​​​​Healing Your Guilt and Shame Around Money: Cast Off Ancestral Shackles and Create Abundance Now!

Do You Get Confused and Overwhelmed Around Money?

Your Own Integrity May Be Getting In The Way!

We’ll show you a new way to engage with Money and Abundance… so you can release inner conflict and naturally and confidently transform your relationship with money!

Do you find yourself planning, dreaming, working toward a goal around money and abundance, only to have it fall flat? Do you save, skimp, and do without in order to put some money aside… only to have it all go away ?

Do you want to earn more, allow more, or raise your rates… and yet you can’t move forward… like you’re shackled to some invisible wall? And all the while, time is ticking away and the number of years left to make a difference and enjoy abundance keep slipping away. Ugh. What a rotten feeling.

We get it. We’ve been where you are. It doesn’t matter if you make a little (like Cathy did in grad school) or a lot (Cathy suddenly made 4 times her grad school salary in her first job)… you can still struggle with money.

Cathy was just as broke and confused around money as an engineer as she was as a poor student.  She couldn’t figure out what was wrong! She was so frustrated, and it seemed like the harder she tried, the worse off she was… She was bound by old beliefs and subconscious restrictions… the Ancestral Shackles she had inherited around MONEY.

When she discovered Tapping (EFT), it started to help. Some of the most obvious tension let up, and it became easier to accept raises at work and even put some money aside. But there was still an underlying distress around money. Something felt OFF. Allowing herself to experience abundance felt somehow wrong… like it violated some unknown commitment she’d made to herself.

After working with 1000’s of people around financial struggles, and exploring what blocked each of them… we discovered that there was one fundamental, core belief that caused this money struggle. Once this belief was upgraded — and experienced in a new light — the struggle disappeared… along with many limiting beliefs that were built on it. The Guilt’s and Shame’s around money evaporated and cleared surprisingly quickly!

We also realized that this struggle was NEVER YOUR FAULT!

In fact… it is often the people with the most integrity and compassion that struggle the worst… because of this fundamental belief.

We saw that if you upgraded this one belief around money, the new perspective acted like Teflon — so many old limiting beliefs just slid off the surface and got out of the way… for good!

And while there were sometimes some old habits to change, they became easy to notice and fun to switch.

Imagine feeling aligned and in integrity as you naturally accumulated money… What if you could easily ask for a raise or increase your rates, knowing that you are congruent with your values and what you offer the world?

What if you could quickly and accurately identify the old beliefs and gently upgrade them in a matter of minutes!? … And know from head to toe what activities to pursue that both attract financial abundance and are aligned with your high standards…

When you understand this block and distinguish how it’s been affecting your life, you’ll:

  • Discover you have a new relationship with money and abundance and can take action easily and naturally.
  • Find a new alignment with allowing abundance that is deeper and more true than ever before.
  • Release old limiting beliefs quickly and thoroughly by comparing the old view to a new, higher vibration approach.
  • Have new clarity and focus when you make choices about how to use your abundance. And…
  • Transform your relationship to creating and producing value in the world.

What you’ll get in this course:

  • In this 3.5 hour video course, we’ll introduce you to the new way of looking at money and abundance and show you where the old limiting belief came from.
  • We’ll help you integrate and incorporate the new viewpoint deeply into your being, and then we’ll guide you to releasing some of the biggest blocks around money.
  • You get transcripts of all the videos so you can take notes or refer to tapping scripts quickly.
  • Audio MP3’s are also provided so you can listen and tap along anytime, anywhere.
  • A guided visualization will help you tune into this abundance and get your subconscious enthusiastically on board.

This new viewpoint will act as a lock pick for those old ancestral shackles, and you’ll feel lighter as Guilt’s and Shame’s disappear from your life… permanently!

Please understand:

  • We will NOT be guiding you through every possible guilt and shame people have about money.
  • We will NOT be tapping on each possible ancestral belief people have about abundance.
  • We WILL be teaching you a WHOLE new framework for money and abundance, then walking you through how ancestral beliefs, guilt’s, and shame’s are hooked into that old belief.
  • We WILL tap together on the recordings and help you release the fundamental blocks that keep you stuck… so you can create abundance with new ease!

Clearing the path for a new relationship with abundance is truly priceless. Getting out of your own way around money can increase your ease, your savings, your income, and your comfort day after day, month after month, transforming your life in ways you might not even imagine.

How much is it costing you now in terms of lost income, stress, relationship conflict, and missed opportunities to continue to struggle… fighting your own integrity and being in conflict with yourself and others?!

How much money do you let slip through your fingers because of lack of alignment, stress, confusion, and frustration?!

We’ve intentionally priced this program to make it as accessible to as many people as possible. We’re offering the program at $47. It’s our way of thanking you — our readers, supporters, and Facebook fans — for your feedback, suggestions, and hearty encouragement that this is a program you want and need. It’s also our contribution to making the world a bright shiny place full of ease and abundance… <smile>  

Instead of struggling with your own integrity… get aligned and start releasing old beliefs TODAY! Don’t miss out on YOUR abundance because you’re stuck in the Middle Ages around money.

Get your copy of the program now, and create a new, POWERFUL opening to abundance!

You will have immediate access to this online program. You can view the videos in the private portal or you can download the videos, audio soundtracks, and PDF transcripts to your computer, phone, iPad, or tablet so you can benefit anytime, anywhere… forever. Click below to order now.

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With Abundant Smiles and Appreciation,
Cathy & Rick




Satisfaction_Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee: We know that this program can make a huge difference in your life, and we want to make it easy for you to feel confident ordering it right now. If at any point in the first 30 days you don’t feel completely wowed by this online course, send us an email at support@thrivingnow.com and we’ll refund your complete investment!

P.S. If you don’t change your core beliefs about money, it’s likely you won’t change your behavior or money situation. The average 50-year-old has less than $44,000 in retirement savings, and the average family is $10’s of thousands in debt. Don’t lose your freedom and your life to your struggle with money. Reclaim your abundance today!

P.P.S. Remember that we’ll show you how an old concept of money is keeping you stuck. Once your integrity isn’t blocking you, you will be able to release limiting beliefs, ancestral shackles, guilt’s and shame’s with ease.

Your relationship with money will transform. This 3.5 hour video course comes with transcripts and mp3 audios to let you access the information anywhere, anytime, and they are designed to help you get the most impact for the time invested.

A guided visualization will anchor these new approaches and help you be free.

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Will I get instant access to the program? Yes! A small PDF file with the link will be presented after checkout, and you will be emailed the same link within 30 minutes. You’ll quickly choose a username and password… and you’re in!

Can I give this as a gift? Absolutely! If you are joining your gift recipient in the program, just enter “2” in the quantity when you order. Be sure to email us at support@thrivingnow.com after you order and let us know the gift recipient’s name, email, and phone.

How long will I have access to the material? The recordings and information will be online and available far into the future. (We’ll send you an email letting you know if we ever decide to take it down, but we’ve never done that for any of our material). You can also download the material if that is easier for you.

Do I get CDs of the material? No, this is an online course and we don’t have CDs. They would add significantly to the cost of the program, and we want to make it as accessible as possible.

Can I pay by check? Yes, as long as it is in U.S. funds. Mail to: Thriving Now LLC, 115 Coachmans Trail, Asheville, NC 28803-9411. Include your name, email, and phone number.

What if I have other questions? Email us at support@thrivingnow.com and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible!

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Around Money
Single Payment of $47


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  • Jay: Wondering if you have transcripts for all of this work

  • I definitely have limiting beliefs around money but I’m not resonating with the concepts of ancestral shackles, guilt and shame. Would this program still be useful?

    • Hi Lorna. Where do your limiting beliefs around money come from? What experiences taught you that money is limited and you can’t have a lot of it? (Or whatever your particular beliefs are)

      We rarely find people who don’t have some baggage from their parents/ancestors, and most people have shame. If you’re not sure, you can always try the program out and see if it resonates for you. If it does, great! If not, you have 30 days to let us know and get your money back.

      One way to get clarity is to tune into your body. Take a nice deep breath and just be with your body. Then imagine taking the course and notice how your body feels, and then imagine not taknig the course and noticing how your body feels. Which one seems like a better fit/feel for you?
      I hope this helps!

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