March 29, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

The Problem With Confusion (Around Money)

Imagine for a moment, a world where finances felt EASY to you…

What if you could confidently pay off debts without feeling depleted, bad, or ashamed?

What if you could make money decisions that felt AUTHENTIC to you, aligned with what you want to create, and natural to your needs?

We’re so excited that so many of you have joined us in our Healing The Guilt And Shame Around Money: Cast off Your Ancestral Shackles and Create Abundance Now program. A bunch of you have dived right in, and are clearing blocks as we speak. Congratulations!!

We’ve had people from 21 countries (a few of which we had to look up because we weren’t sure where they were) and all over the US and Canada. We LOVE that new, high vibration energy around money is being created all over the world! Thank you for participating in that!!

If you haven’t joined us, we hope the material we’re sending is helping you clear. And if you want to go deeper with us, remember that the price is doubling on Thursday!


The Problem With Confusion (Around Money)

When we’re confused, we don’t feel confident…We feel uncertain.

That’s fine when we’re stepping into something new, something outside of our comfort zone. It’s natural to feel confused at such times.

But when there’s an underlying uncertainty in our life… when there’s a confusion that is running through our life around something we touch every day, we may get accustomed to the confusion, but it drains a lot of energy and takes a lot of our focus.

One of the places most people are confused and don’t realize it is around money.

Gas pedalImagine that you have depressed both the brake and the gas pedal on your car at the same time, and the harder you try, the harder you press both of them. You can see that the same outcome occurs when you try to move forward around money. You have a lot of energy going into the system. You’re putting a lot of fuel into it, and you’re just burning up the car. It’s not useful.

I want to help you understand the confusion that a lot of people have around money. We go much deeper into this in our program Healing Guilt and Shame around Money, and I want to introduce that to you now because you’re our tribe. We care about you and we want you to have clarity.  You work so hard!

Many centuries ago when people were first forming the concept of money, a lot of people were stuck where they were. If you think of Western civilization, for example, they had knights and noble people, and really everyone else was a serf or a peasant. If you were a serf or a peasant, you were really stuck there, and you could not get out. And your kids and your grandkids, and so on, were stuck there. There was nowhere to move.

Most of the noble people were living very decadent lives, and the peasants and serfs were living very poor lives. The only way the nobles could have a lot of money was by taking advantage of the efforts of the peasants. And the only way for a peasant or serf to move up was to go to war or maybe save someone’s life. You pretty much had to go to war and fight and kill a lot of people and not get killed, and maybe a noble person would raise you up in society.

Really, that was a lot of conflict and a lot of “power over,” so a lot of our concepts around money are with power over and people’s pain and suffering. For anyone who is energetically sensitive, you would feel that abusive energy around money. That would feel bad. It wouldn’t be something you’d want to be around.

That would be the brake being on in your car. And yet having money can make life so much easier, so you have the gas pedal on in your car, too. And you would feel conflicted.

What we’d like you to do now is to consider a whole new possibility for money. We love the freedom this gives, and it works so beautifully.

In our society now, there is the possibility of creating…Using our hearts and our mind and our body to create something that never existed before. This video is something from my heart and my mind to you, and you whether you’re watching it or reading what I said in it, we’re co-creating this energy right here, right now.

That abundance, whether it’s knowledge, or insight, or comfort, or actual financial abundance, that’s high vibration. It’s filled with love and joy and co-creation and high energy productivity.

We’re creating something that never existed before. And we can allow abundance to flow back to us through that channel really brilliantly. We can ask the universe to make sure that all of the bills and coins are not filled with pain or struggle or taking from someone else, but that they’re filled with the joy, co-creation, the abundance of the universe… with something new and powerful.

Let’s just do a little tapping on allowing high vibration money to come to us.

First, notice that you did something really powerful and really good. You showed up here today, and you looked at a confusion you had. That takes courage! You showed up and you were offered a new way of looking at money. You were offered your way out. You found us. You did this. You did wonderfully!

Take a nice, deep breath and notice your body. Feel your feet on the floor. Feel your butt in the chair. Be really present with your fingertips when you tap. So, nice deep breath…

Karate Chop: Even though I used to be confused about money… No wonder I didn’t want to deal with it!

I’m a pretty energetically sensitive person, and I didn’t want anything to do with things that hurt other people or things that hurt me…I love that I have a new way of looking at money. And I invite the universe to respond.

Please send high vibration money my way and allow me to bask in the warmth and love of the universe.

Top the Head: I don’t want power over.
Eyebrow: It doesn’t feel good.
Side of the Eye: I invite high vibration abundance to come to me.
Under the Eye: I’m really ready for that.
Under the Nose: It’s been a challenge in the past.
Chin: I wasn’t really sure why.
Collarbone: But now I understand.
Under the arm: I invite high vibration money to come to me.
Top of the Head: I can’t wait to see how that feels.

Take a nice, deep breath.

Imagine that when you sit down with your money or deal with money or pay bills… when you’re accepting money… that is filled with joy and love. And you’re offering it to people in exchange for things that you wanted, and they are allowed to give it back to you in exchange for things they want.

If you just take that one step around money, you’ll start having a different relationship with it.

We go much deeper into this in the class we’re offering right now. We’d love for you to check it out. It’s something we’re so excited about because we feel like this new process that we’ve taken you through will help you shed a lot of these old beliefs and give you a powerful new way to allow abundance in your life, and you truly deserve that.

We hope to see you there!

Warm smiles,

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