• Avatar Universerequests says:

    Thanks Great Article.  How much peaceful I feel just allowing and asking for support from the Ego instead of destroying it.  When i read this, I’m like, why would I want to consciously destroy apart of me?  It’s there to keep me say, so my mind is now saying, why would you want to destroy your protector?  Thanks.. lot of great insight from this…

  • Wow, I really appreciate this article – especially the definition of the ego as parts of us “that want to stay safe, feel loved and important” – ain’t that the truth?  It jumps into the middle of whatever I’m trying to do from a higher level of consciousness and has a major tantrum until I have to pay attention to it, ugh.  This really touched me – I have to admit, I had some resistance to the idea of accepting andloving my ego in order to get it to work with me rather than sabotage my efforts, I believe in tapping for everything as it has brought results in other areas for me so…..  Thanks for this!

    • Ego tantrums… yeah. Pay attention with respect and the tantrum often melts into a deeper, integrated wisdom in my experience.

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