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Balding in India

“God made only a few perfect heads; the rest he covered with hair.”

My name is “SS” and I am writing to you all the way from India. For the past 2 years, I have been suffering from chronic fear of hair loss, phobias of exerting, and other anxieties which has completely immobilized my life, especially my working life. I just cannot do or think anything because of these fears.

I read about EFT on the Internet and its website, and I am applying EFT to the fear and anxieties. As I am a beginner, I am going real slow at this. Tapping on one or 2 issues, experimenting with this technique.

However, there are psychosomatic reactions with thoughts of hair loss, fear and anxiety like pulling, needle pricking sensations on the scalp, hot currents especially in both legs and chest area. The pulling and pricking sensations are so immobilizing that I just avoid that thought or stop working. I have tried to apply EFT to this reactions but they re-occur in some other forms. At my workplace, I just feel like passing out, a deep sinking feeling in my stomach, hot current like flashes all over my body, severe thoughts of hair loss, depletion of energy and morale.

The main beliefs that I have observed created all these fears is that:

  1. I am losing hair
  2. My hair is receding
  3. I will go bald and ugly.
  4. I will look as ugly as others do without hair.
  5. If I work it will create stress and lead to hair loss (this belief has become a block in my working life, total
  6. Any tension will lead to hair loss.
  7. Fear of failure/losing in life.
  8. Comparing and fear of inferiority as compared to others.
  9. Fear of taking any responsiblity/work thinking it will exert myself and lead to hair loss.

Can you advise me specific steps to resolve these issues? Also, can you do some long distance tapping on these issues and reactions?

Writing with hope that you will be able to help and cure me. —”SS”

Rick: I honor your pain and respect your courage. As someone who went through this transition myself, although with less severe emotional symptoms, I do understand. I want to be clear that *I* cannot offer a cure. What I can do is try to coach you in ways to help you release the anxiety and let your body and mind heal.

Since you have been doing some tapping already, let’s try some variations:

Tap the karate chop point repeatedly while saying the following three times, loudly and with emphasis:

Even though I am losing my HAIR, and it is ruining my LIFE, I CHOOSE to be CALM and
CONFIDENT no matter what.

Next, tap each of the spots in order saying the following:

This loss of my hair, AND ALL THAT IT MEANS TO ME!

Repeat this whole process three times.

Next, tap the karate chop point and repeat the following:

Even though I am scared of losing my hair, and my body is feeling SHAKEY and TERRIBLE, I choose to feel strong and confident no matter what!

Next, tap each of the spots in order saying the following:

Even though I am scared, I choose to feel strong and confident.

Repeat this whole process three times.


Finally, karate chop with this three times, and have some fun with it:

“Even though I cannot be a strong man without my hair, because Ghandi was the only man in history who could be strong without a full head of hair, I deeply and completely accept myself!”

Then tap through each point using:

“This Ghandi hairstyle I’m developing.”

<smile> Try these out. See what works for you and what does not. Then, give me specific feedback. I suspect there is a self-worth issue here that is tied to some cultural and family beliefs, and maybe some experiences from earlier in your life. Just see what comes up as you practice these several times a day.

I hope this is helpful to you. As you work through this, remember that hair loss (if not from some other disease) is most often related to HIGH levels of male hormones. Bald men, as a rule, tend to be more virile and masculine, as long as they can feel comfortable emotionally with being different. I look more manly now than I did with a full head of hair.

One dear friend tells everyone that “my husband used to have a full head of hair, but I pulled it all out in a FIT OF PASSION!” She’s in her late 60’s, he in his early 70’s, and you can tell they have a very, very healthy sex life.

But as you know, it is how we FEEL about it that matters. I am confident EFT can help; I wish I had it when I started losing my hair. 😉

SS: Thanks for all that information.

I have started tapping as you said and it is giving me some very good results. Yes, I had this notion that if I tap few times on some main issues, my problem will be solved.

As now I realize that persistence is the key and one has to chase the pain. It thrills me no bit when I visualize that once my current problems are resolved, and I use EFT for tapping on positive things, what wonderful changes it will bring around. This is motivating to focus on my tapping seriously, observing the changes, taking control of myself as professional practitioner.

What I wished though from you was surrogate tapping on few of my issues from a expert like you to bolster my efforts.

Rick: I have just completed a period of surrogate tapping for you. What I used were these:

“Even though I am losing my hair, and my mind believes that this is a weakness, I CHOOSE TO CHANGE MY MIND.”

“Even though I have thought of losing my hair as a weakness, a fraility, a sign that I am losing my manhood, I choose to change my mind, and feel free, safe, and powerful as my body matures. I am becoming the confident man I choose to be!”

“Even though I have felt my hair is ME, I cut my hair and I do not hurt. I choose to know that the *I* that is me, that loves, and that is loved by God, is not my hair.”

Try those as well as the others I sent you.

My friend, I do not know of your spiritual path. I can only say that my own concern over losing my hair, when I took it to God, he laughed… and in his laughter, I came to understand that my Light, and the power I have, has very little to do with this sack of skins, bone, and blood. My power comes from my love of God, and my love of the opportunity to connect with you, from half a world away, and to share with you good tidings and blessings.


Some other tips: stop by
and note the manliness and strength of so many of these men. Pick out 3-4 that you can identify with, and tap:

“Even though I do not YET have the manly bald head of this man I see before me, I am NOT LESS POWERFUL just because I have MORE HAIR!”

SS: Thanks Rick for your wonderful support. I am now confident of overcoming my fears.

Rick: Thanks, SS, I am glad this is helpful to you.

I encourage you to journal and write down emotions and doubts you feel as you look at yourself, think about yourself, and feel work stresses. If any of those stays intense when you tap on them yourself, let me know and we’ll work on those SPECIFIC items.

What I noticed was that my hair loss was just a change in life. But what it exposed about my self-esteem and my own self-doubts was what was important. I didn’t have tapping to help me through it at the time, but I have used it now on the memories and any negative feelings I have about myself when I look in the mirror.

Sometimes, these are around “fear of loss”—fear of losing someone we love. The loss of hair acts as a reminder of “loss,” especially loss that we think is somehow our fault. See if there are old memories around loss that we might want to address together.

SS: Dear Rick, thanks again for your wonderful support. I have been gunning on my issues voraciously. For the past 1 week, a deep sense of inner relief as if some heavy burden or pressure has been lifted off me and I am feeling very light inside and am not used to such relaxed state so am coping with it.

I observed that a lot of past painful memories came up to the surface when I started tapping on my fears. It was almost like on the surface was lack of confidence, insecurity but beneath some event in childhood and teenage years crops up. Amazing, what forms they take…

I have neutralized 90% of various fears pertaining to hair loss but workplace fear is something which I am still half way.

Fears of losing control at workplace, fear of getting overstressed out at work, fear of turning bald as I grow old and with work pressure, fear of not being able to perform, tendency of protecting my hair through pulling and pricking sensations on my scalp when I get anxious at work or given a responsible/huge task.

I am going real slow at these fears and working patiently.

But EFT has also worked wonderfully well for me on motion sickness, anger, hurrying tendencies and other small niggling things.

5 month follow-up

SS: Hi Rick, sorry could not get in touch with you for a long time.

After I last heard from you, I continued tapping. Apparently, the intensity was very strong and a lot of fears have been wiped out. I can still remember that I used to get tensed and anxious even while writing or replying to a email on the computer. It was that bad.

Want to let you know this amazing miracle. My entire self wanted to heal, and I tried every effort I knew for the same. I immersed myself in my loving deity
“Sai baba” and one day my mom said that she was being treated for her joint pains from a homeopath, and she got fantastic results. She asked me to visit the doc for my problems.

I was very skeptical abut homeopathy treating my fears and negativities, but I dunno what happened. I decided to gave it a try.

The homeopath probed me about my case right from childhood until today. She was a lady, but I frankly and openly provided information on each and every event in my life. I told all because I wanted to heal. She took down my entire case history, probed me a lot, diagnosed my problem and prescribed homeopathic medicines.

I took those little pills and with faith and devotion, chanted God’s name while taking them during
the day.

This happened last month. Amazingly, within a week, my fears, symptoms, all the cravings, obsessive tendencies, insecurities, and anxiety started reducing. With each passing day, I was getting more and more comfortable. Tremdous healing is now taking place with me close to 80% normalcy healthwise and emotionally, mentally. I am started to glow beautifully.

I have been taking the medicines religiously now and before popping it, I chant God’s name and with full faith and devotion, I take the medicines, feel the healing energy in them and visualizing every cell getting healed completely.

It’s not that I have stopped meditation or EFT. EFT is my best buddy, everywhere in trains, buses, home, office in some way or the other, I keep tapping. EFT is wonderful.

I have started living in the present, aware of my thoughts, have stopped the repetitive pattern of negative thinking and feeding positive affirmations all the time especially before sleeping and just while waking up when we are in the alpha level.

I am healing, real healing. Thanks Rick for the wonderful support I received from you at a time when I was flooded with thoughts that all was lost.

I am now consciously trying to help others with their problems, bringing a positive difference in their lives and acting as a pillar of support for them. Not boasting, but my friends say that I am a tremendous motivator, counselor, and effective communicator and that I can infuse life into the dead with my words.

I realize this gift I have and understand what God wants me to do with it. All this looks like as if I was being trained by God to help and serve people and I enjoy doing that. Thanks for everything.

Rick comments: What “SS” has gone through over the last five months demonstrates so clearly how we can transform even intense pain into optimal health. This client applied EFT persistently, and what EFT appears to
have done (from my perspective) is give him sufficient energy and confidence to be open to alternatives. You might have caught in his message about the homeopath that “she was a lady.” I see the shift that EFT brought to his confidence and self-esteem, along with the lowering of his anxiety level, as allowing him to be able to provide details on every event in his life to someone who was able to help him.

Homeopathy activates the energy system. So do prayer and meditation. As you can see, SS reconnected with God as part of this process. How often we see that on the other side of the darkness of hell,  we find our true path and sense
of peace and life’s purpose. Namaste.

  • Hello,
    A lot of the EFT hair loss articles I’ve found online are for men. But what if you’re a young woman? I’ve been losing hair for 4-5 years now. I didn’t have thick hair to begin with now I’m afraid to comb my hair.

    • Moni, have you thought of tapping with someone on the emotions you have around your hair loss? Did it start after a particular event or period of stress in your life? I assume you’ve had it checked out medically…?

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