February 10, 2017 by Cathy Vartuli

Tapping For Digestion

Tapping For Digestion 1I have Celiac Disease. I’ve been avoiding foods that trigger the symptoms, but it’s challenging. Is there some tapping I can do to help improve how my body processes food? –Wendy

When we have a lot of stress because of past traumas or current overload, our bodies have less energy to digest and to process energies (including foods) that aren’t a perfect fit for us.

As you keep tapping on old traumas and make changes now to reduce your stress, you may find your body regaining its resiliency and not being overwhelmed by small things. In the mean time, it’s great that you’re trying to listen to what is easy for your body to digest. The more you can sooth and comfort, the easier your path can be. Reducing the overall stress on your body can make it easier to process the old traumas or find new ways to relax here and now.

You might try EFT tapping on something like this:

Karate Chop: Even though my body is reacting to so many foods, I thank it for all it’s done for me and all the stress it’s been holding. I let it know I’m listening now… and I’m going to help it rather than fight it.

Even though my stomach and intestines are distressed and overwhelmed, I send them comforting energy and appreciation. They’ve been trying to help me digest all this trauma and overwhelm. I’m tapping now to ease this process and allow my system to heal.

Even though certain foods don’t feel good right now, and that is limiting my eating, I thank my body for being so resilient and invite it to heal and reclaim its vitality.

Top of the Head: Sorry stomach and intestines.
Eyebrow: Those energies were hard to digest.
Side of the Eye: But we have tapping now.
Under the Eye: I’m sending you support…
Under the Nose: And love and appreciation.
Chin: Tapping is like digestive tablets…
Collarbone: For the soul.
Under the Arm: You don’t have to do it all alone anymore.

Top of the Head: It was a lot to process.
Eyebrow: No wonder you didn’t have a lot of energy to digest food.
Side of the Eye: I’m here with you now.
Under the Eye: We’re clearing things as we speak.
Under the Nose: It’s going to be better.
Chin: And I do appreciate all you’ve done.
Collarbone: I bet you’re tired…
Under the Arm: But it’s going to be easier from now on.

Top of the Head: I did dump a lot on you.
Eyebrow: I didn’t know what else to do.
Side of the Eye: But I can tap now.
Under the Eye: I can get help.
Under the Nose: We are lightening the load.
Chin: It’s ok for you to process food more easily…
Collarbone: And I’ll try to feed you things that feel good for both of us.
Under the Arm: Thank you for all you do.
Top of the Head: Thank you for healing and supporting me, too.

Take a deep breath.

Tapping For Digestion 2How does that feel? Does your body like that?

What memories or thoughts came up? Those can be good clues for further tapping.

If your body feels stuck where you are, you may have some old emotions and energies you haven’t moved yet. Our Getting Unstuck audios can give you insights and help  you clear your stuck energies. Get yours today!


  • Rachel McEneaney says:

    This looks great, I have many food allergies and will try this. I also have allergies to my son’s service dog (hair, saliva, dander). I have started NAET Allergy Elimination Treatments, this may take a while. I need all the help I can get on this this one. If you have a EFT script for this, that would be great to have too. Thanks!

    • Tap for how you shift in your body when you even THINK about being around the service dog… and ASK your body to respond the way you’d like it to. If you’d like help, private sessions and our group program can be helpful. -Rick

  • This sounds great but would it work for someone like me that suffers from chronic constipation and IBS.  Besides having my intestines flushed out i’ve tried just about everything?

  • I have been looking for help with my UC. It has been a difficult road. Does this work for that? I enjoyed doing this thank you!

    • For UC I believe addressing trauma and chronic emotional reactions can really allow the digestive system time and space and energy to heal.

      Feel free to email me at Rick@Thrivingnow.com if you’d like a few specific possibilities/approaches. Good luck!

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