July 21, 2020 by Thriving Now Support

I Want to Move Forward, But I’m Missing Something

There are times when each of us can run into a wall. We can be really clear about what we want to change. We feel ready and able to do some tapping and take action. But the issue seems clouded or confused. We just can’t get a handle on what’s holding this problem in place.

You’re missing something.

It’s frustrating. You KNOW that if you could “grab” that one key element and transform it, everything would fall into place and work out beautifully. You may have done Energy Tapping (EFT) on all the surrounding issues. But something is stuck.

Three Reasons You May Not Have Clarity

See if you can determine which of the following 3 points resonate with you. (Or is it something else entirely?)

1) It could be that the issue isn’t “ripe” yet.

Sometimes we don’t get clear on what to do or how to do it because the Universe is still lining things up for us. The next step may not be possible yet. The cooperative components are still coming together. Some tapping for patience can help, and tapping can bring insights. (Tapping for patience will NOT take away your inner drive. You’ll just soothe the frustrated and anxious part of you.)

2) You may have fears in the way.

Maybe you’re not emotionally ready to realize your goal… or to make the life changes that might be necessary to reach it. Our primitive brain will sometimes protect us from looking at issues it thinks are TOO BIG. Tapping and thanking the primitive brain for protecting you can help unlock this block. It’s easy to resent that “absurdly protective” part of you, but it’s really doing its best. Let that scared part of you know that you have support and new resources to deal with the issue, and let it know you do want to clear this. Use the tapping script below to get insights and new direction.

3) It may not really be a YES! YES! YES! for you.

Sometimes we decide we want something. We build dreams and expectations around it. We may be pushing for something we think will bring us everything we want… but our heart may be guiding us towards a revised vision that would be even better!

For example, if you’ve dreamed of being CEO of a large company and cleared all the blocks you can think of… but you still aren’t moving forward… it’s time to re-examine that goal. What did you imagine would be the physical and emotional experiences that live in that dream? Write them out and ask yourself what other possibilities might bring you those same experiences… and maybe in a holistically more pleasing package.

Whatever the reason(s) you’re not moving forward (or are actively sabotaging yourself), accepting yourself where you are now can help you feel better and open the door for deeper insights.

Karate Chop: Even though I’m missing something and I’m not sure what, I’m open to deeply and completely accepting myself as I am.

Even though I know I’m missing something and I’m not sure what, I ask the Universe to guide me and bring me clarity.

Even though I’m missing something and part of me may not want to know what it is, I could use some help here and I invite insight and clarity to come in easy and gentle ways.

Top of the Head: I’m missing something.
Eyebrow: I feel stuck.
Side of the Eye: I don’t like this feeling.
Under the Eye: I’m not sure what’s holding me back.
Under the Nose: I’m SO frustrated!
Chin: I could really use some clarity… but…
Collarbone: Am I afraid to see what’s missing?
Under the Arm: What will I see?

Top of the Head: I’m not sure why I can’t see this.
Eyebrow: I’m confused.
Side of the Eye: And frustrated!
Under the Eye: Please let it be easy for me to see… for a change!
Under the Nose: And please let me know I’m loved.
Chin: I’d like to know why I’m not moving forward…
Collarbone: Even if I can’t change it right this minute,
Under the Arm: It would feel better to know.

Top of the Head: Even if I’m not ready to know what I’m missing,
Eyebrow: I’d love to know why I’m missing it.
Side of the Eye: Maybe some part of me is protecting me.
Under the Eye: Maybe it’s afraid to let me know.
Under the Nose: I thank that part of me for caring.
Chin: And I let it know I have support and help now.
Collarbone: I can transform a lot of hurts in new ways.
Under the Arm: I invite that part of me to share.
Top of the Head: Maybe we can clear this together.

Take a deep breath.

Notice what you’re feeling now. What thoughts or memories are coming up? They could be valuable clues towards a resolution.

If you’re still stuck, you may need to go deeper (which is easier with some expert coaching). Check out our Getting Unstuck package, or join our group coaching program now so you can learn how to freely express Love, Laughter and your Authentic Gifts!


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