  • When we drive ourselves all day long, sometimes a single night’s sleep is not enough—and the body will take the rest it needs… one way or another… even in the form of disease.
  • Olivia: “I can’t really slow down right now”
  • EFT coaches act as a mirror, helping us to see the doorways into our energy system more clearly
  • Not everyone will experience quick success; not everyone’s journey to optimal health is as quick as a trip to the nearest 7-Eleven. And that is okay!
  • If you are MAD at your body…
  • EFT can help to take the edge off

Starting at 35:43

  • Transforming Pain: Pain comes with the energy to move us out of our comfort zones
  • Dark night of the soul
  • Pain gave me permission to meditate and change my lifestyle
  • If you feel tense in your body and your emotions are discordant, EFT can be used on all those different aspects
  • Worry and fear flood the body with chemicals that cause disease
  • Go from fight/flight/freeze with EFT to rest & digest
  • From FEAR to SAFETY to Calm and Confident… no matter what!
  • Not staying “down” for so long…
  • Differences between the mechanics and art of EFT
  • EFT makes us more resilient
  • EFT as the primary tool for emotional self-care
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