June 11, 2014 by Cathy Vartuli

Stuck? What If Healing Means I Lose Myself?

It’s so much fun to see people joining Reprogram Your Primitive Brain from different parts of the world! We love knowing you’re making a difference in your own life, and the lives of people around you… It’s like you’re lighting up bright lights that let people know there is a different way to be! You’re letting them know that they don’t have to be in conflict… That they can have the joy and ease, and achieve their dreams, starting NOW!


The tapping and ideas below is an example of the clearing and healing we do in Reprogram Your Primitive Brain. If you like it, we hope you join us in the program. Here is something one of the amazing participants said:

“Things are changing at a cellular level in places I didn’t think possible. Blocks have been removed and others are moving. It’s deep work being done, that I can do on my own. I am grateful to myself for having done this course. I find amazing that people like Cathy and Rick are doing such quality work to relieve others of inner misery so they can go for their own goals again.” ~ Sonia



It doesn’t matter where you are in your healing.  Suddenly you can find yourself stuck.

You’ve been moving along, making progress or maybe you’re just getting started, but something makes it hard to move forward.  There’s some aspect that you just can’t get to…

Sometimes it’s when we start being afraid of losing ourselves.  I’ve had this happen to me.  Even with all the work I’ve done, when we’re growing and changing, when we’re trying to face something new or grow outside of a certain comfort level, we can run into this space where we find a level of fear, a level of resistance that we’ve never encountered before.  We can start to feel like we’re broken or there’s something wrong.

It’s just our primitive brain doing everything it can to stop us from going someplace dangerous.  Sometimes when we’ve had a certain hurt or wounding, fear or guilt… When it’s been there for so long, for so intense a time … It can feel like we’ll not be ourselves anymore if we let go of the pain or the belief.  That’s terrifying.  Our identity is core to who we are. Our primitive brain doesn’t want us to lose who we are.

We can do some tapping around that and help soothe the part of us that’s so afraid.  Never “challenge” it directly because that’s not going to work.  That part of you is frightened.  Yelling at it, pushing at it, is not going to make it change.  Gently appreciating it, acknowledging it, and then inviting it to find a new way of looking at the situation will.   That can help you move forward.

Take a nice deep breath and let’s just do some tapping together.

If you can notice your feet on the floor, notice the chair supporting you.  You don’t have to do anything about that, it’s all taken care of for you.  As you tap, notice your fingers on your hands, gently tapping on yourself.

Karate Chop: Even though I might be afraid to shift this because Lord knows it’s not budging…  I really do want to find a different way of being!

Even though this hurt has been a part of me forever and I’m not even sure who I’d be if I didn’t have it…  I’m open to finding a new way forward that lets me keep me and heals this wound.

Even though this has been here forever…  Sometimes it’s all I know to hold onto…  I’d love to learn to hold onto my own courage and my loving warm heart.

Top of the head: This is part of me.
Eyebrow: I don’t know how to let this go.
Side of the Eye: I’m not even sure I want to.
Under the Eye: This grief pulls me forward.
Under the Nose: It’s fueled so much of my journey.
Chin: This hurt has been there forever.
Collarbone: If I wasn’t trying to get past this.
Under the Arm: What would I do?

Top of the head: Who would I be?
Eyebrow: I’m not sure.
Side of the Eye: Maybe I don’t have to give this up right now.
Under the Eye: Part of me is holding on really tight.
Under the Nose: Maybe I can acknowledge my own courage.
Chin: I learned to walk forward with shrapnel in my side.
Collarbone: This old hurt has never gotten to heal.
Under the Arm: I didn’t know how to heal it back then.

Top of the Head: I had the courage and insight to find a way to incorporate it into my life.
Eyebrow: I do have an old wound.
Side of the Eye: I have used it to help me move forward.
Under the Eye: It has changed who I am.
Under the Nose: I’m curious if I can let this heal some.
Chin: Because I do have the courage…
Collarbone: To make a beautiful life.
Under the Arm: Maybe I don’t have to have this pain,
Top of the Head: To drive me forward.

Take a nice deep breath. Notice what you’re feeling. If this resonates for you, some things might be coming up right now. Write them down.

We encourage you to always have a pen and paper because what comes out after a tapping round like this really is gold. Your primitive brain may have been holding onto this fear, this wound that you could never heal, and using it in a way to actually help you create a life that’s really amazing.

I know that I used my drive to heal. My hurt was something that was actually quite powerful for me for so long.  It helped me move forward.  It helped me reach past my own fear so I could help others.

At some point, it stopped being so helpful.  It literally felt like there was shrapnel in my side and I was trying to use it to magnetically draw myself forward, to make a bad analogy, but I wasn’t able to grow any further because it was limiting me.  If you can acknowledge the deep, deep courage and strength that allowed you to move forward, even with shrapnel in your side, even with gaping wounds, and that you actually probably used those to help create so much of who you are.

You don’t have to let go of that courage.  You don’t have to let go of that strength or the amazing resourcefulness of the younger self inside you.  What you get to do is to release the pain and to open up in a new way and rediscover you at a new level.  You are still you, even if this wound heals.  Let’s just do a little bit of tapping on that.

Take another deep breath.

Karate chop:  Even though I’m afraid I won’t be me… if I let this wound heal… I’m open to discovering an even more powerful part of me.  A part of me that can serve the world and those I love in new ways.

Even though this has been with me forever and I’m afraid I’ll lose me, if I heal this now or if I let it go… I’m open to discovering something new about myself and keeping all the parts of me that I really value.

Top of the Head: it started to feel like this wound was me.
Eyebrow: It’s been there for so long.
Side of the Eye: All that courage is me.
Under the Eye: All that resilience is me.
Under the Nose: That really brilliant way of solving this.
Chin: That is me.
Collarbone: It’s okay to let this old wound heal.
Under the Arm: I’m grateful for all I learned from it.
Top of the Head: I can let it go now.

Take a nice deep breath.  Just let yourself feel into your body.

I encourage you just to sleep on this.  If you’ve been really stuck, this kind of tapping might help you (in the middle of the night, or right now, or tomorrow when you’re not thinking about it), suddenly have some insights and some ways forward.

If you’re still really stuck, take some nice deep breaths and just invite clarity.  Invite clarity to come to you while you sleep because tapping is so powerful.  It will help you uncover what you need to uncover, even if you’re tapping on something a little different.

I hope this helps and I can’t wait to see what you’re creating in your life as you release these old wounds and help your primitive brain heal and become really resilient.

And if you’d like to dive deeper with us, our Reprogram Your Primitive Brain course is open right now, for the next week. We’ll guide you in releasing the blocks that keep you from an amazing life, AND help you develop a new relationship with your primitive brain that lets you take the parking brake off your life and accelerate your path to living your dreams!


As one of the participants from the last course says: “Hey. If you are reading this and you are on the fence, I am telling you — go for it. I wasn’t sure, mostly because of the money. Doing this program and the work here has transformed my life. It was hard to take the plunge, but worth it. Give that to yourself. You will not be sorry.” ~ Drew

To Abundance and Finding Your Power,



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