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Successfully Using EFT for Diabetes with Michael

I’ve seen up close the effect of chronic adult-onset diabetes on the human body. My father has suffered greatly from it, including having a leg amputated. At a seminar with Dr. Mercola and Gary Craig in Chicago a couple of years ago, I remember Dr. Mercola saying that you can inform patients fully, you can even try to scare them with all the consequences, but there is not much use to traditional interventions for diabetes unless you deal with the emotional causes. With EFT it is at least possible to address the inner tension that keeps people from exercises and leads them to continue to self-abuse foods that cause severe imbalances within an already chronically stressed system.

I know not everyone is open to addressing the emotional issues. I dare say my Dad would reject the notion that emotions had anything to do with his disease. Of course, I won’t be surprised if his Last Words are “Get me my ICE CREAM!!!” either. I share this report of the improvements one diabetic has experienced mainly because I know that there are many thousands who do know that emotions are a contributor to their diabetes, and they are looking for a body-oriented way to address the distress. EFT is certainly a viable option, and it also compliments the diet and lifestyle changes that are an appropriate part of balancing ones inner sweetness.

Via Gary Craig’s webite, this report from John Russo on a diabetic named Michael:

Summary from Gary Craig: Michael is a 59 year-old obese male, suffering from leg ulcers, advanced diabetes, leg and back pain.

After EFT:
– Michael’s insulin need dropped from 3 shots per day to 1 shot per week.
– His sugar level dropped from 400 to 109.
– His leg ulcer is healing and the blood pressure to his feet has increased.
– The leg and back pain are gone.
– His energy level has increased dramatically.

We are still learning why EFT works so well, for so many different ailments. It centers around the profound effects of the body’s subtle energies using the theory that “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Accordingly, EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture except that we don’t use needles. Instead, we tap with the fingertips to stimulate certain meridian energy points while the client is “tuned in” to the problem.

Further, EFT often provides relief for a very wide range of physical symptoms. This, too, is abundantly clear in our case histories, which provide unmistakable evidence of the link between our physical ailments and our emotional issues.

EFT ignores the conventional approaches to diabetes (i.e. drugs) and looks instead for (1) unresolved emotional issues (anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, or trauma) and/or (2) a disrupted flow of the body’s subtle energies. It is these issues, we find, that materially contribute (if not completely cause) the symptoms for many diseases. Once these issues are properly resolved (which is what EFT does best) the physical symptoms tend to improve—sometimes dramatically. (Note: If you are under the care of a physician please rely on him/her regarding your use of EFT and drugs.)

For an inside look at how an expert used EFT for a client to materially improve severe diabetic symptoms, please review the article below by John Russo. The article assumes a familiarity with the EFT process. However, newcomers to EFT can easily get the gist of what is going on.

Please note the results: “…His insulin need dropped dramatically from 3 shots per day to about 1 shot per week. His sugar level in the testing has gone from 400 to about 109. His leg ulcer is healing nicely and the blood pressure to his feet has increased. The leg and back pain have all but disappeared and he is able to sleep through the night. His energy level has increased dramatically.”

Original report by John Russo:

Working with Diabetics is a challenging experience, yet has proven to be a very rewarding one. Here is an illustrative example from a list of many Diabetic cases for which we have successfully applied EFT.

Case D-106

Michael is a 59 year-old obese male. Suffering from leg ulcers, advanced diabetes, leg and back pain. Diagnosed in 2001.

– 3 insulin shots a day
– Blood sugar level testing several times a day. Average level 400.
– Addicted to sugar products, soft drink consumption 5 to 6 liters daily.

Most severe reaction: Brink of coma, 17-day hospital stay for stabilization. Reason for visit: Diabetes, leg pain, back pain, fatigue. Referred by: Free EFT seminar attendee.

Michael recalled being told as a boy not to eat so many sweets. His aunt told him if he did, he would get “sugar” like his grandmother had (the term “sugar” means, in this case, Diabetes). It is “hereditary.” (The “seed was planted”). His cravings for sweets began to grow. As a child, his parents were somewhat able to restrict his intake. As he matured, married and moved from his parents household, his cravings became more easily satisfied, yet much more frequent. There were several issues to address:

1. Forgive his aunt for causing his resentment
2. Cravings for sweets
3. Forgiving himself for his addiction
4. Resetting the energy flow to the pancreas

In the EFT Setup the affirmation for issue 1:

“Even though my aunt told me I would have “sugar” I deeply and truly forgive her.”

The Reminder Phrase was “Forgive my aunt”. On a 0-10 intensity scale, the issue from 8 to 5. Upon a subsequent attempt at complete forgiveness, the issue remained at 5—no change. The continued affirmation “Even though I am angry at my aunt, I deeply and completely forgive her.” The sequence included loudly saying ANGER. After this the anger intensity went from 5 to 0. Issue resolved.

The second issue dealing with cravings.

We gave Michael a glass of his favored soda, and double chocolate fudge Swiss crème roll. Craving measurement: 10+. The setup affirmation was “Even though I am craving these treats….” The Reminder Phrase included “treats…forgive myself”. Measure craving 10+ to 7/8. Using “remaining craving” on subsequent sequence produced no change. New Affirmation set up “Even though I crave these sweets, I respect myself.” Sequence: “sweets… respect myself.”

Measured craving: 8 to 0. Michael discarded the soda and the cakes.

This important step also alleviated issue 3 his addiction to the sugar. Issues 2 and 3 resolved.

Issue 4 the pancreas not functioning. The setup affirmation: “Even though my pancreas is lazy, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Sequence Lazy pancreas …”. We did the EFT Basic Recipe three times because we were unable to measure the output.

Michael has a more relaxed manner about him. He has lost his need for excessive chatter. Forgiving his aunt for planting the seed has calmed him.

Forgiving, accepting and respecting himself for his craving has virtually allowed him to eliminate confections from his diet. He now drinks diet soda; a 24oz bottle every other day, occasional sweets for celebrations and such.

As for the lazy pancreas, his insulin need dropped dramatically from 3 shots per day to about 1 shot per week. His sugar level in the testing has gone from 400 to about 109.

His leg ulcer is healing nicely and the blood pressure to his feet has increased. The leg and back pain have all but disappeared and he is able to sleep through the night. His energy level has increased dramatically.

A strange, but interesting side effect surfaced from these sessions. Michael’s desire to smoke has substantially lessened. His cigarette consumption has decreased from a carton weekly, to about 3 packs.

Blessing to all, John Russo

Rick comments: In can be just this straightforward. Or, it can be intertwined deeply in someone’s energy system, their personal identity, and well-practiced beliefs and take more persistence, time, and artful use of EFT to soothe the core energetics. Regardless, doesn’t it make sense to recognize that it is not weakness or lack of willpower that lead Michael to drink these sodas and eat these sweets. It is, rather, a strong energetic resistance within his energy field. Talking about it alone is rarely going to move the energy. What works is acknowledging the issue and incorporating intentional connection with the body… which is what EFT does.

As you read through Michael’s case, do you feel as an outside observer that he could have gotten to this place without skilled support? If you want to transform your pain into optimal health, consider our Thriving Now team membership as one way to get individual and group coaching and make your personal work with EFT more effective and enjoyable.


  • Sharra McDearmont says:

    Diabetes is of particular interest to me as are diabilitating issues associated with it such as peripheral neuropathy. Diabetes affects not only a majority of Americans but citizens of other countries as well. Surely not all these people suffer from the same emotional issues. Is this something a person would be able to work on for themselves or more likely something needing a professional’s guidance? Are certain accompanying modalities recommended as well?

    • There are, of course, many reasons someone may have diabetes. We do see that taking care of our emotional distresses using tapping can help balance the system. Also, I’ve used tapping with clients who feel deprived by the new dietary plans, for example. I’d certainly start with a session or two with a professional who can help hone-in on the key energetic areas and do some recordings for tapping at home. Cathy and I do this via phone and Skype, for example. Movement is also key for diabetes, and tapping can help relieve blocks to feeling confident engaging in healthy movement… even dance!

  • I have recently become aware of EFT, i am looking to cure my type 1 diabetes. I have been diabetic for over 25 years and I have no idea what emotional reasons I need to deal with, (if that makes sense). How would I start? What affirmation could I use? Thanks, great site by the way, John

    • Hi John, How do you feel about having diabetes? About the original diagnosis? About the ways it affects you? My first “doorway” into physical conditions is to address the emotional angst, then start asking the body to move towards healthy, happy, balanced control of blood sugar.

      Does this make sense to you? For some a private session or three can help them tune into the process better. Let us know! –Rick

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