August 1, 2011 by Cathy Vartuli

I Stopped Tapping… What’s Going On?

I’ve been making really good progress, and I just got through some tough personal issues with tapping. But I’m angry with myself right now because for the last week or so, all I want to do is play computer games and I don’t feel like tapping much at all. What’s going on? — Beverly

I Stopped Tapping... What's Going On? 1Are you taking care of your day-to-day responsibilities? Paying bills, taking showers, showing up at work? If not, you may need some help getting your feet back under you and shifting from this stuck place.

If you’re still meeting your responsibilities, it sounds like you are taking a break for a bit. Could that be ok?

You said you processed and dealt with a large amount of stress. You faced some deep and terrifying fears. You took care of yourself using tapping. Congratulations!

Sometimes we need a “vacation” to recharge our batteries and to integrate the new knowledge and thought patterns. If you’ve been tapping and were curious and determined enough to clear some important issues for yourself,  your strong drive and desire for freedom and abundance will have you tapping again soon!

Could you allow yourself to enjoy relaxing for right now (as long as it isn’t interfering with your job or the care and feeding of small children or animals)? What if you gave yourself a “check in” date – so you know you won’t go “too” long?  Wrote it on your calender? For instance- a week from today, “check in and see how my body feels about tapping some more”?

We think, if you tune into your body, you’ll be able to tell if you need more down time or if you are avoiding something that feels big and scary. Does that resonate for you?

If it feels like the big scary part is in the way, that’s a great time to do some tapping on the fear…

Karate Chop: Even though I’m really afraid, and I want to distract my brain and deny my feelings, I also want to clear and move forward.

Even though I have this conflict, and I think this is too big to face, I don’t have to do it all alone, or all at once!

Even though I don’t even want to look at this, it’s much more fun to play computer games and pretend it’s not there, I choose to gather my courage and at least take a peek. It may not be nearly as big as I dread, and I’m tired of running away.

Top of the Head: I used to have to run away.
Eyebrow: I didn’t have many resources.
Side of the Eye: It was better to deny my feelings.
Under the Eye: It was better to distract myself from my fears.
Under the Nose: But I am a lot stronger now.
Chin: I have new and powerful skills.
Collarbone: A part of me thinks this is too much…
Under the Arm: But what if it was too much for me in the past, and not too much for me now?

Top of the Head: It is easier to run away.
Eyebrow: At least for awhile.
Side of the Eye: But then it starts getting tiring.
Under the Eye: I have to distract myself more and more.
Under the Nose: I miss the clarity and calm.
Chin: I miss the confidence and openness I felt.
Collarbone: I can look at this.
Under the Arm: I choose to look at this.

Top of the Head: I was afraid.
Eyebrow: I was tired.
Side of the Eye: I took a break.
Under the Eye: I rested.
Under the Nose: And now I am recharged.
Chin: I am afraid.
Collarbone: But I have support.
Under the Arm: I choose to look at this,
Top of the Head: And reclaim my freedom.

I Stopped Tapping... What's Going On? 2Take a deep breath.

What thoughts, Feelings, and ideas come up?

If you’re ready for support so you can face even your “big scary issues”, join our group coaching program today or arrange for a private tapping session! We love to help you tame and transform your fears so you can live your life with confidence and joy.

  • Sometimes we need a “vacation” to recharge our batteries and to integrate the new knowledge and thought patterns.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing this!  I have the “I KNOW I could be tapping about this” syndrome and then getting aggravated  that I am not doing all I can do to “fix” the situation.  Nice to know that a vacation from tapping is okay and that returning to tapping is an easy thing to do.

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