July 30, 2023 by Cathy Vartuli

Shifting Depression and Disempowerment

I’ve been suffering from depression for years. I’ve tried different approaches, but nothing seems to work. A lot of my life is good, but I can’t seem to appreciate it or get any energy moving. I feel powerless and hopeless. I dread getting up in the morning. What can I do? -Emma

We’re sorry you’re suffering. Depression and disempowerment can be debilitating.Shifting Depression and Disempowerment 1

It can sometimes help to start right where you are. If you try to move to a positive feeling too fast, it won’t feel authentic. By starting where you are and acknowledging that, you may find you have clarity you didn’t when you were fighting or resisting your feelings.

If you’re badly depressed or have a lot of emotional intensity around your issues, take care of yourself. Tap with a trusted friend, a therapist, a member of the clergy, or a coach. Even if they don’t know Tapping/EFT, they may be willing to support you while you tap. Remember, we don’t know your specific issues. We can make suggestions, but if you need support, get it. You may also find our grounding exercises helpful.

This tapping is to be used at your discretion. Of course, feel free to change any of the words, if it feels safe to proceed.

As you go through the tapping, notice what thoughts or feelings come up. They can be clues to the energetic “hooks” that are holding you stuck. It may help to remember that depression is the emotional equivalent of the traumatic freeze response. Our system resorts to it when there feels like there is no safe way to run away or fight free of a threat. What areas of your life leave you feeling trapped and powerless?

If you never learned to have boundaries or to say “no”, that can leave you feeling stuck. We all have trouble with setting limits sometimes, but when the problem has been ongoing, you may not even realize how bad it is. It’s hard to feel good about life when old rules about pleasing people leave you at the whim of those around you. It is possible to change those rules gently and with love, so you have choice and power.

Another issue that can keep people stuck is that often the first emotions that come up when we start shifting depression are grief and anger. Many people don’t know how to deal with those emotions, so they shut themselves down into depression and disempowerment again.

Do you feel like it’s safe to be angry? Is it safe to be really sad? If not, why? Tapping on whatever rules you have about anger and sadness can help you freely feel all your emotions. If you don’t feel safe with all of your emotions, having connection and caring while you transform your rules can make all the difference in the world. Our group coaching program is a fantastic way to access the keys to understanding and freedom.

Here are some tapping rounds that may help you start your vibrational shift towards feeling better.

Karate Chop: Even though I should be enjoying life, the truth is I’m not. I dread getting up and facing the day.

Even though I have things I thought would make me happy, I am depressed and down… that’s where I am.

Even though I am tired of my life and these depressed and disempowered feelings, I am here with these feelings right now, and I don’t like it.

Top of the Head: I should enjoy my life.
Eyebrow: I don’t.
Side of the Eye: I don’t want to wake up in the morning.
Under the Eye: I wish I could sleep all the time.
Under the Nose: I hate how I feel.
Chin: I don’t want to face this.
Collarbone: I feel like I have no purpose.
Under the Arm: I feel useless and worn out.

Top of the Head: That’s the truth.
Eyebrow: That’s how I feel.
Side of the Eye: I’ve tried to change.
Under the Eye: But nothing works.
Under the Nose: I won’t change.
Chin: You can’t make me!
Collarbone: I’m stuck here.
Under the Arm: I have been for years.

Top of the Head: There is part of me that wants to feel better.
Eyebrow: She keeps searching.
Side of the Eye: I wish her luck.
Under the Eye: Right now, I’m acknowledging what I feel.
Under the Nose: I hate how I feel.
Chin: I’m so tired of it!
Collarbone: I want relief!
Under the Arm: I want clarity.
Top of the Head: I want direction!

Top of the Head: I’m starting to connect to the part of me that wants to feel better.
Eyebrow: And that gives me a glimmer of hope.
Side of the Eye: I do get down sometimes.
Under the Eye: Who doesn’t!
Under the Nose: I am open to feeling surprisingly OKAY…
Chin: Right HERE, Right Now.
Collarbone: I respect that I keep trying.
Under the Arm: I thank my body for being willing.
Top of the Head: I am allowing myself to feel a bit better right now.

Take a deep breath.

Shifting Depression and Disempowerment 2You might also ask yourself what rules you have about your life. Is it safe to feel better? Do you deserve to feel better? Did you “learn” this pattern from someone in your family? All of these are tappable issues.

How does that feel? What are you noticing?

We hope some of this “lands” and gives you some new direction. Depression doesn’t have to be permanent. As you release old patterns you can find freedom and start enjoying life at a whole new level.

  • I’m feeling sad and depressed, afraid of the future.  I have a long standing relationship problem wih my sister and brother over a will.  I am sad over two relatives that are near death and a close friend who had to leave  this country to live in Germany.  I feel abandoned by my family.  I am new to “tapping” and hope and want this to help me.

    • When we have a trauma from our past around a death leading to a dispute over a will, it can make other people dying a MUCH more emotionally stressful time. We find that tapping on the previous event so you feel more empowered and safe in yourself can make present-time situations far more bearable. Are you working with a coach on this, Evelyn?

  • I do not have a coach yet…. I am new to Tapping and trying to establish some new patterns  to see how I do.  I probably will need a coach at some time.

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