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Are You Delaying, Avoiding, or Putting Off What You WANT To Be Doing?

Are You Delaying, Avoiding, or Putting Off What You WANT To Be Doing? 1Rick here… and ever since Carol Look told me she was working on a program to Eliminate Procrastination using EFT Tapping, I’ve been taking a deeper look at how I work… and what is going on inside me when I am *not* doing what I truly WANT to be doing.

What are your dreams and intentions?

I WANT to share my heart in words and deeds.
I WANT to be bold, eager, and engaged with clients and friends.
I WANT a circle of awesome people in my life who also want to heal, grow, and live with confidence.
I WANT to explore the edges of emotional freedom, love, and relationships.
I WANT to express myself authentically.
I WANT to co-create with safety, respect, playfulness, and curiosity.
I WANT intimacy that is deep and mutually nourishing.

How about you? What is it that you WANT in your core, that you WANT so much that you’re terrified that if you go for it and fail the disappointment will crush you?

Fear of failure IS one of 4 specific types of procrastination. And it is also a type that responds amazing well to Tapping. So do the other 3 types of procrastination that EFT Master and dear friend of mine, Carol Look, covers in Eliminate Procrastination using EFT Tapping.

Carol has been a fundamental catalyst for change in my life. She invited me to co-create programs with her on Clutter, Overwhelm, and Pain Relief. These programs have had a life-changing effect on thousands of people. I’m honored to have partnered with her.

But there’s more than that.

You see, I don’t have clutter stress in my life anymore! I virtually never consider myself overwhelmed–a feeling I used to have all the time. When I am in pain (and who isn’t from time to time?), I feel empowered now rather than… despairing.

There’s a DIRECTNESS to Carol’s energy around challenging emotional subjects that cuts through the haze and clears the noise.

I am confident that Carol’s program to Eliminate Procrastination is going to take care of any residual feelings and blocks I have to being FREE to engage and co-create what I want in life… so I’ve started working through the audios in her program myself. I already feel even MORE positive energy for clear, decisive action within me.

If you still have any level of painful procrastination in your life right now, here is my recommendation:

Purchase her program AND join together with Cathy and me and our awesome group as we powerfully support each other in co-creating a truly thriving life:

Hey, just thinking about this makes me so excited… and it feels even better not to procrastinate getting started until New Years Day arrives! <smile>

Originally published December 2012.

  • Joohi Bansal says:

    As the earth is moving into the fourth dimension; all this knowledge is like God sent Grace!

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