July 30, 2023 by Thriving Now

When We’re Blind To Love

For many of us, having love in our life is the whipped cream on top of … well… just about anything. It makes life delicious!

If we grew up not feeling loved or understood or as connected as we wanted, we may have blocks to allowing warm, loving connection into our lives now. We may not notice it when it’s offered to us. We can literally be blind to love.

Sometimes tapping while we ask for what we want can open new doorways. It can certainly help us understand what our blocks are. And knowing what the problem is makes it lots easier to clear!

When We're Blind To Love 1If we’ve been so tuned into the lack of love all around us, we may not be sending a clear request to the Universe. Clarifying what we want and asking for it can be a good way to start a new pattern. It may bring up old hurts, grief, and pain at first… if the feelings are intense, get help! You don’t have to do this alone. What better way to teach your primitive brain that it can have support and love, than to offer it proof… get a private session, join a group, tap with a buddy.

As you do this tapping, notice what thoughts come up. Is there an argument going on in your head? This is good data! Instead of getting frustrated, write down the phrases. Those phrases make perfect tapping material!

How does your body feel when you tap on this subject? If it feels warm and open, then you’re doing great! If you feel tension, resistance, fear, or sheer terror, that’s really okay. You just learned something incredibly important… Love doesn’t feel completely safe to you.

The beautiful thing is that you can tap on those fears and transform them so you can feel loved and connected. It may take a bit of work, but the results feel incredible! You can get help with this process, too. Having caring support and guidance while you clear those fears and hurts can accelerate your process and help your primitive brain feel safe opening up. Our group coaching program is a great way to connect with others on the same path, and gain insights and personal power:


You can always change the words to fit what feels right to you. What is it that you want? What words to you use to describe what’s in your heart?

And if you prefer the word Source, God, or no name at all, the Universe is loving and doesn’t care what you call it.

Let’s do some tapping:

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve felt alone and scared for a long time, I ask the Universe to bring me warm, loving connections and help me be open to noticing and receiving love.

Even though I decided I must not deserve love because I felt alone and scared so much of the time, a lot has changed since then and I’m healing more each day. I ask the Universe to draw my attention to opportunities to love and be loved.

Even though I was starting to believe I lived in an emotional wasteland, with little love and connection, I ask the Universe to guide me and send me new and wonderful opportunities for my heart to connect with others.

Top of the Head: I’ve felt so alone.
Eyebrow: I really hurt.
Side of the Eye: I thought this was how it was.
Under the Eye: Never enough love.
Under the Nose: Never enough connection and laughter.
I felt like I had to earn it.
Collarbone: I thought I had to fight for it.
Under the Arm: I kept trying, until it wore me out.

Top of the Head: I have changed a lot.
Eyebrow: I’m still changing.
Side of the Eye: I’m tapping into new energies within me… as we speak.
Under the Eye:
Maybe I can allow love now.
Under the Nose: Maybe I can just ask for it and let it flow in.
My heart is full of love.
Collarbone: What if I could love myself just a little…
Under the Arm: While I allow others to love me, right now?

Top of the Head: I want soft, tender touch.
Eyebrow: I want safe, respectful play.
Side of the Eye: I want laughter and sharing.
Under the Eye:
I want passion and mutual attraction.
Under the Nose: I ask the Universe to send that to me…
In the form of friends, romance, and unexpected encounters.
Collarbone: I live in a new world now.
Under the Arm: I’m ready for beautiful new interactions.

Top of the Head: I ask the Universe to help me be open.
Eyebrow: Please help me release my fears.
Side of the Eye: I want to enjoy the connections deeply…
Under the Eye: And feel how loved I truly am.
Under the Nose:
I ask the Universe to draw my attention…
Chin: To love that is all around me.
Collarbone: And help me to love myself.
Under the Arm: I request deep and beautiful connection.
Top of the Head: And I thank the Universe for all the wonder I receive.

Take a deep breath.

When We're Blind To Love 2How do you feel?

You may find it helpful to tap through this a few times a day for a week or so, until you get used to being open to noticing and allowing love. Some of those patterns may have taken decades to form, so be gentle with yourself as you create new habits that meet your needs better and help you feel really good.

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And remember, there is help out there. We look forward to connecting with you when you become a part of our loving circle of supportive friends:


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