Reprogram Your Primitive Brain

Take The Parking Brake Off Your Life,
Get Out of Your Own Way, and
Create Experiences You Love

It really is possible. We have people ask us all the time
how stop procrastinating and start living a thriving life…

Yet, even when they have a clue, most people struggle through their day, fighting to get themselves in gear. They WANT to move forward, but they literally feel like the brakes are on. It takes SO much effort and energy to move forward.

Hi! We’re Cathy Vartuli and Rick Wilkes from Thriving Now, and we know what that feels like. 

In the past, sometimes the simplest task would take hours or days instead of the 5 minutes it should have taken. And we questioned if we were moving in the right direction all the time. We could feel the energy drain out of us whenever we thought about working on that project.

Reprogram Your Primitive Brain 1

Cathy’s Experience... 

For example, for years I tried shaming and blaming myself. I tried accountability, willpower, deadlines, and plans… but nothing worked long term.

Sometimes I’d make some progress, but it felt like I was trudging through mud… and in the end, I often decided it wasn’t worth it, or that I didn’t get to have it. Or I’d scramble to get it done last minute, knowing it wasn’t my best work, and wondering what was wrong with me. Over the years my self-esteem dropped even further, and I lost confidence in myself and my ability to have the life I wanted.

Then we found the secret. We knew that EFT Tapping was powerful and effective. And we used it in our work. But we wanted to find a way to apply this energy technology in a way that really amplified the process. When we met, Rick was already a talented body worker and energy healer, and when we combined that with my PhD research skills and intense curiosity, and new discoveries in brain science, we uncovered a new doorway to faster, more effective recovery and resilience.

Through the years we’ve been on a path that helped us understand that there wasn’t anything wrong with us… or with you.

We learned that once you change one thing… suddenly new doors open up, and all kinds of possibilities appear.

 It doesn’t matter if you want success in finance, health, romance, or business. When you change this one thing (we’ll tell you more in just a minute), you take that parking brake off and it becomes infinitely easier to have what you see others getting.

AND we’ve added in a whole new segment– To guide you to discovering your purpose, your alignment, and your calling. It’s a surprisingly deep but fun process!

First, it’s important to know that none of this is your fault! The struggle and pain you’ve been through isn’t because you’re bad or don’t deserve abundance.

The reason you’ve been struggling is because a part of your brain has been fighting you.

There is a part of the brain, called the Primitive Brain, that focuses on survival. Its main purpose is to protect you. This part of your brain has first dibs on all your resources. Your primitive brain will flood you with adrenaline and other chemicals to let you run faster than you ever thought possible to escape a bear. It can give you the strength and courage to fight a mugger or pull a car off a small child.

Your primitive brain wants you to be able to escape physical threats, have enough to eat, and have a tribe to belong to. It wants you to be loved.

And your primitive brain wants to avoid the pain of rejections, disappointment, and failure… Even when that means hiding your heart’s desires from you. It would rather leave you adrift than let you identify a goal that it thinks will only bring you pain.

Your primitive brain evolved at a time when there weren’t police officers, hospitals, or fire fighters, at a time when there were lots of things that would gladly eat us for dinner. 

The primitive part of your brain cares very deeply about keeping you safe, and it will do ANYTHING it can to protect you.

The problem is, the primitive brain can get stuck. If something happens that scares you, your primitive brain can record the incident as “Bad, Bad, Bad!”

Ideally, once the threat was over, your thinking or cognitive brain would help your primitive brain sort it all out, and you’d only want to avoid things that were truly threatening and dangerous. For example, if your normally loving older brother jumps out at you and shouts “Boo!” that’s pretty scary… but it isn’t dangerous. It isn’t useful to be tense and vigilant around your brother forever more!

If something really scary happens, and your system gets overwhelmed, that event might get stuck in your brain, and that can create a “log jam” where other events get stuck too. So a lot of things that seemed scary are listed as “dangerous, avoid at all costs” by your primitive brain.

For small children, many things are overwhelming and frightening… so your primitive brain may have strange ideas of what is safe and what is dangerous.

Until you reprogram your primitive brain, you will be fighting against something that is stronger than willpower… stronger than hope.

You will keep struggling.

It may feel impossible to discover and create your life purpose. You may feel lost in a fog, because your primitive brain wants to insulate you from hurt and failure.

If your primitive brain “learned” that money was bad from hearing your parents fight about finances, it might be doing its best to “protect” you from the “dangerous” money. It could be sabotaging all your efforts to save money, get a raise, or grow your business.

If your primitive brain “decided” that love hurts from seeing your parents’ messy divorce, or because your 7th grade heart throb went to the dance with Missy Belanski instead of you… it might be protecting you from heart ache by avoiding love and slamming the brakes on any action you might take to find love.

Your primitive brain might be frightened of being too fit and having too much required of you… or it might have learned that friends get jealous and pick on you if you look too good. And all the stress from a vigilant brain can tax health as well. In fact, that constant internal struggle can be very hard on people’s health! Almost impossibly hard.

So you can see how your primitive brain might work against you… But it’s extremely difficult to override the primitive brain.

Let me give you an example: If you put your hand on a hot stove, you don’t sit just there and think about moving your hand. You instinctively jerk your hand off the stove. This saves you from a bad burn and makes you more likely to survive. Yay, Primitive Brain!

Can the primitive brain be over ridden? Yes it can. That’s what people do when they try to use willpower to fight their primitive brain. They use every ounce of energy and focus. And they can do it for a short period of time. They end up exhausted, hurt, frustrated, and when they run out of steam, they fall back on old patterns–like overeating to soothe the stress, shopping when they intended to save money, yelling at their spouse despite their intention to improving their relationship.

Your primitive brain will do whatever it has to in order to keep you safe… based on its limited understanding of what is safe!

The key is to help your primitive brain upgrade its understanding and learn that new things can be safe!

Once you do that, the resistance falls away and instead of fighting yourself to move forward, that powerful part of you is HELPING you instead. You can become turbo-charged! And all that old effort? We’re not saying you won’t have to ever put in effort… but taking the steps to create your dreams can become easy and FUN!

How long does it take to reprogram the primitive brain? Well, part of that depends on how “stuck” it is. But we have worked with thousands of clients and we’ve found that even a small amount of focused attention in the right way can make a significant difference in how the primitive brain works. And over time, as your system learns how beneficial it can be to work together, you build more momentum and ease and find the process growing easier and easier.

The key is to stop fighting the primitive brain. You won’t win! You can’t have it surgically removed… you need it to survive. And you actually want your primitive brain’s help! Make it your ally and it will naturally want to help you achieve your goals. And all the energy that’s been going into resisting you? That will be turned around and becomes jet fuel to help you rocket forward in your life.

We believe in you. We know that if you take the parking brake off your life, you’ll start glowing brighter, and living a richer, happier life. We know that the new happiness and power will rub off on other people and make their lives better.  We want everyone to have access to the lifestyle they dream of… Now and in the future.

It’s Time To Take The Parking Brake Off Your Life…
...and Have More Fun!

We’ve been helping people reprogram their primitive brain and get out of their own way, for over twenty-seven years collectively. We’ve tested and fine-tuned the process and have narrowed down the key steps to reprogramming and realigning your primitive brain. And we’ve added new powerful technologies to help you quickly uncover your heart’s direction.

From Rick’s fabulous work helping people make life changing shifts in the Tapping Solution Movie, Cathy’s PhD research skills, our group coaching program, to transforming lives with people all over the world with one-on-one coaching, and our previous experience guiding people through this course, we’ve learned how to make your primitive brain resilient and we want to show you how.

We’ve personally seen how calming and reprogramming the primitive brain can make a difference. Doing this work has made it so much easier to have abundance of all kinds.

We’ve seen this approach work with clients from all kinds of backgrounds and dreams. We’ve seen this transform people’s live and make them better than they could have imagined.

This is the simplest method, offered with the most love, that has resulted in the most profound changes — and also the most whimsically fun ones — against all odds. I thank you so much and have talked about this to everyone who would listen! ~ Teddy, Los Angeles, CA

Cathy and Rick are both gifted healers. They each have a unique and powerful style, and together they are a rich blend of compassion, humor, love and grace. When working with one or both of them, I always get a new perspective! And that’s where the miracles happen. ~ Helen, Portland, Oregon

This program will create a new way of being for you… it will take you from struggle and internal conflict to a sense of ease, purpose, joy, and calm-centered direction.

  • The parking brake will be off your life. You’ll find even simple tasks profoundly changed.
  • You’ll find yourself eager to take the steps toward your goals, and you’ll have the energy and focus to enjoy them.
  • You’ll be clear about what you want to create and where you want to focus.
  • You’ll be able to relax and celebrate your accomplishments, rather than thinking “Oh no… what if it all goes away!” Your primitive brain won’t be trying to undermine all you created the minute you turn your back.
  • You’ll work WITH your primitive brain and find that you have more power and attention than you ever imagined. You will NATURALLY find yourself opening up to new ideas and attracting opportunities.
  • Since your primitive brain is sending out vibrations 24/7 (while your conscious brain only focuses on what you tell it, when you tell it), your Attraction with be Super Charged!
  • You won’t feel stressed and exhausted at the end of the day… instead you’ll want to take that walk with the kids, or get out with your partner. It will be easy!
  • Without the inner conflict and stress, you’ll have a vitality you thought you’d lost.
  • Self-soothing behaviors like emotional eating or shopping will reduce or even disappear.
  • You’ll find yourself making realistic, achievable goals that inspire you to move forward, rather than giving up or making such large first steps that you can’t imagine taking any action.
  • Those steps will build on each other and create big, beautiful accomplishments that you’re proud of.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem will increase and you’ll walk through the world in a new way, head up, meeting people’s eyes, curious about what each encounter will bring.
  • You’ll find yourself greeting life changes with empowered wonder rather than fear, since you’ll know you’re aligned and ready to discover how you can learn and grow from the new experiences.
  • You’ll know how to soothe yourself and your primitive brain if something comes up. And you’ll have the skills and techniques to allow yourself to rebound quickly and easily.
  • Your kids will have an amazing role model who shows them how to interact with their brain in a brand new way… this will give them an advantage over 99%+ of their peers who are still struggling with inner conflict and resistance.
  • Your friends and family will want to know your secret… how you stay calm and relaxed, how you get so much done, and how you’re so successful so easily.
  • You’ll become the person you used to be jealous of!

How do we know it can work for you when everything else you’ve tried has failed? Because: this is not the normal approach.

  • First, we’ll help you identify and discover your heart's purpose.
  • Then we use somatic and energy approaches that allow you to connect with and reprogram the primitive brain at its source.
  • We help you remove the hidden log jams and allow your brain to see new ways of interacting with you.
  • And we’ll show you how to reinforce that positive new connection.

Most approaches are focused on the cognitive brain… they try to get you to THINK your way out of the problem. That doesn’t work, ESPECIALLY when you have a log jam in your primitive brain! And you can’t TALK your primitive brain out of fear. You have to soothe it and give it a new perspective.

Once you clear and condition your primitive brain so you’re not spending most of your time, effort, and attention fighting “yourself”, you can easily and naturally create the life you want to live.

But how do you do that?

In our proven 6 module program, we’ll walk you through the process of connecting with your primitive brain and developing a new relationship with it. We’ll guide you as you gain mastery at reprogramming perspectives, clearing blocks, and building resiliency.

I am so loving this course. It has really and truly helped me in extraordinary ways. I have had tremendous revelations and insights and have been able to work through so much muck that has been frozen and stuck. It has allowed me to understand how much I have misunderstood. And how naive I was for so long. I have seen how small my life is and how much bigger and more connected it can be. ~ Anne H. from Chicago IL

What You Get:

  • The initial exercise is a powerful guided process to uncover your hidden purpose and get clear on what would be most fulfilling and true to you.
  • We’ll first ask you some questions to get to identify what your blocks are.
  • Then we’ll provide a concrete plan that walks you through the major reasons your primitive brain fights your forward movement and keeps the parking brake on hard.
  • We’ll have special focused audios on issues around Health, Relationships, and Finance.

In each of the 6 modules you’ll get:

  • A new guided meditation to help you release built up stress and train your primitive brain to feel safe and open to new knowledge.
  • A 20 minute video with the two of us sharing key points specifically chosen to help you create new flow and ease, in a succinct fun way. (We don’t waste your time with a lot of fluff! We’ve narrowed this down to the information that will give you the biggest bang for your buck, and we delivery it in a way that will click for you.)
  • An hour audio where we’ll guide you through Tapping and other energy techniques to help you quickly and permanently release old log jams and incorporate new direction and information into your primitive brain.
  • A short, fun, homework assignment that will pinpoint specific subconscious beliefs and hurts that you can clear as you listen to…
  • A process evaluation will help you stay on target and identify where you can focus the next week for the most potent and quickest transformation.

Don’t let yourself struggle one more day, wrestling your powerful primitive brain to move forward, wasting your effort, time, and money as it pushes you back to where it “thinks” you’re safe.

I am getting my life back after unfreezing a lot of childhood traumas, now there is more room inside for the REAL ME who I am discovering and what a fantastic, intelligent, creative, funny person she is. I love her and ME. ~ Jean, NC


  • Two powerful coaching audios: Know Your Destination and Clear The Roadblocks.
  • We have a Special Bonus Audio with EFT Master, Carol Look, focused on Procrastination…$47 value
  • Quick Steps to Romance, a special bonus audio with Sex and Relationship expert Reid Mihalko…$47 value
  • Blocks to Growing Your Business– An audio to help you identify and clear blocks to an effective and abundant small business…$77 value
  • When You Change Really Fast– This audio helps you feel balanced and confident when you’re changing your patterns and habits quickly… $37 value

That’s $207 worth of bonuses!

We’re offering this proven 6 module course with two payment options: a single payment of $197 or 3 monthly payments of $67.

All of our programs have 60 day money back guarantees, so if you aren’t delighted and encouraged by your progress and insights, just let us know within 60 days of purchase, and we’ll gladly refund every penny of your purchase.

Get Access to
the Full Course!

Purchase Reprogram Your Primitive Brain and get lifetime access to the recordings and videos. You get 6 modules with 80 lessons.
Just $197 (or three monthly payments of $67).

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Warm Wishes,

Rick & Cathy
Your Emotional Freedom Coaches

P.S. Don’t fight your primitive brain - get it on your side, starting today!

P.P.S.  Remember, we can show you how to have the life you’ve always wanted by reprogramming your primitive brain. A life where you are inspired and alive, rather than struggling and at odds with yourself. We’ve done this ourselves. We’ve helped thousands of people break free, and we can help you!

Remember that you can’t possibly lose because this program is 100% guaranteed. And you get some exclusive bonuses when you register. Click on the buy button and join us today!


Will I get instant access to the program? Yes! We’re excited to have you join us for this course!

What if I’m afraid of falling behind? We encourage you to take it at YOUR OWN PACE. Sign up, and go small segment by small segment as fits your energy and time. It’s designed to be flexible about time and energy.

Can I give this as a gift? Absolutely! Some participants are bringing along a buddy which is a fun way to go. Be sure to email us at after you order and let us know the gift recipient’s name, email, and phone.

How long will I have access to the material? The recordings and information will be online and available far into the future (we’ll send you an email letting you know if we ever decide to take it down, but we’ve never done that for any of our material). We may upgrade some of the material as we go, but you’ll have access to the program. You can also download the material if that is easier for you.

What if I have other questions? Email us at and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible!

    • Yes! 41 Clyde Street, Asheville, NC 28801, made out to Thriving Now, LLC. Be sure to include the program you are ordering, your email address, and phone number. Thanks! -Rick

  • Thanks So much for the great tapping round for clearing disappointment, it was so helpful….I can’t say enough Thank You’s for this
    instruction to soothe and calm my little child that was hurried to grow up and get with the program in line with older brothers and sisters. Appreciate it so much, thanks for the balancing tools to realize it’s Okay to go off the old family negative tracks; that went into the muddy swamps.

    • You’re so welcome, Terry. Cathy and I appreciate the feedback and are holding a Good Thought for you! My inner child feels a lot happier getting to feel what he feels, express what matters, and laugh and roll on the floor again! (Yes, I do Contact Improv Dance so just go back from ACTUALLY rolling and laughing and dancing in a free spirited way.) –Rick

  • I know a well written sales letter when I see it. I’ve read similar things from Learning Strategies, Paraliminals, The Sedona Method, Bill Harris’s Holosync,…..been there and got the t-shirt…..tried them all in fact have probably spent thousands on this stuff by now. How and why is this program any different. Thanks. Kevin

    • I know Cathy will appreciate the compliment on the sales letter. She created that to capture our intentions and how we want to engage with participants in an authentic way. 🙂 I don’t know all those systems, and we don’t know each other yet either. So it would help if you could share YOUR theory… why were those system ineffective for you?

      This isn’t a casual question. I know for me, the Holosync approach for example provided an energy that did soothe my level of stress. What it didn’t do is address Context-Dependent emotional/primitive brain reactions. For example, when I am meditating… I can be deeply (even otherworldly) Peaceful. That has some carry over to the rest of my life, and for that I am grateful. However, the essence of tapping is that we look at SPECIFIC contexts… such as how we feel when we’re holding a $100 bill, or feeling a chronic pain, or about to approach someone we’re attracted to. What happens in the body and energy… and how do we shift THAT reaction?

      That expands the zone where we are not in flight-fight-freeze. It resolves conflicted energy not by masking it, tuning it out, or shrinking it and putting it in some box. It does so by actually feeling it, seeing where the body reacts, and continuing to pay attention as long as is necessary to create new options and clarity. –Rick

      • Rick! That description of EFT is so concise and so beautifully describes the simply, elegant, honoring power of EFT. Thanks. Can I use that ? 🙂 I can’t wait for the June class to start…
        any dates yet?

  • Hi Rick: This is to respond to your question about why I have not signed up for your class. I really get the part about the primitive brain and how it can hold us back and why we need to reprogram it. For me I was not clear on specifically what your program does to clear it that other programs don’t. My feeling is similar to that of Kevin, mentioned in his comment below. Is it EFT? Are there other components? Is the tapping done in groups? Who selects the topics for the groups? I’ve been doing EFT for years, participated in your and Cathy’s group phone calls several years ago. I liked them a lot and liked both you and Cathy. I’ve participated in a number of EFT groups by phone, with mixed results. The main problem I had is that I don’t do well with “borrowing benefits.” When I’m asked to tap along with someone else I rarely get much benefit. As I recall you and Cathy dealt with people individually so that was more beneficial to me although the sessions were short and many of the topics you offered didn’t concern me.. Since I don’t know what you have planned for this course, I’m hesitant to sign up.

    Its possible that Cathy did explain in more detail exactly what the group will include and that I just missed it. My reaction to Cathy’s letters was that she is a very nice and bright person but she gave much, much more information about the primitive brain than I needed. For me….and this is just my personal reaction…I already understand that…and my eyes tended to glaze over the many words after a while. For me, re-programming my primitive brain, or however you want t describe the healing process, has been an ongoing endeavor. Like Kevin, I’ve done a number of methods for doing this, including EFT, SRT, Emotion Code, Healing Code and a lot of others. They are all effective to a degree. When I find something new I may try it and incorporate it into my practice for a while to see how it goes.

    As you well know, there are a lot of people selling their methods for healing and personal transformation. This is great thing and it augers well for the population of the world. For me, I must obviously chose which methods work best for me. Since I really didn’t get, from Cathy’s material, exactly what your program involves, I didn’t jump into it at this time. Again, for me, fewer word, more to the point, would be better to catch my attention. I wish you both well!

  • How do I sign up today for Reprogram Your Primitive Brain if I’d like to pay by check?

    • Send the check for $197 to 41 Clyde Street, Asheville, NC 28801, made out to Thriving Now, LLC. Be sure to include the program you are ordering, your email address, and phone number. Thanks! -Rick

  • This program is currently closed to new participants. Please complete the waiting list form if you’d like to be notified when we re-open. Thanks! — Rick & Cathy

  • This is the best program I’ve ever invested in. I don’t know anyone who let you dig as deeply as Rick and Cathy, all the while holding your hand when you get to the hard stuff, so that you dare looking at it and change it. I recommend it with all my heart!

    • Thank you so much, Simone! How beautiful!! Its been so much fun seeing you grow and find new levels of you in this process!

  • Hey. If you are reading this and you are on the fence, I am telling you — go for it. I wasn’t sure, mostly because of the money. Doing this program and the work here has transformed my life. It was hard to take the plunge, but worth it. Give that to yourself. You will not be sorry.

    • Thank you, Drew! You rock!! Thank you for your generosity and courage.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Cathy …have you ever thought of transforming your teeth and going to s dentist to get rhem cleaned?

    • Elizabeth, Cathy’s teeth are perfectly fine, they’re shiny and clean normal teeth – imo. Maybe they are not bleached (tant mieux).

      • Hi Elizabeth and Necta. Rick originally took this post down because he didn’t want this to distract from the focus of the conversation around the video. After some heartfelt thought, I decided that this is a good place to connect and offer what insight and example I can.

        First, Elizabeth- that you for sharing your concern about my appearance and health. I actually go to a dentist regularly. As Necta kindly shared, my teeth are healthy and clean.

        I know that “conventional” rules dictate that a person fit a certain criteria to be valued and heard. I actually teach classes on body image because I want people to honor and love themselves where they are, and as they are. I believe that it isn’t necessary to be a certain weight to be valuable, or to have white teeth, or no grey hair, or in Rick’s case- being bald… the list is endless. And I actually wouldn’t mind having whiter teeth… my teeth are very sensitive and whiteners cause them to hurt, so I don’t.

        I’m curious- did you find any useful in the video? Or did teeth that weren’t bleached distract you from the message we shared? We really care about helping people and it would be a shame if you couldn’t hear the heart and caring in the message because of the color of teeth.

        I’m not claiming to be perfect… I do know I do my best to offer insights and doorways to people. Such as they are.

  • Things are changing at a cellular level in places I didn’t think possible. Blocks have been removed and others are moving. It’s deep work being done, that I can do on my own. I am grateful to myself for having done this course. I find amazing that people like Cathy and Rick are doing such quality work to relieve others of inner misery so they can go for their own goals again.

    • Thank you, Sonia. I love that you did this course and allowed this change. There are so many people suffering needlessly, doing their best, but repeating the same actions over and over again… It does take courage to step out of the old patterns. I’m so glad you did!

  • I started working with Rick and Cathy in 2009. After the first 3 months, I noticed I just didn’t feel as anxious about things in general. My son mentioned I seemed more relaxed and that things that used to bother me just didn’t anymore. After 6 months, I had made some connections between present day triggers and past traumas that allowed me to stop having the ‘ptsd’ type responses to certain situations, which, in turn, opened up huge spaces for growth and change that had not be visible to me before. I am in the same career I was 5 years ago, but my annual income has increased by 40% within that time period. My overall quality of life has improved just as dramatically…I no longer become defensive at the drop of a pin, I don’t stress out in traffic jams, I almost unconsciously give myself a couple of beats of time before responding to what used to be upsetting or triggering circumstance, and nowdays, I almost always respond in a calm, confident manner. I don’t think I would have made the same progress without EFT and Thriving Now. “Reprogram your Primitive Brain” is a distillation of the processes that have proven from experience to be the most effective approaches to dealing with primitive brain issues. And while there is a methodical approach in place, it is also personalized to you and your issues to whatever extent you are willing to open and allow. One of the most brilliant aspects of EFT is the ability to ‘borrow benefits’ from tapping along with Rick, Cathy and other course participants while they vocalize blocks and issues, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so over the 6 week course. I highly recommend this course.

    • That’s so beautiful, Liz! Really. And its been an honor and a pleasure to watch your courage and your growth over this time. You inspire me!

      Thank you for being such an amazing example of what we hold dear… someone with the curiosity, fortitude, and willingness to look beyond fears and gently and lovingly discover strength, choice, and a life that touches others. Your light shines so bright!

  • I really recommend the experience- you won’t be alone- you will feel ‘accompanied’ and supported.

  • Saundra Akrofi says:

    They made no mention of how much this course cost, I know it’s 6 weeks long, so I ‘m thinking it will be expensive. I just hope I can pay in installments, can someone give me a heads up on the price. I tell u I’ve got to get this course. I’ve been searching my how life for something like this

    • Hi Saundra. I sent you an email about this. Hopefully you got it. We do have payment plans. Warm wishes!

  • Saundra Akrofi says:

    Hi Drew I was reading ur caption on being on the fence because of the price but can u or anybody tell me what this course cost?

  • Bernie Bowman says:

    I took the Primitive Brain course with the goal of getting help for a health problem. I got to work directly with both Rick and Cathy on a number of calls. While they compliment each other as a team, the help they individually provided me has been invaluable in the recovery of my health.

  • About halfway through the course I began to love, appreciate, and trust Rick and Cathy and value both their insight and their warmth,. I needed unconditional spiritual love and understanding of the kind I might hope to receive from the angels and I wasn’t going to get it anyplace else in this world, I was in a place of fear and overwhelm because of having to do things that were my least skills and feeling the kind of struggle discussed in this course. The course made me better able to struggle vs. just cave in over and over. I had been to a shrink who did a mind-body technique with me that felt helpful but as soon as I made progress she refused to continue it and without the technique had little insight or compassion. Although Rick and Cathy didn’t know me personally, what they offered felt amazingly personal as though they were touching a central place all of us pass through in our emotional lives, an emotional place that seemed clear to them with paths in an through so I didn’t have to remain stuck without answers or a sense of another person’s caring. My struggles continue but they are more dynamic and flexible now. Even a doubter willing to suspend doubts for a while would benefit from this course.

  • This course helped change the “course” of my life. I was really on the fence at first about signing up, mostly about spending money on something I didn’t know anything about and with no guarantees that it wouldn’t be a waste of time. I decided to take a risk and I would have paid them four times as much at least when I realized what I got out of it. The first time you are tapping along and they say something that hits some deep, trapped shit you’ve been holding onto inside and you let it go and you feel like you are not alone, you will see what I mean. The healing process is scary but worth it.

  • Curiosity has been the major factor for me, I’ve been wondering for some time about my inner critic, self saboteur, protector, dark fader, and their agenda to make me feel “safe” in the false refuge of doubt, and fear that was preventing me to open up to a realm of infinite possibilities. I know Rick from previous EFT/tapping programs and always love his high infectious positive energy, and Cathy too. Kudos to you both for creating such program and a caring team, because that’s an essential ingredient, being able to rely on a supportive environment that nurtures you along the way your inner world exploration. With infinite Gratitude, I now re-use your program for my “continuous growth and spiritual hygiene”.

  • Like Drew mentions below, I was on the fence at first too about joining the program. Prior to working with Thriving Now, I’d had one session with a different coach, and I knew EFT was powerful, but I didn’t know how powerful, and the other coach I had worked with simply wasn’t a good fit for me. And I was scared about the monetary investment because I’ve spent plenty of money over the years on things I never got much use out of. I count this course and my experience with Rick and Cathy as a turning point in the truest sense, and I will forever be grateful to them for creating this program and giving of themselves as they do. The value far exceeds what I paid. I had serious movement on the issue I was working through after a month, and it felt so EASY. Without hyperbole, this was the best investment in my health I’ve ever made.

  • I took the primitive brain course because I was going through a really stressful time and I hoped it would help me get through that – and it really helped a lot, giving me new ways to reduce the pressure when I thought I would explode! So I got throught that messy time and in the aftermath I’m still talking and tapping with my Primitive Brain and I feel a lot calmer overall. I noticed recently that there is a particular pattern happening in my new situation that I would have found very upsetting a year ago…and now, I’m not thrilled but it’s just not a real issue. What a relief!

    The techniques in this course were incredible and I am so grateful for Cathy and Rick’s compassion, acceptance and insight, which just added so much to the experience. I’m really glad I did it!

  • Christopher Warden says:

    The Primitive Brain course called out to me because, simply, I knew that a few of my current belief systems were no longer serving me, and I wanted to awaken to and shift the root cause of my challenges. The ‘primitive brain’ wants nothing but the best for me/us, but sometimes it’s protective reflexes are serving past experiences – experiences that are no longer valid in the present. The best way to reset your mindset patterns? To access the workings of the subconscious brain – and this tapping course helps you to achieve this, safely, one step at a time. 🙂

  • This course created an abrupt change in my life’s trajectory. I did not expect this, and only took it to ‘see’ what would happen.
    What I found is that working through the modules with Rick and Cathy, I gained an increase in my energy. Seeing as I contend with ongoing health issues around this topic, this was a huge surprise. I was able to tackle some huge life tasks I’d been putting off with ease.
    All I can come up with is that I was able to release old stuff and it freed up my energy – the energy that was already in me, but being used to ‘handle’ old pain. As these were tasks I hadn’t been able to see tackling for years to come, and suddenly it was happening with ease, the only thing I can attribute it to is addressing my primitive brain’s issues.
    I’m grateful to Rick and Cathy for this course.

  • Spring brought me a reminder of the tremendous work I did with Rick and Cathy last year. Trust me, you want to buy this course. I trebled my income, found an insanely successful niche in a young and growing company, where I went from sweeping the ground floor to creating training programs for newbies and being the everyday voice of the business in 10 months; I’m now salaried, with the boss concerned about whether I have enough free time! Given my startling growth, you’d figure that Rick and Cathy are pretty aggressive, but is exactly the opposite that has been my greatest encouiragement. Quiet, simple, powerful allowing. Accepting infinitesimally small steps and celebrating them. Acknowledging how difficult ANY expansion can be, and cheering one on. Wow. I am completely ready to do this course over again–it’s the perfect time, I’m hitting some obstacles, need some guidance, some support not available anywhere else. I think I’m almost ready to work on the entrepeneurial aspects of my life, having unexpectedly covered the solid employment base. (whoot!!)

  • Ali Cannon Graham says:

    I am new to tapping. I want to do the Primitive Brain Course but am finding it difficult to come up with the money. Maybe I can do some tapping on that issue! I loved the online conference a couple of weeks ago and am so happy for the opportunities to continue to learn and grow! Thank you so much!!!

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