March 29, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

Rediscovering Your Inner Spirit

It’s easy to give up in the face of difficulty. True spirit is when you keep going until you find what you’ve been searching for.

Rediscovering Your Inner Spirit

bigstock-The-Goddess-48698711We often focus on problems when we tap. Most people want to tune into what isn’t working and fix it. The people who read these email are determined, strong, and ready to make changes. We love that about you.

Can we take a minute to appreciate you?

Rick and I love the courage and spirit you bring. It’s easy to lose sight of how brave you are, how hard you work, and how much you do. Just like a fish in water… After awhile, it becomes normal. You’re used to it, so it doesn’t seem special.

Yet, it’s that spirit that got you HERE… That is one of the things we appreciate about you the most. That quiet determination to make a difference. The willingness to try one more time… and then once more.

Giving up can seem easier, simpler. And yet some part of you REFUSES to give up, no matter what. That flame that burns inside… it’s the key to all that is beautiful and wonderful.

Recognizing that part can give you back something really powerful and special… It can give you back You.

We’ve been talking a lot about the primitive brain this month. That core part of us is often suppressed, blamed, trampled, and whole schools of thought revolve around eradicating it. They call it the Ego… they call it selfish. Yet, it is one of the greatest strengths we have. That part of us is determined to keep going. It’s core focus is survival… never giving up.

When we combine our primitive brain with our heart, our body, our passion, and our beautiful conscious mind… our spirit can burn strong and bright. Our primitive brain is part of our spirit.

Take a moment with me, and allow yourself to feel that spirit burning inside of you. It may be a quiet, solitary flame right now, or a bonfire ready to overturn old outdated beliefs. It doesn’t matter…put your hand on your heart and let yourself feel that warmth inside.

Take a deep breath and send love to that part of you that never goes out.

Notice how special you are that you have this beautiful fire to light the way and guide you.

Invite that spirit to warm you. To gently burn away the things that bind you to that which is no longer useful. And let that flame play in the joy of live and discovery.

Being present with your spirit can transform your world. It’s quite simply why Rick and I focus on the primitive brain. As long as that part of you is locked away, shamed and ridiculed, your spirit will limp along… but never soar. As long as that part of you is constrained and pushed to the sidelines, you will never have your full power.

Let’s do some tapping together

Karate Chop: Even though I was taught to hide my power… and squelch my flame, I choose to connect with that part of me again.

Even though I thought I was ordinary and bland… I really have a beautiful spirit inside… and I choose to let her out to play!

Even though that spirit has been hidden under lots of fears and shame… I send her love and warm appreciation, and I remember all the times she’s helped me through.

Top of the Head: I’ve never given up…
Eyebrow: Not really.
Side of the Eye: Here I am…
Under the Eye: After all I’ve been through…
Under the Nose: And I’m still kicking.
Chin: I’m still trying.
Collarbone: I may have tried a lot of different paths…
Under the Arm: But I never gave up looking.

Top of the Head: Even though its been hard…
Eyebrow: And I wasn’t sure what to do next…
Side of the Eye: That bright spark inside me…
Under the Eye: Kept drawing me forward.
Under the Nose: Kept lighting my way.
Chin: I send love to that part of me.
Collarbone: She is so beautiful.
Under the Arm: So precious and unique.

Top of the Head: Maybe I can love me.
Eyebrow: Especially when I tune into my spirit.
Side of the Eye: She’s never given up.
Under the Eye: Never stopped burning.
Under the Nose: I let that flame warm me now.
Chin: As I send gratitude and awe.
Collarbone: I invite the Universe to dance with me…
Under the Arm: And my spirit…
Top of the Head: As we transform into magic.

Take a deep breath.

You can do this in baby steps… That’s fine. Even a little appreciation and delight can start you on your way. Allow yourself to be present with the wonder that is you. And let the Universe come to attention as you let that flame burn bright.

If you are drawn to join us in Reprogram Your Primitive Brain, you can do so here:

Whether you join us or not… let your flame burn bright.


  • I read the beginning of this e-mail after a lovely Saturday, coming home. Suddenly, I started feeling quite uncomfortable. Then, I saw the tapping, I immediately started and the tears started flowing when I read the sentence: Here I am after all I have been through… Within a matter of minutes, I felt something within me ‘flowing’ again, and then I read about the opportunity to still join up with the workshop. I did and now I am eager to see what will happen!

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