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Quiet The Inner Noise and Recharge Your Energy!

Tired of struggling to get to sleep? Or FINALLY falling to sleep only to wake up and stare at the ceiling?

Are you fed up with dragging your aching, exhausted self out of bed, and guzzling caffeine so you can function and appear somewhat together?

Sick of making silly mistakes because brain fog is wiping out your concentration?

You deserve better! And you can get it…

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The truth is… Very few people were actually taught how to sleep.

Our culture assumes that children should just know how. But a lot of the patterns around sleep that are learned as small children actually make it much harder to go to sleep and rest through the night.

As a society, people are shamed and blamed for not being alert enough, for not getting enough rest, for not having enough focus and attention for the tasks on their plate. Yet lack of sleep is often not your fault!

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Think of it this way… If you have a assignment (homework, job related, personal) that you know will be a struggle, that you will never do well enough, and that you know you can’t succeed at… Do you look forward to it?

Around sleep, most people feel like they are NEVER doing a good job.

Night after night, they face a task that they often “fail” at, that society assumes they can do if they just tried harder, and morning after morning they wake with frustration and the ache that comes from not getting enough rest.

What do you think that does to your self-esteem? Your confidence?

Never mind the stress that lack of sleep puts on your body. Not sleeping enough has been shown to cause high blood pressure, premature aging (including wrinkles and dull skin), lower sex drive, heart disease, diabetes, shorter lives, and obesity.

(We certainly have no judgments about body shapes, AND we know how much harder it is not to turn to food for support when the body is craving sleep. And how much harder it is to go to the gym or take a walk when a nap is all we can think of! Over time, those choices add up and can leave our bodies feeling out of control.)

Lack of sleep can literally change your mind, too. It can effect your memory, your mood, greatly increase depression, and impact your decision making in profound and negative ways.

When you’re rested, 
you have more confidence, ease, and focus
for yourself, your loved ones, your job, and your life! 

Sleep lets people relax, renew, and recharge after the effort of the day. It can help release stress and come up with new and better solutions. But what do you do if the stress of the day is what’s keeping you from the rest you need? And if the struggle to sleep or stay asleep heaps on even more frustration and anxiety?

What Can You Do?

If you’ve been struggling with sleep, first realize that Trying Harder does not work.

We know! Both of us (Rick and Cathy) have struggled with sleep in the past… due to stress, pain, whirling minds. We’ve had the bad dreams, the hours of staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night, and the frustration of the loud alarm when we needed a few more hours of sleep.

And we know the relief and confidence that a good night’s sleep can bring. The healing and power of feeling rested and alert! We want that for you!

Because we specialize in releasing early patterns that block present day thriving, and have had so many clients ask for help around sleep, we started investigating.

We learned:

  • Most people have been trained and conditioned to do the Opposite of what will create good, restful sleep.
  • Very few people know how to soothe themselves to sleep, other than by popping a pill, trying to force themselves to sleep, or watching one more comedy on late night TV.
  • Basic self-care during bedtime never evolved past the 3-year-old stage for many people (you can’t make me go to bed, and I refuse to sleep!).
  • A feeling of engrained helplessness is associated with sleep… and reinforced by many medical professionals.
  • Few people know how to quiet their minds and allow rest, other than by bludgeoning their brains with “Should’s” and threats of a tired tomorrow.

It surprised us how little most people know about good sleep and good self-care habits. After all, sleep is something that takes up about a third of our lives. Yet, the average person spends more time researching the car they plan to buy next than how to sleep!

So How Can You Learn New Sleep Skills?

If you’re ready to make sleep easy and enjoyable, and give yourself the fuel and focus to live the life you’ve been creating… We want to help.

We’ll guide you in tapping away the old habits and struggles around sleep, and show you how to create a soothing and restful new pattern that will ease your frustration and increase your confidence. You can take care of yourself around sleep!

Through a series of guided tapping, visualizations, and short videos, we’ll show you what the old patterns are, and help you release them and replace them with empowering and enlightening invitations to your body and mind.

This reprogramming of your sleep patterns
can make a world of difference in your energy.

Because we know that people who are struggling with sleep are often short on time, we’ll keep the course focused and integrated so you can learn new sleep skills quickly and thoroughly.

“The visualizations have been such a nice way for me to start the Sleep program. I’ve had some rough flare-ups of Lyme and infections lately, along with the fatigue that goes with it. So the visualizations were a great way to bridge that gap, when I wasn’t feeling motivated, but really needed the support. They’ve gotten me through some rough nights of insomnia, and have soothed me more than I can say. They also helped me fall sleep as I’ve reduced my sleeping pill dose, which is beyond awesome. It’s wonderful to hear your voices and to feel the deep and genuine support you provide.” –Marie

In this 6-Module program you’ll get:

  • 6 guided visualizations to help with the key areas people struggle with around sleep, so you can add simple soothing to your night and your day at the touch of a finger.
  • Focused videos (also downloadable as mp3 audios for your listening pleasure) that step you through new skillsets and tapping to integrate new, restful patterns. They’ll also provide insight and understanding that will give new compassion and gentleness to your self-care.
  • A re-energizing guided visualization for mornings to bring new focus and energy to your day.
  • Simple, guided exercises to stretch your sleep muscles and create new permission and space for rest and focus.

Sleep Now...

All of our programs have 60 day money back guarantees, so if you aren’t delighted and encouraged by your progress and insights, just let us know within 60 days of purchase, and we’ll gladly refund every penny of your purchase.

Get Access to
the Full Course!

Purchase Sleep Now... and get lifetime access to the recordings and videos. You get 30+ short coaching topics and guided meditations to help you be calm and rest easy. Just $67 (gliding scale available).

You can also choose to join our Emotional Freedom Circle and get access to this program as part of the circle membership. (You can easily cancel anytime, and this program also has a 60-day money back guarantee. The circle is available on a gliding scale, too!)

If this resonates with you, we hope you’ll join us. We want to live in a world of grounded, connected, well-rested, and loving people who can let happiness and delight in their lives, and we’d love you to be part of creating this.

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Warm Wishes,
Rick & Cathy

P.S. If you think that sleep will get better if you just try harder, please give yourself a break. You’re already trying so hard… Try something easier and smarter so you have more fun for yourself and more to give the world.

P.P.S. Learn how to erase the old, dysfunctional sleep patterns you learned as a small child and integrate the sleep you long for into your life with our focused and compassion-based program. The program has a 60-day money back guarantee. Get Sleep Now... Here

  • Dear Carol and Rick,
    I have been confined to bed for the last three weeks due to exhaustion, pain and yet another two viruses after my beloved 92 yr old neighbour died and I had to arrange her funeral and deal with her family so I completely missed all the posts about your sleep programme. Will you be offering it again in the future as I have had terrible trouble with sleep ever since my nurses training days and starting shift work then getting sick with CFS/ Fibromyalgia and all the related pain and muscle spasms. I have tried a few different meditations and Tapping sequences but nothing with any consistency or of any particular benefit. I am due to have another sleep study done soon and am dreading it as I am afraid I am going to be forced to wear a sleep apnoea mask and be attached to a machine at night to keep my airways open. My GP is convinced this will reduce my headaches, pain, fatigue, memory loss and blood pressure. I am more concerned about the major panic attack I had the first time I was hooked up to the home testing device! So if I can improve my sleep with non medical intervention then it is a win-win for me.
    Regards Kathryn

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