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Facing Disappointment ~ Feeling the Feelings

Facing Disappointment…
Feeling the Feelings


Facing Disappointment ~ Feeling the Feelings 1

Do you fear disappointment?

So many of us run from that feeling. It makes us feel powerless and overwhelmed. Or, disappointments might evoke feelings of intense anger, even rage…

We learned to deal with emotions as small children, from watching those around us. Unfortunately, our parents often didn’t have a clue. Our friends were equally lost. And there we were, lost in the feelings with no idea how to process them or deal with them.

So we shut down and stopped wanting things so much. And we learn to stuff our feelings down. And avoid asking for what we want… So we won’t feel overwhelmed and awful. We start living small, inside the lines so we don’t risk hurting.

Then we wonder why life seems flat and dull.

What if you could learn some simple skills that allowed you to cope with disappointment much more easily? The things you needed to know when you were 3… and would be REALLY helpful to master now!

All humans experience disappointment. How they handle it, and their ability to face it and be with the feelings, can change the trajectory of their lives.

If you’d like to deal with disappointment in new ways, join us for this free coaching session:

During the session we mentioned the following extra resources available to you now:

We want you to move through the world with new ease and joy. And have lots more adventure and fun, too!

Cathy & Rick

Recorded: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

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  • Some people have a large capacity for disappointment. That Ain’t Me! I used to “protect myself” from disappointment by not trying or investing much of myself in the outcome. That sucked.

    Today, I’ve developed much more capacity. I recognize and honor when I’m disappointed. I tap on the feelings if they get out of hand. I frame my life as an Engagement With rather than a “striving towards ____” (because, hey, I am really fortunate and my good fortunes don’t always come dressed in the outfit I had pictured. Vision boards don’t work if they are physical objects for me).

    Cathy and I really do hope this session is useful for you. Since I’ve had a ton of experience coping with disappointment, it’s one of my coaching specialties ~ and it really can free someone to be in flow and thriving. If you would like to share what disappoints you and how you see that stopping you, leave a comment or drop me at email to rick@thrivingnow.com.

    Heart hugs!

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