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Unresolved traumas are not just experiences from “your past” … these are energies still active in your current vibration.

Trauma affects each of us, whether we know it or not. It is not just war and abuse as many of us have been lead to believe. Trauma is what happens when we are placed in a situation where we feel helpless and disempowered. To a child this may be something as “small” as being laughed at when she sings or being yelled at for losing his lunch money.

Unresolved traumas are stored in our energy system, our body, and our brain. They re-create fears and blocks and misunderstandings even decades after the event. When we tap and release the traumas, we can find ourselves moving forward with freedom and energy. Old triggers disappear, and we become more curious and open. We allow abundance of all kinds… financial, romantic, creative, and more.

Where to begin…

Trauma and the Primitive Brain – Video Presentation
Explains how trauma, especially the freeze response, affects our brain and our behaviors now.

Inner Tapping – Video Presentation
Explains how to use Energy Tapping (EFT) to discharge trauma that is stored in the body-mind.

Learn Energy Tapping – Quick Start Guide
Energy Tapping has been shown to be highly effective in permanently releasing the emotional charge from past events including traumas.

Fight, Flight, or FREEZE – Article
Explains the three responses of the primitive brain and how important it is to discharge frozen traumas.

Dr. Scaer on Trauma – Audio Interview
Neurologist Robert Scaer, MD, discusses the effects of trauma on the body-mind, and how unresolved trauma is so often found at the root of chronic pain, illness, and addictions.

Products and services to take you further…

Clearing Childhood Trauma – E-Book
Learn more about childhood trauma relief with examples of using inner tapping on two different negative childhood experiences.

Trauma Relief WorkshopTrauma Relief Workshop
Release Your Traumas and Change Your Life with EFT and Trauma experts Carol Look, Rick Wilkes, and Sue Beer. Learn from 3 tapping and trauma experts how to release trauma from your body, mind, and spirit with 14 pre-recorded workshop sessions.

Thriving Now Team – Group Coaching Program
Designed to be a circle of safe, effective support for those learning how to release the energy still held in old traumas… and who dream of living a thriving life.

Review the Trauma Relief Index for these and other trauma relief resources, products, and services…

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