September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Photo Tapping with EFT

On the journey to true emotional freedom using EFT, it is important to TEST. For example, after working through specific events, we might vividly imagine the scenes to see if our body or emotions speak up.

What about certain time periods that might seem hazy? Or, after tapping it seems distant but… you feel there is still some energy that isn’t balanced. Also, many people have large blocks of their childhood or early adulthood that they intuitively believe hold some keys to their healing, yet they cannot remember. This tip from Carol Look suggests taking out photos and tapping using them:

Photo Tapping

Take out old family photos and identify feelings, themes, incidents and thoughts that were going on when the pictures were taken.  You might even take out your high school year book (since High School seems to be so fraught with conflicted feelings for many people…) and tap a few rounds while you are looking at yourself.  You may be shocked at how effective this is for bringing up emotions you thought had been “handled.”  Here are some options:

a.    Look at yourself in the selected photo objectively, and use words as if you are treating someone else… Even though he was feeling so vulnerable back then, he has a good heart and meant well…Even though he was so scared back then, he’s a great person and has really matured.

b.    Use the first person singular… Even though I was miserable during this time because of that incident, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…Even though I was feeling so sad because of the rejection…Even though I was confused…Even though I didn’t realize I was such a geek… J

c.    Do the same for family members when you see them in the photos:  Even though he was angry and said that hurtful thing to me…I deeply and completely love and accept myself…Even though he was drunk in that photo and I remember the fight we had, I choose to release the pain of it now and accept both of us. 

  • Goldenmaryflower says:

    This is a fabulous technique, thankyou, a lot always comes up for me when i look at photographs, M x

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