January 17, 2020 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

The Secret To… Your Powerful, Confident YES!!

Imagine for a moment that you’re given your dream car. It is the right color, the right size, the right ZIP, the right gas mileage… even the right smell! The road to your desires stretches out before you.

What if… there is only one little problem.
What if… the dream car has no brakes?!?

The Secret To... Your Powerful, Confident YES!! 1If you are sane… if some measure of safety is as important to you as freedom… you will leave that dream car in the garage until you can get brakes installed.

And frankly, more people are held back by lack of a practical and strong ability to say NO than they are by things like “fear of failure.”

If you get the money you desire, can you say NO to people who want to take advantage of you?

If you are attracted to someone, and you’re having a great time together, can you say NO (or not yet!) if they want to move things along too fast?

If you start getting famous, can you say NO to the ventures and requests that don’t help you with your dreams and goals?

We’re CONDITIONED to say ‘sure… okay… fine…’
Even when it doesn’t FEEL like a YES from head to toe.

If you’ve ever said yes when your body was screaming NO, you know what a toll it takes. If you do this every day… if you often feel like you’re forced, trapped, and obligated to consent when your heart and gut say otherwise, then isn’t it time you…

Are you ready to find your brakes… so you can drive through life with power, confidence, and CONTROL?

We can tell you from personal experience that once you have an empowered NO, your YES becomes vastly more confident, clear, and enjoyable. Your friends start to realize that you know what you like, that they can trust your no and yes, and that you can take into account their likes, too… as you look for a mutual YES-YES. (I know I feel safer riding in a friend’s car that has brakes! Your friends and loved ones will feel the difference as you develop new skill and grace with your boundaries, too.)

Let’s do some EFT Tapping together:

Karate Chop: Even though I thought I had to be able to drive REALLY fast, so I could get there…I might feel safer and more confident if I was sure I had good brakes.

Even though I’ve been frustrated that I haven’t been moving forward, what if my subconscious is nervous and is slowing things down? If I made sure I had a great NO, it might be willing to help me rather than tripping me up!

Even though I thought it was all about the YES, what if my YES is more powerful when I also have an empowered NO?

Top of the Head: I want to say yes.
Eyebrow: I want abundance and love.
Side of the Eye: I thought I needed to focus on my YES.
Under the Eye: I didn’t pay attention to having a matching NO.
Under the Nose: Without brakes, I don’t feel safe.
Chin: Without a NO, it’s hard for me to feel confident.
Collarbone: What if I spent some time…
Under the Arm: And checked out my NO?

Top of the Head: I do want abundance…
Eyebrow: And I want to choose what I do with it.
Side of the Eye: I want people to love…
Under the Eye: And I want to choose when and how.
Under the Nose: I do want to allow abundance of all kinds…
Chin: Having a NO makes it easier.
Collarbone: I could certainly use some ease!
Under the Arm: I would love some safety, too!

Top of the Head: Maybe it’s time to move forward in a new way.
Eyebrow: Maybe it’s time to feel my confidence grow.
Side of the Eye: I’d love to feel calm and grounded…
Under the Eye: Even as I get my heart’s desires.
Under the Nose: I can learn to have a powerful No.
Chin: So I can have a powerful Yes.
Collarbone: I can learn to move forward with ease…
Under the Arm: Knowing I can direct my flow…
Top of the Head: And choose which way I go.

Take a deep breath.

If you’d like to explore this further, comment below – We look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions!

Originally published January 2012

  • Getting clear about my YES and NO was such a life changer for me, especially using EFT Tapping to clear the resistance and noise. Where do you find yourself saying YES when you’d prefer to say NO?

  • So true. Knowing what you want and what you don’t want, a strong No and a strong Yes is so important. Standing up for yourself and following your heart is so important. Great topic to tap on Rick. Thanks !

    • “Standing up for yourself and following your heart is so important.” Indeed, inspired hearty actions! YES!

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