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I’m Losing My Hair!

Q&A: Dear Cathy, I’ve been losing my hair for a few years now. Will EFT help me? If so, how? I’ve been working on other issues with EFT with a great deal of success. -Art

Hi Art,

Tapping with EFT can help with how you feel about your hair loss, and some people find that when something no longer distresses them, the pattern goes away. (Just from the point of view of the Law of Attraction, we tend to focus on the things that upset us, which attracts more of the same). And once you release the negative beliefs about losing your hair, you can certainly try tapping to ask your body to generate more if you like. Experiment!

What we do know is that EFT can definitely shift the emotional suffering.

To determine what’s causing your suffering, you can ask your self some questions:
– What does it mean to you that you’re losing your hair?
– Do you think it makes you less attractive?
– Do you feel older or less masculine?
– What beliefs do you have that make you feel bad when you think of losing your hair?

Those are wonderful places to start tapping.

Rick has an article discussing some of those issues here that might help you explore some common negative beliefs about balding, if you’re interested:

I know many women (myself included) are attracted to men with no hair, especially if they are confident and feel good about themselves.

Without knowing your particular beliefs, (or even if you’re not sure what they are), tapping on a variety of possibilities can help you get clarity and start shifting your feelings. You can of course change the words to ones that fit better for you.

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve been losing my hair for a long time, and it makes me feel bad about myself, I’m open to accepting myself just as I am.

Even though I hate that I’m losing my hair, and it brings up fears of inadequacy and being undesirable, I’m open to feeling confident and calm no matter what.

Even though I notice every time I lose another hair, I’m willing to notice the hair that is growing and flourishing, and tune into my strengths. Maybe I can love myself right where I’m at.

Top of the Head: I hate that I’m losing my hair.
Eyebrow: It makes me feel weak.
Side of the Eye: Strong men don’t lose their hair…
Under the Eye: Do they?
Under the Nose: I don’t want to lose my hair.
Chin: It scares me.
Collarbone: It makes me feel old…
Under the Arm: And ugly.

Top of the Head: What if I could see this a new way?
Eyebrow: What if I’m a strong, vital man whether I have hair or not?
Side of the Eye: There are some famous men who are bald.
Under the Eye: They seem to do fine.
Under the Nose: What if I can appreciate myself just where I am?
Chin: I am MORE than my hair.
Collarbone: I’m open to seeing my value…
Under the Arm: And feeling good no matter what happens with my hair.

We generally see the best results when people first tap away any distress over the problem. Once you feel like you’re okay no matter what, you may want to try tapping to notice the hair that’s doing well, and asking your body to create more, if that’s still important to you.

Karate Chop: Even though I used to focus on each hair I lost, I’m open to having my attention drawn to the hair that is growing and strong.

Even though my body had a pattern of losing hair, I ask for clarity and invite my body to change this pattern and allow more hair to grow on my head.

Top of the Head: I used to notice all the hair I lost.
Eyebrow: I’m ready to notice how well some of my hair is doing.
Side of the Eye: How deeply rooted and strong it is.
Under the Eye: And how much I like the shape of my skull.
Under the Nose: I was really worried…
Chin: But I’m feeling better and better now.
Collarbone: I invite my body to change this pattern.
Under the Arm: It would be pleasing to have more hair on my head.
Top of the Head: Thank you body, for all you do for me!

Take a deep breath.

While your tapping, it can help to jot down any negative thoughts, memories, or limiting beliefs that come up. Doing further tapping on those issues can help, not only how you feel about your hair, but how abundant and vital you feel in the world.

If you’d like help with this, our group coaching program is a great place to get support and connect with others who are transforming themselves inside and out.

I hope this helps.

Warm wishes


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