September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Dr. Mercola EFT

Note: If you are interested in EFT, be sure to visit our Learning EFT section.

I will be forever grateful to Dr. Mercola for introducing me to EFT. On his website, any health condition that has an emotional component has as one of Mercola’s recommendations the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT. I attended the Chicago EFT seminar he did jointly with Gary Craig, and there I was surprised (yet also understood completely!) when he said that of all the skills he possesses, including his expertise in nutrition and his qualifications as a medical doctor (MD), if he had to keep just one… it would be EFT. He said that if you have a diabetic patient, it doesn’t matter what science you show him. It doesn’t matter what scenario you paint for him to get him to make positive changes to his diet and health. If he has negative energy disruptions, an anxiety he self-medicates through food, he won’t make the shift necessary to restore optimal health. EFT can be, literally, a life saver. Mercola uses EFT heavily at his Optimal Wellness Center. I agree with him that the healing process for virtually all chronic diseases is helped along when we restore the energy system by addressing the emotional components.

Dr. Mercola uses the short form of EFT (the same form we use in our Learning EFT section). He adds the wrist points, crossing the wrists and clapping them together. (This is not a technique that I or Gary Craig uses. If I use the wrist points, it is as an energy boost.) The Mercola EFT DVD series is $99. You can purchase TWO of the DVD sets from Gary Craig for less money and get a LOT more EFT training for your money.

Mercola also has a free metabolic type questionnaire. I found that I am a protein type, which fits the types of meals my body seems to like the most. My experience with clients is that if we harmonize the feelings around the foods we eat with EFT, our intuition will generally lead us to precisely the foods that are most nourishing to us. Many of these metabolic-type and blood-type eating recommendations tend to confirm for us foods that don’t fit us, many of which our parents tried to force down our throats as a child! (which are memories worth tapping on… ).

If you have a health condition, it may be worth your time to check out what Dr. Mercola has to say about it. His perspective may help complete the puzzle for you. However, I generally recommend that clients not subscribe to his free newsletter. I found that I was having to tap tap tap with EFT after each issue because of fears the headlines and articles raised. It started to feel to me much like the local news; accurate… but I choose to focus my attention elsewhere. Since it is my philosophy that we first and foremost must maintain a high vibrational relationship to the food we eat and to life in general, I encourage everyone to seek out sources of health and wellness information that help you thrive by focusing primarily on the positive steps you can take for your health.

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