January 18, 2020 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Procrastination: Afraid of The Outcome

Let’s tap on one aspect of procrastination so you can have more ease.

We’re often afraid to take action because we’re afraid of the outcome. We fear that something bad will happen or that we won’t be able to handle what comes up. We “freeze” in fear and that stops us from growing and creating the life we always wanted.

The truth is, most of us can handle what comes up and a lot of the time, things turn out better than we feared (especially when we don’t panic and we take care of ourselves!).

When we take a deep breath and calm our primitive brain, we have more resources and insight than we have access to when we’re frozen in fright… and we make better decisions. And as we take steps forward, we train our primitive brain that moving forward is safe. We start creating abundance and ease in our life. We feel more confident and safe in the world, and we improve our vibration and attract more delicious energy in!

Let’s do some EFT Tapping together…

Karate Chop: Even though I’m afraid to move forward, I fear what will come up and if I can handle it. It seems safer to stay right here, to do nothing. Maybe my primitive brain is stuck in freeze mode… and I can shift this.

Even though I’m scared…And I’m so frustrated because I never get things done…I feel so bad about myself, and I don’t feel safe…I’m open to finding a new way to look at the world.

Even though I’ve been stuck and frozen, I’m ready to reclaim my power and my forward motion.

Top of the Head: I’ve been stuck in fear.
Eyebrow: I’ve been frozen.
Side of the Eye: I haven’t been able to move forward.
Under the Eye: The more stuck I am…
Under the Nose: The more powerless I feel…
Chin: The less safe I feel.
Collarbone: It’s a never ending cycle…
Under the Arm: That makes me feel ineffective and fearful.

Top of the Head: My primitive brain has been panicked.
Eyebrow: It’s been blocking me every step.
Side of the Eye: Instead of fighting my brain…
Under the Eye: I can thank it for trying so hard.
Under the Nose: Thank you, Primitive Brain!
Chin: You work so hard.
Collarbone: And you are safe now.
Under the Arm: It’s okay to relax and move on with life.

Top of the Head: I was so afraid…
Eyebrow: And I release that now.
Side of the Eye: I’m safe and loved.
Under the Eye: I can create and produce.
Under the Nose: I can move forward toward my goals.
Chin: I invite my primitive brain to help me.
Collarbone: I soothe it and thank it.
Under the Arm: And I own my own power now.
Top of the Head: I can make decisions and create my dreams, starting now!

Take a deep breath.

If you want more help soothing your primitive brain and “retraining” it to be on YOUR side, check out Reprogram Your Primitive Brain.

And our Emotional Freedom Circle is a great place to get support and guidance as you clear your blocks and fears. Don’t procrastinate! Join us today!

With love and enthusiasm!



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