September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Becoming an EFT Practitioner asks: I am writing this for advice from anyone who has taken the step of starting their own EFT practice. How did you get started? Do you need certain qualifications in order to be a practitioner / have clients to work with? I am interested as I have just recovered with the help of EFT from years of medical problems. During that time I tried everything available and spent a fortune doing so, but EFT is the thing that has made the greatest difference. I have read widely now on EFT for a couple of years and have watched and own the DVD’s and I subscribe to many email lists. I even find myself watching people on TV and thinking of how EFT could help them and what they could tap for!

I always said when I was ill that if I ever recovered I would do something to help other people in the same situation and so I would like to become a practitioner offering EFT on a ‘pay what you can / what it is worth to you’ basis. So many times I wasted thousands of pounds on things that were ‘guaranteed’ to get me better and I don’t want others to go through that.

Here are my thoughts:

1) Just get started! If you have been applying EFT diligently for yourself for several years, and seeing success, you can start working with others who the Universe sends your way. If you are nervous, tap: “Even though I am nervous about getting started, I choose to ATTRACT the PERFECT clients for our mutual benefit.”

2) Realize you are NEVER done learning. Study all the Gary Craig EFT DVDs from the vantage point of learning them to TEACH them. That is a shift from how you might have viewed them for your own personal benefit.

3) Seek out other practitioners who have a style you like, and study what they do. In addition to Gary, I have really studied the work of Carol Look who incorporates powerful positive choices into her EFT rounds—something my clients love. I recommend her e-book which now includes free audios of the entire book and all the rounds. It will let you model her work.

I have a recorded EFT sessions and EFT audio tips you are free to listen to as well. My style is similar to Carol’s with Gary’s humor thrown in <wink>.

4) Try Group Coaching

The team membership is affordable and lets folks support the mission and stay connected as they move from where they are now to where they want to be. There are many ways to do this; if you like to write, I encourage you to start a weblog and make “education-based marketing” a part of your offering.

5) Have a skilled mentor. It is extremely important to have a skilled EFT practitioner to provide mentoring and advice. As any of us are learning, we will run into situations where we need to have someone to turn to for advice and the voice of experience. While I am skilled in a broad variety of coaching situations, I still turn to my own coach for advice at least once a month, sometimes more. I can provide mentoring to those who are or want to be EFT Professionals as part of the team membership, too.

6) Commit yourself to understanding and practicing the ethics of professional integrity and healthy boundaries. This is crucial for your own energetic comfort and the safety of your clients. As a massage therapist, we received extensive ethical training. Touch can be either healing or invasive. Permission and boundaries are important. I would consider studying the ethics of touch and/or the ethics of coaching. Also you need to be aware of boundaries in a professional setting. Dr. David Gruder might be a good resource there, although his wording isn’t as “consumer friendly” as I prefer.


It is wonderful to be out there co-creating, growing, and enjoying being a part of the lives of people who have a desire for health and total well-being… and are at a place where they are open to the inner work and devotion required to experience it. You have been down that path, so you know it is not easy, and you also know it is POSSIBLE. That hope (heart, optimism, persistence, and energy) that you offer to clients can make, literally, a WORLD of difference.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you on your journey.

Warm regards and smiles,

  • What do you think of Nick Ortner and his teachings and books??

    • Nick and his family have done so much to advance the awareness of Tapping in the world. I’ve been a participant in the Tapping Summit for over 10 yeas now. Many thousands have benefitted from their works and how they help show where Tapping is useful.

      Each of us bring a bit of a different approach and style to the work. I recommend people sample and find someone they resonate with if they want to engage as a client or in exploring being a coach or integrating EFT into their own professional and personal lives. – (email me for more if you’d like)

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