June 15, 2023 by Cathy Vartuli

Where Do I Start? You Have SO Many…

I feel overwhelmed with all the wonderful articles on your website. I don’t know where to start or what would help the most. Ideas? — Kate

Where Do I Start? You Have SO Many... 1There are a lot of different articles on many subjects here on Thriving Now. And you’re not alone with feeling a bit flooded… curious people like us always have “too many” things we want to read, learn, study, or absorb. The neat thing is each of us has intuition that can guide us to the best fit for us… right NOW.

We often recommend scanning the titles and seeing which ones seem “brighter” or “bigger” or more attractive. That can draw us to the article(s) that would help us the most in the moment.

If you have a specific topic you are interested in, you can search for articles on it using the search box in the upper left of thrivingnow.com. You can also browse our tag cloud for subjects that draw your attention.

Do you have a secret belief that you must do it ALL?

Considering an all-you-can-eat buffet can help you perceive life with more happy-easy clarity. At such a feast, you get to select what YOU find most appetizing… and leave the rest. You don’t need to eat that which doesn’t appeal to you…would you? “Oh, drats! I hate brussel sprouts but HERE they ARE. Guess I’ve got to eat them….” That would be… kooky! Give yourself PERMISSION to be selective, without the strain of eating it all (or reading it all, or learning it all, or even loving everyone.)

At the buffet you might take a small taste of something (skim) to see if it tastes as good as you think. You could go back for more or pass on it the next time you pass through, couldn’t you? And even if you took a big scoop, if it didn’t taste good, you could choose not to eat it, even though it looked good at first glance.

Same thing goes for articles here, in your inbox, in search results… everywhere. Let’s do some EFT tapping to take some of the emotional urge out of over-filling your plate, so to speak.

Karate Chop: Even though there is a lot here, I invite myself to choose the most delicious and nutritious information so I can feed my heart and soul.

Even though there is so much available, what if I saw it as abundance rather than a burden? I can taste a bit of what looks delicious to me now, and pass on the rest.

Even though I want to dive in and consume it all, my brain and body are asking to be more selective. I appreciate my enthusiasm and accept that my guidance will take me in a loving direction if I can relax and trust it.

Top of the Head: I am overwhelmed.
Eyebrow: There is so much!
Side of the Eye: Too many choices!
Under the Eye: I feel like I need to read it all.
Under the Nose: But I don’t.
Chin: I can choose.
Collarbone: I can nibble some things,
Under the Arm: And savor others.

Top of the Head: I don’t have to “eat” it all.
Eyebrow: I can choose the items that nourish me.
Side of the Eye: And my body already knows what fits.
Under the Eye: I invite my heart and my gut to guide me.
Under the Nose: Please make the one that’s next REALLY BRIGHT.
Chin: Please draw my attention.
Collarbone: Let me hear my inner guidance.
Under the Arm: And give me clarity!

Take a deep breath.

Where Do I Start? You Have SO Many... 2Choosing articles to read is a wonderful way to practice inner guidance. If you aren’t sure, the worst that happens is you spend 2 minutes reading an article that doesn’t resonate for you. If the article hits home, you get more insight in how your guidance “talks” to you.

If you want to practice this, our Group Coaching Program is a great place to learn tips, tricks, and insights to hearing YOUR guidance.  What does your heart say?

  • thanks for this is exactly how i am feeling.feels more like a greed to deal with evrything and read everything on eft:-)

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