February 11, 2017 by Cathy Vartuli

In My Face! Dealing With Acne (and Other Skin Conditions)

I guess I’m pretty typical, but I get acne and that seems to be all I can focus on. Its so visible and “in my face!” It makes me feel embarrassed and self-conscious. Can tapping help with this? I’m tired of feeling ugly and disgusting. -Kim

Acne, or any skin condition that is very visible, can feel embarrassing and very very obvious… even if it isn’t a big deal to our friends.

In My Face! Dealing With Acne (and Other Skin Conditions) 1Especially with media showing clear skinned (and airbrushed) models all the time, our primitive brain can decide we’re “less than” our friends. [To learn more about the primitive brain, our 15 minute free video tutorial shows how it affects our day-to-day lives and how to shift its focus.]

Our primitive brain has a single priority: survival. If it seems like we don’t measure up to our friends, that part of our brain gets scared and thinks we may not be valued or cared about by our tribe. Unfortunately, the stress and anxiety we feel when we’re worried about fitting in can make the condition worse.

What has this condition made you decide about yourself? For instance, did you decide you’re not as attractive and valuable in the romance department? Do you fear your friends will judge you and pull away because of this? These notions can be shifted with energy tapping (EFT).

Love and acceptance are so important to our sense of well-being. We all crave the sense of belonging and safety we get from them. And a lot of us struggle with self-acceptance and feeling good enough… even at the best of times. Having an obvious “blemish” (or ten) pokes our insecurities painfully.

Are there emotions in your skin?

Sometimes acne or other skin conditions are a signal that we’re feeling emotionally irritated or angry. Many people see worse breakouts when they’re going through a lot of changes (teenage years, divorce, moving, etc) or when they have a lot of pressure on them. If there is a teacher, a boss, a loved one who is getting under your skin, you can tap on that, too. If you don’t feel safe having clear boundaries or saying no, learning to do so (our Free Yourself Program shows you how) is a great way to take care of yourself and reduce those irritations and frustrations.

We can tap to reduce the stress we’re feeling, to help our primitive brain feel safer, and to ask our bodies to balance the hormones so our skin and our hearts can heal.

You might try this:

Karate Chop: Even though I have this skin thing going on… and it makes me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious… and the problem is right in my face… I’m opening to feeling good no matter what.

Even though I hate this and how it makes me feel embarrassed and vulnerable, I ask my body to relax and I send soothing thoughts to my primitive brain and my skin.

Even thought I don’t feel good about myself because of this, what if I could know I am okay anyway? I ask my body to regulate the hormones in my body to give me a better balance and happier skin.

Top of the Head: I am ashamed of my skin.
Eyebrow: Everyone can see it.
Side of the Eye: My “flaws” are on display!!!
Under the Eye: I don’t feel safe.
Under the Nose: I don’t feel acceptable.
Chin: This really hurts.
Collarbone: My primitive brain is scared.
Under the Arm: I really want to fit in.

Top of the Head: What if I soothed my skin…
Eyebrow: Instead of blaming it?
Side of the Eye: What if I noticed all the ways I do fit in?
Under the Eye: I’ve been feeling stressed because of my skin.
Under the Nose: There are so many changes and demands right now.
Chin: Maybe my body feels stressed, too.
Collarbone: But I’m doing something about that right now.
Under the Arm: I’m tapping and releasing some of that stress.

Top of the Head: I would like my body to heal.
Eyebrow: I would like my skin to clear up.
Side of the Eye: I ask my body to help me with this.
Under the Eye: I ask my mind to give me clarity, too.
Under the Nose: What is keeping my skin from healing?
Chin: What if I thanked my skin for doing its best?
Collarbone: And I can help it.
Under the Arm: I can keep tapping…
Top of the Head: To soothe my skin… and my heart.

Take a deep breath.

In My Face! Dealing With Acne (and Other Skin Conditions) 2Sometimes that may be enough. Many times, specific memories or feelings come up, and you can tap on those. Clearing these energies can give you resilience not just around your skin but around anything that comes up.

As you relax and accept yourself, you may find that your skin naturally calms down and becomes smooth. If not, you can tap and ask for clarity on what else might be keeping you stuck in this pattern. This article can help with that: I Want To Move Forward But I’m Missing Something.

Sometimes getting help to clear your issues and your skin can speed the process and improve your self confidence. We may not notice certain beliefs (because they are such an ingrained part of our psyche that we never question them). Having someone to talk the problem over with can help us see the blocks more clearly and may make it feel safer to change. Our group coaching program is a safe and caring place for your transformation! Join Today!

  • Misspants13 says:

    When I did this tapping about my own skin, eczema, there was harsh negativity coming up when I tapped on positive statements.
    I do not get to have clear skin.  I am not like other people, I do not belong, I am separate from others and will never really fit.  Somewhere in life I got it stuck in my head that I am bad, and others can see right through me and tell that I am bad just by looking at me.  I can hide in the winter but the sun brings it out and my outside skin matches my inside feelings. 


  • Hi Lindsay. It sounds like your skin is a reflection of the “bad” feelings inside, just like you said. Our bodies do reflect our emotions and beliefs much of the time. What prevents you from releasing the belief that you’re bad? What would happen if you considered giving it up and knowing that the beliefs are based on old data and no longer accurate? – Cathy

  • I have a problem with vitiligo for more than 10 years now. It is quite visible around my mouth & chin. Clothes hide the depigmentation on my torso. I have a natural olive complexion & the white patches stand out against it. I tap on all sorts of issues and get great relief but not the vitiligo……

    • I understand the condition itself may not be responding to EFT. Sometimes, the body has its issues that don’t respond to medicine or alternative treatments.

      What if you approached the tapping so that you emotionally felt calm and confident ANYWAY, even if the condition doesn’t change? -Rick

      • Thank you Rick! I have been battered by emotional storms but am getting so much better with tapping & awareness “despite this skin condition”.

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